Not Reporting Jayvon Hatchett: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Just Can’t Find the Right Hate Crime to Publicize

There’s absolutely nothing hate crimes activists hate more than having the wrong type of hate committed by the wrong type of hater take the wind out of their ideological sails.  This is why the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported exactly nothing about Jayvon Hatchett until they were grudgingly forced to do so a few hours ago, and then only by re-running an AP story after Hatchett apparently did a re-run on his openly stated intention to kill white men by killing his white cellmate.

Four days ago.

This second, more effective attack on a white man — and Hatchett’s identification as the killer — was first reported on Saturday, September 5 in the Muscogee County ABC Affiliate WTVM, but the AJC avoided it until today like, well, like they avoided any mention whatsoever until today of Hatchett’s other recent attempt to murder a white man, which happened way back on August 25 when Hatchett walked into an Auto Zone in Columbus, Georgia, picked a random white man to attack because he said he was going out to kill a white man after watching BLM videos, stabbed the man seven times, critically injuring him, then went home, waited for the police, and cheerfully told them he committed the crime because he “felt the need to find a white man to kill.”

Jayvon Hatchett and His First Victim



You know how they say a lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its pants and sitting down to breakfast?  Well in this case, Jayvon Hatchett’s decision to ruin the celebratory anti-Trump-supporting-white-guy parade being planned by hate crime activists eagerly awaiting the first ideologically useful hate crime in Georgia travelled all the way around the world, from Columbus, Georgia, to Britain, to the rest of Europe, to the west coast, and back to Columbus without ever hitting Atlanta.  That’s why the link you see above is from the U.K. Daily Mail, which managed to somehow get the story from backwater Columbus and run with it just a few days later, while AJC editor Kevin Riley and his team of aging bloodhounds carefully missed it not only on the day it happened but for the following two weeks, until Hatchett’s killing of a second white man four days ago got picked up today by the AP and they could not studiously not notice it anymore.

Of course, AJC editor Kevin Riley really knew about Jayvon Hatchett as soon as the youth was arrested and confessed to wanting to kill whites.  The story has been extensively covered in South Georgia, not to mention the South of France.  It’s just that Riley isn’t really a news editor so much as a rank propagandist answering to the powerful hate crimes coalition that had virtually all of the Georgia GOP down on its knees blubbering for racial expiation as rioters outside — and crazed defamatory wind-up-dolls inside like Republican state senator Renee Untermann (R-45) — threatened anyone who dared to oppose their hate crimes bill.

This is how media collusion with the hate crimes industry works: While the legislature was debating the bill, Riley made sure nobody who was speaking out against the bill would be quoted in the newspaper or given editorial space to argue their case.  How do I know this?  Because I spoke with him prior to the session and asked to do another op-ed against the bill, as I had done in 2000, when Jay Bookman was the editor of the editorial page.  Bookman disagreed with my viewpoint back then, but he had the integrity to allow differing opinions on the editorial page.  Not so Riley.  Riley was affable when I contacted him and gave him my contact information, which included my offer to be a spokesperson available for quotes against the hate crimes bill, which is the way newspapers usually — you know — cover — contentious political issues.  I am, after all, the only person to publish such work in Georgia the past, both in the AJC and in an Emory University dissertation chapter you can find reprinted here.  I’m about the closest thing to an expert advocate against these laws in Georgia.

But when I contacted Riley to place my editorial, he simply didn’t reply.  Kevin Riley and the AJC decided to suppress any opposition to the bill, and suppress they did.  Their behavior was disgraceful and dishonest.  But maybe they were just scared witless of being called racist-homophobic-anti-Semites themselves.

It’s a reasonable fear.  Back in 1999, then AJC editor Jay Bookman informed me that he received unbelievable blowback from the Anti-Defamation League for merely deigning to publish my very modest op-ed opposing hate crime laws (you can read that editorial here).  You think cancel culture is bad today?  I got my first taste of it (outside of academia, of course, where there are cave drawings of cancel culture) twenty years ago, when I was awakened at home by ADL Southeast Regional Director Jay Kaiman, who informed me that I was now an “enemy of (ADL president) Abe Foxman” and that was “something I didn’t want to be.”  He wasn’t kidding: I would soon find out that I had been placed on a nebulous list of “bias people” by a major contractor for the Department of Justice, Chuck Wexler of the Police Executive Research Forum, who slipped up and told me as I was researching implementation of hate crime laws in other states.

Pretty spooky, eh?  But that’s only half of the media collusion story.  Collusion always has a second act.

