Doing the Job the British and American Justice Systems Won’t Do: Serial Killers Culled by Covid 19

Everything has some silver lining.

Covid-19 finally carried out the death sentence with which British authorities were too busy to bother: notorious Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe died today from the disease.  Rather than link to the encomiums for Sutcliffe himself by “civil rights” attorney activists and depraved lovesick women — very often one and the same — here is an article paying proper tribute to Sutcliffe’s victims.  How is it that the only real journalists now work at The Sun?

In fairness, Sutcliffe just tortured women to death, so he wasn’t wasn’t anything terrible like a “hate criminal,” according to Richard Smith, David Ralston, Chuck Efstration, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and all the other feckless Georgia Republicans (as well as too many feckless Georgia Democrats to list) who are still eagerly awaiting the right type of offender to pop the right type of victim.  Or at least say something nasty in passing at someone.  So they can finally pop the cherry, so to speak, on our spanking new hate crimes law, which like all other hate crime laws excludes victims of serial killers and serial rapists who target women, children, and other now-second-class life forms.

Also excluded as hate offenders are black males who announce they are setting out to murder random whites and then do so.  Thanks, Chuck, David, Geoff, and the rest of you pathetic, prejudiced, spineless bastards.

Peter Sutcliff’s Known Victims: Torture-Rape-Killed, but Without Hate


To date, and this is by no means a complete list, here are some other non-hate crime serial rapist-killers of women and children claimed by Covid-19:

  • Joseph S. Cordova
  • Troy Ashmus
  • Richard Stitely
  • Eddie Lee Mosley Mosley killed dozens of women in South Florida and was suspected or identified in more than 100 more rapes. Nevertheless, he was released multiple times, including, more than once, on the grounds that he had a learning disability (just like my South Florida rapist).  Mosley was so well-known in his neighborhood that his neighbors actually gave him the nickname “The Rape Man.”  Well, at least they weren’t hate crimes.  There are too many pictures to include his victims here, so you’ll have to take my word for their unambiguous status as cis-sexual women and his unambiguous “bias” for targeting females.  Hundreds of them.
  • Scott Thomas Erskine
  • “Grim Sleeper” Lonnie D. Franklin Jr.  Funny story: I actually lobbied to get Franklin charged with gender bias hate crime murder.  The L.A. County Hate Crimes Unit merely mocked me.  I couldn’t get anyone in the media, the DA’s office, elected officials, or this little lady called Kamala Harris, who was then California’s Attorney General, interested in the idea.  What may have been Franklin’s first rape occurred in 1975, and he was “active” raping and killing unknown numbers of women in the Los Angeles Area until 2010.  Upon his up-tenth capture, police found more than 1,000 photos of different beaten, unconscious, and bleeding women in his home, and his work as a sanitation employee gave him access to landfills to hide bodies, so he may be the most prolific serial rapist and rapist-murderer in history.  Good thing he just picked women.  And girls.  Right, Kamala?
  • Johnny Avila
  • David Owen Brooks David Owen Brooks helped sexually torture and murder 28 men and boys, apparently also with no hatred in his heart nor bias selectivity in his victims, although his accomplice, Dean Corll, did torture Elmer Wayne Henley, the third non-hate crime killer in their boy’s club, to punish him for the one time he accidentally brought home a non-boy to torture and murder.  Maybe Hillary Swank could get breast implants and play the one non-male victim of the Corll/Brooks/Henley killer ring.  But hey, if the hate crimes industry says it ain’t bias selectivity, it ain’t bias selectivity.  It’s just, I don’t know, coincidence that all their victims but one (who did survive) were young males, right Bill Nigut, Abe Foxman, and all the other liars at the Anti-Defamation League who extra-legislatively make up the rules for such things?

I don’t see any victim-selection gender bias hate crime here.  Do you?


Of course, not everyone sees the deaths of prolific serial killers by Covid-19 on death row as just desserts (perhaps the only appropriate last meal ever served to any of these goons).  The American Bar Association is very concerned about death row inmates being exposed to Covid-19 at higher rates than, say, the non-serial-killing public, although it isn’t clear that their “statistics” on this are in any way accurate, or even statistics.  They make up for numerical inadequacy by comparing, astonishingly, deaths of death row residents by Covid-19 to deaths of death row residents by the death penalty itself, ignoring the fact that people not on death row, Covid-infected or not, don’t actually face death by death penalty.

