Newsweek Lies Bigly About Bigly Lying “Organization” That Lies Bigly about being Pro-Trump by Telling Georgia Conservatives to Sit Out the Senate Race.

On Saturday, various activist groups descended on the Georgia Capitol to assert that Trump won, that Governor Kemp be deposed, and to shrilly instruct Georgia Republicans and conservatives to stay home and refuse to vote in the upcoming Senate runoffs because the Deep State is plottin’ to use the election to invade their privacy in some inexplicable way, so we should teach the Georgia GOP a firm lesson by tying up our two Senate seats in a pink bow and handing them to Stacey Abrams.

Alex Jones, Pre-Bathroom Floor


Wait?  What?  Who are these people?

Some of these people are a shady shiny new group called StopTheSteal.US.  They want your money.  They really, really, really want you to donate to them, and then they want you to refuse to exercise your right to vote because, you know, corruption.

Now, StopTheSteal.US may or may not have organized the rally at the Georgia State Capitol yesterday, but they sure are taking credit for it.  And the Mainstream Media sure is giving them credit for organizing it and saying it was all them and promoting the rally as proof that huuuuge numbers of Trump supporters are gonna stay home from the Senate runoff because StopTheSteal told us so.

Newsweek’s story screamed:

Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Election

                        –Byline James Crowley on 11/21/20 at 12:37 EST 

This is a classic demoralization campaign fronted in Georgia by three highly suspect local organizers, joined by a handful of highly suspect organizers in a few other states, and originally headed by the delightfully hilarious but morally fluid Roger Stone and the not particularly credible TEA Party Expresses’ Amy Kramer, who also really, really wants you to donate some money to her.  Pleeease?

It isn’t particularly clear who is running StopTheSteal.US now, except we know two things:

  • Leftists tried to infiltrate the group some time back as a joke, until realizing they had actually succeeded in infiltrating the group, at which point they set out to mock other members of the group and stage fake events encouraging conservatives to act out publicly, but also stay home and not vote.  As I’ve said many, many, many times, do some bloody background work on people BEFORE you decide to associate with them, OK Jenny Beth?  OK Breitbart, who got the important parts of the story completely bass-ackwards, though at least in your case it seemed an error of laziness, not active misinformation as was spread by Newsweek.  You also apparently at least didn’t try to interview Alex Jones from the floor of the men’s bathroom in the Georgia State Capitol, where he was found by some American Conservative podcaster, in an event that remains to be clarified by any of the parties involved.  So there’s that.
  • Considering that the people currently seeming to run this grift seem especially interested in stealing our money in addition to stealing the Senate race for the Democrats, their name is incredibly hilarious.

Now, onto the Three Grifters from Georgia Fronting this Group, along with a few from other states.   Boy, is this embarrassing.  No wonder Newsweek tried to conceal the mens’ faces in their weird video from the event.

The three people listed as the leaders of Georgia’s StopTheSteal.US are CJ Pearson, Daniel Bostic, and Chandler Crump.

  • C J Pearson is a precocious lad of 21, who has made quite a lot of money telling people he is a precocious conservative lad, while hanging out with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz before renouncing conservatism in 2015 and endorsing Bernie Sanders.  When Sanders dropped out, C J briefly endorsed Donald Trump, observing with a wisdom beyond his years that the two men had many policy similarities.  C J is a social media star of some proportion, and his extreme youth suggests that he may grow conservative agains as he ages, but his extreme youth and excitement about a socialist candidate also suggests that people shouldn’t go taking his advice to not vote in a crucial election that will determine who controls the Senate.
  • 18-year old Chandler Crump is another social media personality like CJ Pearson.  He has the You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and a rap moniker (the real cc crump).  He’s engaging, cute, talks very fast, and is well on his way to becoming one of those opening acts that otherwise brighten up dreary hotel lobby political events.  None of this means he is someone to whom you should listen when his group tells you to stay home and not vote.  It means he likes getting pictures taken of him.  I wish him, and CJ, well.
  • Daniel Bostic was a little more difficult to nail down.  There is a model and tv extra named Daniel Bostic who worked for Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and this Daniel looks a bit like the youth shouting in the Newsweek video.  Or maybe not.  I’ll change that if it’s wrong.

The point is this: President Trump is well within his rights demanding recounts and vigorously investigating voting irregularities.  I support him in doing this.  It is hardly unusual that he is doing so.  I have serious questions about the Dominion voting machines, and there are some credible experts questioning them here.  I also have my strong differences with many in the Georgia GOP, especially House Speaker David Ralston, who belongs behind bars for his role in misusing legislator privileges to allow the judicial clock run out on several rape cases he was defending, enabling the accused child rapists to walk free.  It is a disgrace that Georgia Republicans re-elected him for another term as their House leader.

But none of this has to do with stomping one’s feet like a little girl and refusing to vote

in an incredibly important Senate run-off just because the world isn’t perfect.

And it is distinctly not correct that the Georgia GOP and county GOPs are doing nothing to examine election results, question findings, and use voting data to identify weaknesses, target voters, check the accuracy of the presidential race, and prepare to address potential barricades that kept usually reliable older voters from getting to the polls.  This sort of work isn’t nearly as much fun as making tic-tok videos of yourself screaming on a podium as admiring leftists journalists egg you on.  But dancing for the enemy is stupid.

Don’t be a fool.  Don’t fall for fools.  The left-wing media are not your friends; nobody telling you to not vote is your friend, and you also don’t need to be friends with the Georgia GOP in order to join them in doing the hard work of getting out the vote for the Georgia Senate run-off.   And while I’ll admit to cracking an occasional smile at one of Roger Stone’s more randy penis jokes (I actually have a whole book of them, thanks to Mac Miller), that doesn’t mean I’d follow Stone to any street rally, or even down a grocery store aisle, let alone onto an elevator.  Or a bathroom.  Perhaps if the reporter from The American Conservative had been a little less enamored of taking selfies with Alex Jones underneath a urinal, or the writer for Breitbart had actually recorded and reported event she was watching in its entirety, we’d have a better sense of actually what happened there, whom to work with in the future, and whom to avoid because . . . they’re the ones playing you.






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