Teach Your Kids to Hate the Police? That’s Child Abuse, Mao Style

Teaching your kids to hate the police is bad enough.

Forcing them to enact that hatred by painting their “feelings,” then intentionally vandalizing a public space with the children’s “hearts” so that someone will have to tear them down, then forcing the children to watch the removal of the “love hearts” is a demonstration of sickness only made more stark by the extremely un-economically oppressed appearance of the crowd.  Telling crying three-year olds that the police are taking down their “artwork” because police are bad, violent people — well, that’s just prejudiced hate mongering.  These poor guys probably spend at least part of their workdays protecting kids, and anyone who knows a cop knows that it breaks their real hearts whenever they have to witness kids subjected to violence and abuse.  What a repulsive thing to do to these policemen.


The sadists of Parents for Occupy Wall Street probably got the idea for the protest from this PBS “anti-bullying” exercise, which similarly forces small children to ritualistically “perform” the emotions of being harmed by others by making paper hearts that express their love, then ritually tearing the hearts to pieces to experience the suffering of victims of bullying.  Sick stuff, on the taxpayer’s dime, of course.

Take a good look at these pictures:













4 thoughts on “Teach Your Kids to Hate the Police? That’s Child Abuse, Mao Style”

  1. Oh man this is pretty fucked up. If I had the cash I would love to buy these parents one way tickets to Minsk to experience some bona fide police brutality

  2. Well police is only causing problems so I think it’s a good idea to tell your little children to hate to cops. My own son who is not born yet will know pretty well that the police is bad. I will teach him myself. No one is going to stop me.

  3. They abuse kill black kids all time hypocrite. Do not like it leave along with those black killers pigs. People like you are rich too stupid entitled see them for what they are too busy living high life style too blind retarted see it. Cops are murderous racist t thugs deserve the hate. My response is all cops are bastards ACAB for short. KILL ALL THE DOUGHNUT EATING PIGS.

  4. You will see that many if not most of the victims for whom I advocate are minorities themselves. As are many of the police. Grow up.

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