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TinaTrent.com started out in 2007 as Crime Victims Media Report.  The purpose of this blog was (and still is) to address pro-criminal biases in the media and academia.  In 2012, I relaunched the blog as TinaTrent.com.  Crime and crime policy remain the main focus, but I have decided to branch out to other subjects as well.

Contacting the Website

Contact me at: tinatrent2@yahoo.com

A Note to Crime Victims

I am not a lawyer, and this blog is a one-person effort.  However, if you are looking for help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I might be able to put you in touch with officials, advocacy groups, or other people with similar experiences.  If you want to tell your story or try to correct an injustice, I can offer some assistance, but please know that I do not have financial resources or really any other platform beyond this blog.

A Note to Police, Prosecutors, Crime Technicians, and Other Law Enforcement Personnel

This is a pro-police, pro-prosecution blog.  I maintain strict confidentiality when contacted by members of law enforcement, and I am very open to hearing from people in law enforcement who are frustrated by the ways the media misrepresents them.  I will anonymously publish stores about injustice directed at those who help enforce the law so long as I can confirm them privately.

A Note to Offenders

I am fine with hearing from offenders who are looking for real ways to make amends for their crimes.  That doesn’t include demands for leniency or narcissistic attention-seeking.  I don’t believe that our prisons are stuffed with innocent men, and I think the “Restorative Justice” movement has been hijacked by sleazy pro-criminal activists.  Go to them if you’re looking for tea and sympathy.
However, I do know that there are people who genuinely regret what they have done, and I believe in the possibility of rehabilitation, even when it does not involve release from prison.  I will not put you in touch with your victims; I will not give you a platform to seek attention.  If you send this blog pornographic or threatening letters, they go right to the authorities.  And I do check backgrounds.

A Note to Pro-Criminal Groupies

Don’t bother.

About Tina Trent

I was raised in upstate New York and spent twenty-five years bouncing between Florida and Georgia.  I have experience in journalism, teaching, refugee services, non-profit administration, lobbying, and crime victim advocacy, and a bunch of other, happier jobs.  I am a researcher for Cliff Kincaid’s Soros Files, and I am available to speak on George Soros’ campaign to undermine America — and especially its justice system.  Contact the e-mail above to arrange public speaking events.

I went to New College of Florida and hold a PhD. from the Institute for Women’s Studies at Emory University, where I worked under the conservative scholar Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and moved, politically, to the right.  If you are interested in my take on hate crime laws (against them), the excessive claims about the prevalence of wrongful convictions, or the media’s shameful legacy of supporting criminals and attacking crime victims, here is a link to my dissertation: Forgetting Rape: Sexual Violence and Social Justice in America.

Why I Started This Blog

In the mid-1960’s, crime rates began to rise precipitously in the United States.  Nearly fifty years later, they remain far too high, despite crime-fighting successes in places like New York City.

Over the same fifty years, the mainstream media made the crime problem worse.  Many journalists romanticize criminals, attack cops, and help hide the damage that criminal behavior wreaks in threatened communities.

Biased reporting on law enforcement, sentencing, and the positive effects of recent legal reforms has left the public in the dark about the working of our justice system.

Academic criminologists also side with offenders too often.  The predominant theory of crime in academia is the “social roots theory,” which displaces all responsibility for criminal acts from the criminal onto society itself.

Belief in the “social roots theory” leads to leniency in sentencing and imprisonment.  Thanks to the popularity of this theory among important opinion-makers, even prolific and violent criminals have had little to fear from criminal justice system for most of the last fifty years.

Even as the body count became unbearably high in urban neighborhoods, intellectuals and journalists refused to deviate from the view that criminals are essentially victims who need understanding and compassion, not correction and deterrence.  This viewpoint is now so predominant that the mere suggestion that criminals deserve and even benefit from incarceration is greeted with horror and disbelief.

This website offers an alternative view.


18 thoughts on “About This Website”

  1. I’m being nice… legalize drugs and the “crime rate” will be substantially reduced….duh…watch the “body count” go down in drug ridden communities….

  2. Not sure whether you’re being nice, but “duh” isn’t an argument, Glenn.

    I sentence you to a week of reading Peter Hitchens on drug legalization. Then come back and have a real debate, if you wish.

  3. I notice you have a lot on here, but I am just doing my 3 hours service of getting the word out about Sarah. We have 52 other family members doing the same. Learn what happened if you have time or care to. We have just decided that as a family by 01/01/12 we will have sent info on Sarah to 500,000 addresses. Thanks for your time.

  4. Tina, do you know if James Allen Fox ever lived in Tallahassee Fl in 1966? In 1966 3 people in a family were murdered in their home, case unsolved (officially anyway)

  5. Whether tebd to be : any truth behhind the meanings
    of colours has risen to each persons intuition.
    Over 94,000 forcxible rapes were reported in 2004 an increase of give consideration to.9 percent since the age 2000.

  6. Crime rates have not gone down only in New York City. They’re down everywhere, and no one knows why. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_the_United_States

    As for whether criminals have little to fear from the system… I don’t think that’s right. One in nine people in the American prison system is serving life without parole, and many more will die before they see daylight.