Stop reading here if it makes your head hurt.

“The outbreak has killed at least twelve death row prisoners, which is more than the state has executed since 1993,” the ABA inconsolably whined.  In fact, several of the men on death row who died of Covid-19 each killed more innocent people than all the people on death row who have died from Covid-19.

The ABA has no comment about that.

The ABA is, of course, not alone in bemoaning the horror of serial killers risking catching Covid-19 if they have to remain in prison.  Not death row, but prison itself.  The San Francisco Chronicle is berating California Governor Gavin Newsom for opposing the death penalty but not caring enough to provide special protections to death row inmates who might somehow catch Covid-19 while they’re locked up in solitary on death row.

Wait a minute.  Aren’t they safer in solitary on death row?

Well, I’m no expert.  The  California First District Court of Appeal are apparently the epidemiological experts  So they are ordering the state to release or transfer nearly half of the inmates of San Quentin, where the worst of the worst are held.  That’s 1500 inmates.  21,000 California inmates have already been released from California prisons due to “risk of Covid-19.”  Because, as we all know, criminals actually prolific enough to end up in prison in the first place are very, very respectful of state-imposed social-distancing rules.

Maybe except this guy.  And hundreds of thousands more like him nationwide.

Eston D. Spain.  He Certainly Knows Where his Penis Ends and Your Child’s Sex Organs Start.  Anyway, Isn’t Covid-19 just a Respiratory Disease?


But this one takes the cake.  I mean, I’m almost never surprised anymore.  Not like having to go outside and dig out wood stumps until my hands are bloodied and my blood pressure comes down surprised.  Remember Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer?  That guy who confessed to killing 49 women?  By a five to four vote, the Washington State Supreme Court narrowly — narrowly — rejected an appeal that would release not just Gary Ridgeway but serial killer Robert Yates, plus 11,715 other serious offenders, including 470 serving life without parole and 5,275 serving for serious crimes including murder, rape, and child molestation.

When asked how likely it was that Ridgeway, Yates, and 11,713 other serious offenders could be sprung, had one additional dolt on the Washington State Supreme Court ruled differently, Spokane Prosecutor Larry Haskell didn’t mince niceties.  He said:

Based on what I read by the Attorney General, I would say there would have been special restrictions to ensure that didn’t happen, but the court never specifically addressed those so that would remain to be seen down the road,” he said. “I think you can say anything can happen. . .

“It was a five to four decision,” Haskell said. “Of course, the court can always take a subsequent filing if they chose to. If the restrictions continue, the longer they go, the more likely the court will hear another petition. I don’t believe anything has been foreclosed.”

With only 11 official serial sex murders, Robert Yates is a mere piker compared with Gary Ridgeway’s official head (and body) count of 49.  Together, they’re low-ball legally responsible for 60 tortured and murdered women, EXACTLY none of whom have been “counted” as victims of hate, legally or extralegally (ie. official victim lists, Academy-Award-winning Hollywood movies, weepy celebrity balls, activist organization faked stats snuck into Department of Justice statistics, hate-crime curricula force-fed to schoolchildren, ADL crackdowns on speech led by Sasha Baron Cohen and Larry David.  And so on).

Both of them may yet be released from prison to protect them from Covid-19.  At least their sixty-plus victims were freed by them early from the earthly threat of death via Chi-com virus.

As I said, silver linings.

Some, Perhaps Not All, of Gary Ridgeway’s Non-Hate Crime Victims


Some, Perhaps Not All, of Robert Yates’ Non-Hate Crime Victims


Washington State Supreme Court

The Washington State Supreme Court members who voted to release serial killers Gary Ridgeway, Robert Yates, and 11,713 other sexual offenders, child molesters, murderers, and other serious offenders are: Robert Gonzalez, Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Mary Yu, and Raquel Montoya-Lewis.

The other five, as of this writing, are still nominally sane.


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