This is the other way media collusion with the hate crimes industry works: Once a hate crimes bill gets passed, the job taken on by the mainstream media is to, curate, let’s say, the sorts of cases that activists and journalists wish to pump up in order to pressure prosecutors to charge “hate,” while suppressing the sorts of cases activists and journalists wish to conceal from public view because they don’t want them to be seen as a hate crimes.

Jayvon Hatchett has made the AJC’s job very hard on this front.  Hatchett not only cheerfully confessed to police what he had done, but also why he did it.  He practically read the text of Georgia’s brand spanking new hate crime bill to the arresting officers.  For the convenience of AJC editor Kevin Riley and his reporters, here’s the text from WTVM Columbus’ August 28 report on Hatchett’s first court appearance:

Hatchett went on to admit to police that he did stab the 51-year-old white male at the AutoZone store on 32nd Street, according to courtroom testimony. Police say Hatchett was arrested and read Miranda Rights, but add he continued to talk to them about the case. In an effort to keep a search warrant from being served on the home he was found in, Hatchett provided a knife to police that he says he used to stab the victim in the store. He also provided a shirt that he grabbed from the backyard of the home that had been partially burned. The shirt matched the description of the of the clothing in the surveillance footage.

According to courtroom testimony, Police say Hatchett told them he had been watching videos on Facebook for hours of police shootings around the country. Police say he told them he decided during those videos he wanted to stab a white male.

And what was the AJC doing while they weren’t reporting on Jayvon Hatchett?  They were busy shaking the bushes to find the first hate crime that would advance the hate crime activists’ agenda, someone like a MAGA supporter or another deplorable type.  All the while carefully avoiding mentioning “hate crime” in the proximity of reporting any random, identity-based crime committed against a heterosexual woman, such as stranger-rape, which technically should be counted as hate but is not thanks to the machinations of the leaders of the hate crimes industry, who colluded in the 1990s with then-Clinton DOJ appointees Elena Kagan and Eric Holder to make sure women victims of serial killers targeting women and other unfortunate cis-female stranger-rape victims would never clutter up their precious statistics, ditto male victims of gay male serial killers, rioters who target white victims such as the manager of Atlanta Underground, police officers who endure nonstop verbal and physical assaults from protestors, store owners whose property is systematically destroyed while businesses with “black-owned” signs in the window go untouched, and other living or recently-living politically inconvenient things.

But I digress.  For a bit more on stranger-rape, stranger-rape-murder, hate crimes, the GBI, Speaker David Ralston, Elena Kagan, Eric Holder, and Bill Clinton, see this post.

What the AJC did while they weren’t reporting on Jayvon Martin was repeatedly report on some anonymous graffiti that they really, really, really hoped would turn out to be the first “hate crime” on record in Georgia because it mentioned Trump and had a swastika, and so it must have been written by some anti-semitic Trump supporter, right?  In fact, the AJC published not one but several articles about spray-painted swastikas and kept mentioning the one with the MAGA written next to it, while writing about how such things proved the need for hate crime laws, just as they had published op-eds supporting the hate crimes bill in Georgia that talked about such vandalism during the legislative session.  Heck, they even publish articles about teens in other states who paint swastika graffiti, but they never seemed to get around to publishing anything about Jayvon Hatchett until he attacked one white dude for being white, then murdered another white dude in his prison cell.

If I were Hatchett, I’d be disappointed I had to work twice as hard for my message to be heard.

One might reasonably ask why anyone would jump to the conclusion that a swastika with MAGA painted next to it was written by someone who supports Trump as opposed someone who thinks Trump himself is a Nazi.  Just shut up, the hate crimes activists explained, or at least they would explain it if the media bothered to allow anyone to pose such questions anymore.  As it happens, I wrote a whole report about this a few years ago when the Southern Poverty Law Center was surveying its subscribers in order to try to invent the perception that electing Donald Trump had unleashed yet another highly profitable “tidal wave of hate.”  Their evidence?  Inchoate feelings expressed by grade-school teachers who subscribe to SPLC newsletters, and instances of graffiti with the word “Trump” and various hate symbols such as swastikas and “KKK” nearby.

The fact that they never caught a single Trump-supporting graffitist scribbling this graffiti didn’t prevent the indefatigable SPLC, along with nearly every newspaper in the country, from trumpeting the news that Trump supporters were littering high school grounds with racist, anti-Semitic graffiti celebrating their president’s ascent to power.  And yet, it is at all possible, since hate crime statistics-gathering by the Department of Justice is a crazy, intentionally obscured, unelected activist-driven boondoggle that bears no resemblance to real crime statistics, that even these “incidents” wormed their way into the official Hate Crimes Statistics Act numbers.  Here is that report.

Geez, you’d think I might know something about the subject.


Coming up: Renee Untermann and David Ralston: Why Do Hate Crime Activists Hate Rape Victims So Much?







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