  7. Wow…just discovered your blogging.
    Was investigating DeBlasion Chirlane Cray
    linkage with their lifetime Marxist leanings.
    TT is a breath of fresh air… in the sea of
    crazy cats lilke..Soros and Mayor D.

  8. Ms. Trent I don’t think you really watched Alex Jones as you said in your talk at the Press Club! I say that because all you gave your friends was hearsay, you did not refute anything Alex says on his radio program or anything in his films! Take a look at “Joel Skousen: Army Document Reveals Citizens to be treated as Enemy Combatants video.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYvWhu-C1Zo. There’s a war going on for our minds: infowars.com “…. and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” 1 John 5:19 -The Holy Bible

  9. Hello Tina Trent. Dennis Prager’s column(http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dennis-prager/bryan-stow-and-a-justice-system-that-is-criminal/) laid out the heart wrenching story of Bryan Stow, and how the slime who destroyed his life, took a father away from his children, a brother and son away from his family, placed a life-long burden on his aging parents, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in life-long medical care after his life was wrecked by this senseless act of violence, were given relatively light sentences.
    Your response was “This silly men’s rights dirge is fact-free nonsense.”?!
    The inhumanity of your comment; the utter callousness of your response sickens me to the very depths of my soul.
    Mr. Prager has put a link at the end of his column if anyone would care to donate to help in Mr, Stow’s medical expenses.

  10. I would be curious of your opinion concerning president Obama’s discreet application of leniency towards the Muslim terrorists as to the rehabilitation possibilities we as Americans should offer them. They represent a criminal element in America, which might fall under discussion on this website.

  11. I am the daughter of a three-time killer – Frederick L. Gude. You mentioned my name on your blog regarding his latest murder (for which he was sentenced to life-without-parole AFTER spending 9 years awaiting trial). Politically, we are very aligned – I always tell people that Justice Scalia has to turn right to see me. :-)) Stay blessed.

    P.S. Please let Mr. Steele know that I regret that my maniacal father took his father’s life.

  12. I did find some minor mistakes in the article about me. The incident took place in “downtown” shorewood, a village that is a suburb of Milwaukee. “Mommy” is Deborah Brehmer who owns an art gallery in Milwaukee. Other than that it was right on. There were no police, no barricades, no notice of a closure and thus, unlikely that there was a permit to take over the entire street which is actually 4 lanes. There are 2 parking lanes – one N and one S and 2 driving lanes one N and one S. The week before they wouldn’t even let the protesters into Shorewood. They held them at bay with helicopters, swat and every police district within miles. A tv reporter, standing on the sidewalk almost got hit by a car during this little protest and of course there was looting with that march and I believe, although it may just be a rumor, gun fire.

  13. I watched the videos very closely when several were still up, and it was obvious to me what had happened and that you were the person actually being attacked. We are living through a terrifying cultural moment. At least there is video, and hopefully honest jurors will acquit you of all charges. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  14. There are many flaws in the argument but I’ll just cover a few of it them. First off reporters should never put self into the equation. You are not reporting on anything as much as you are ranting against something. You use extreme examples to validate argument in its entirety. You take nothing into consideration but the law itself. Religions throughout the world speak against this. EG law was made for man not man for the law. Easy enough to quote the Bible what does it mean? Long is meant to edify man, strengthen man, support man, protect man, not break men’s backs with it. Your argument does not support the individuality of the human being. What happens from point A to point Z. It is conformist, in like a doctor trying to do surgery with his fingers and fumbling around towards failure as she cannot precisely do anything, so does this law fumble around, not able to do in this area but blanket as a whole. The arguments against it are endless. But it doesn’t matter for people like you because you hate. This is just an easy target. You like that people that show up continually at prisons on the day of execution. One has to wonder if it isn’t even more disgusting the person they are executing. There’s many more arguments like all the modern countries don’t do it and all the countries like China and the Middle East countries Egypt do do it and who do we want to be aligned with. Many more. But the best one is this. It has been proven time and again there are innocent people on death row. And so much as that is true both on death row and incarceration in general oh, these penalties cannot be administered at all because the system that administers them is highly fallible. They both kill and lock up innocent people sometimes proven they are the very people they accused. They suffered the death of the innocent two convicted guilty and give yourself a pass on it regardless of them all plainly states did you commit a crime when you recklessly negligently or purposefully that crime. And I’ll put the Bible and finality once again. It is from Jesus Christ himself talking to you scribes and Pharisees. You might not commit the crimes of your fathers, but you’re own actions say that you surely bear witness to them. It’s funny people like you: you don’t seem to know did the damage you do is far greater then the average Criminal because what they do can at least be considered need in one fashion or another but what you do is just pure evil. You disgust me to the depths of my soul. I’m mindful of past Supreme Court Justice Thorogood Marshall who said, better than a hundred guilty man go free then one innocent man the incarcerated.

  15. Seems our media hates women and children and loves us all being tortured to death like the monarch mind controlled often are by the same cabal running the media. This cabal is CIA part of a bigger criminal syndicate sometimes called gay mafiA..but it IS A MAFIA

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