Cliff Kincaid and Tina Trent on the Georgia GOP, Voter Fraud, and the Georgia Senate Run-Offs Between Loeffler, Warnock, Perdue, Ossoff

Cliff Kincaid at America’s Survival (or USA Survival) has several fascinating YouTube interviews about the existential rolling elections mess that is the Peach State, including an informative talk with Garland Favorito, founder of VOTER GA.  Mr. Favorito, a retired computer tech expert, is also gifted in pedagogy, for in this relatively brief interview he was able to make the problems with the Georgia recount clear even to me, hopelessly unreconstructed luddite that I am.

If you can explain the virtually mystical workings of the Dominion voter machine bar-code-plus-fifty-four-pound-paper-ballot system to someone who still pines for her flip phone and IBM Selectric, you’re good at ‘splainin.  Do check out the VOTER GA website.

And ‘splainin is precisely what we need more of right now in Georgia, as every political operative known to Beelzebub or Mankind burrows, crawls, flies, and otherwise descends upon our state.  Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson may have been completely wrong about Guam flipping into the sea, but he may still find partial vindication when the hell-mouth finally opens beneath the James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Office Complex, and Dahlonenga kisses Tifton in the sky.

  Weirdly Ominous Sloppy Floyd, With Gold Dome Rising

In our podcast, subtly titled: What’s Wrong With The Republican Party in Georgia? Cliff and I discuss the state of the Georgia GOP, voter fraud, and the stakes in the two upcoming Georgia Senate run-offs that will literally determine control of the U.S. Senate.  I’m a big Kelly Loeffler fan, for reasons Cliff details in this article: I believe she has the will-power and independence of mind (and pocketbook) to turn out to be a leading defender of free speech at the time when our country needs it most.

Cruz/Loeffler 2024, anyone?   



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