Georgia House Rules Chairman Richard Smith (R-Columbus) says we are not “Moral” if we don’t Stop Everything and Pass a so-called “Hate Crime” Law

This is Richard Smith.  He’s one of Speaker Ralston’s henchmen, which means that he lies about Ralston using his legislative power to deny justice to child rape victims in order to advance his own political career.  Morally, I don’t know how you live with yourself, doing that. Optically, it looks sort of like this:

House Rules Chairman Richard Smith, a Columbus Republican, abruptly adjourned Tuesday’s rules committee without putting any bills before the full House to consider, saying it “is becoming an embarrassment to the state” that a Senate committee has yet to consider House Bill 426, a hate crimes penalty bill that the House passed in March 2019.

“Based on my thoughts, we are morally and legally required to pass two bills,” Smith said. “The first one we’re legally required to pass is the budget. The second one that we’re morally required to pass is the hate crimes bill. Meeting’s adjourned.”

These guys think that pushing for hate crime laws will inoculate them from the the real stain on their souls for their role in justifying Ralston using his legislative power to deny justice to child rape victims.  As opposed to the fake “stain on our souls we can never wash away” that Ralston says is there because we oppose hate crime laws on the grounds that they make some victims of crime more important than other victims of crime based on identity politics.

You know what’s an embarrassment, Richard?  It’s an embarrassment that you aren’t being asked questions such as why, when Georgia had a hate crimes law on the books in 2003, the only rape investigated as a “hate crime rape” in the whole bloody state involved a lesbian who alleged that an Athens police officer had used a homophobic slur while raping her — all lies — to cover up the fact that she was having an affair with the man.  All the activists in the world rushed to Athens to proudly witness and trumpet (and fundraise off) the state’s first “hate crime,” which turned out to be a hoax, of course.

But far worse, none of the other 2,234 forcible rapes (a narrow legal category then applying only to the worst assaults) reported to and investigated by police in Georgia that year were investigated as hate crimes.

Not one.  Because the victims were “just women.”  Whether or not the rapists used a sexual slur in the commission of the crime, which, per the behind-the-door instructions of the shockingly corrupt Anti-Defamation League, should not be counted as evidence of hate because doing so would “distract” prosecutors and “dilute” the statistics the League was trying to manufacture.  Despite the fact that there was nothing — nothing — in the Georgia hate crime law that excluded women from being counted as victims of gender-bias hate.  Despite the fact that most living, breathing humans understand that snatching a random woman off the streets or invading her bedroom and raping her is itself an expression of hate of women. 


Riddle me that, Richard.  Tell you what: the next time you open your pie-hole to grandstand about opponents of hate crime laws lacking morality, I’ll publish a graphic list of the heinous “non-hate” rapes from your district for which you have nothing to say, and we can all chat about whether they demonstrate “hatred” of women or whether those victims should move to the back seat of the justice bus to serve your personal interests.

You’re advancing your career on the bodies of raped and murdered women and children in your district.  Also David Ralston’s district.  Put that in your morality pipe and smoke it.  I believe the Senate Agriculture Committee might have some exhibits from their genuinely hilarious recent hemp hearing (start at 55:00) to make the lies go down smoother.

Come to think of it, Ralston is absolutely the most appropriate spokesperson for the hate crime cause since 1997, when Eric Holder, Elena Kagan and Bill Clinton put their heads together, using the Anti-Defamation League’s 1996 statement on not counting hate crimes against mere women as hate, to secretly, extralegally exclude serial rapists and sexual serial killers from being counted as gender bias hate criminals, even when a predator snatches a dozen random women off the streets to torture and kill, or a dozen little boys, or carves sexual slurs into the bodies of his victims (if the slurs are against heterosexuals, that is), or cuts out their tongues, or pours bleach down their throats, or leaves manifestos saying they hate women before killing women, or desecrates the bodies of their victims by shoving sticks and knives in their vaginas and anuses, or carving off their breasts; or waking up old women in their beds and strangling them slowly as they fist rape them to an early grave (my own rapist’s late-career speciality, after he upped his game from deadly cat-and-mouse torture of one woman after another, to elderly torture, to finally being found with boxes of “souvenirs” of missing women upon his last arrest).  Hopefully last — as the ACLU of Florida got his life sentence overturned on a technicality.

The hate crimes industry, but especially the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP, deem all of the above violations of women “not hate” when it’s done to mere heterosexual women, but “definitely hate” when done to the special important people the hate crimes movement deems “victims of hate,” not just when someone rapes or murders them but when someone merely uses a slur word against them.

Richard Smith, child-rape apologist when it suits his legislative standing

Which leads us right back to Richard Smith, R-Columbus.

Richard Smith, R-Columbus, seems awfully excited about the opportunity to speak out against justice denied, which isn’t really being denied to anyone.  This is just another of the empty, hollow, irrational things hate crime activists say while demanding that we undermine equality before the law and replace it with an identity politic roulette wheel overseen by unelected, unaccountable hate crime activists who have been deeply dishonest about how these laws really work and to whom they really apply for 22+ years and counting.

Funny thing, I don’t seem to recall Richard Smith getting hepped up about all the “randomly selected for their identity” raped and murdered women in Columbus, Georgia.  Never seen him break a sweat when his constituents are victims of horrifically brutal crimes.

As Richard Smith knows, there’s no political payoff in denouncing — or even acknowledging — such crimes.  And now there isn’t even any political price to pay for tacitly approving of the denial of justice to the wrong types of people (children) for the wrong types of crime (rape) through political support for their tormentor in the justice system, David Ralston.

When it comes to justice in Georgia at the Gold Dome this year, politically non-useful crime victims not only need not apply — they better not show their faces and have the temerity to demand that they be treated as human being equal to the screeching hate crimes mob.

Or else.

Richard Smith may be small potatoes, but he’s in good company in defending Ralston using his legislative power to deny justice to certain types of victims while histrionically demanding special rules and laws for other types of victims — or purported victims, as hate crime hoaxes are a serious problem.  Former Georgia Governors Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal actively supported Ralston when the whole using his legislative power to deny justice to child rape victims scandal erupted.  The Georgia GOP gave Ralston a big fat get-out-of-jail-free card wrapped up in a bow.  Governor Brian Kemp didn’t peep.  A mere handful of legislators had the moral consistency, decency, and courage to say that the powerful speaker should resign.  I may have missed something and am happy to print replies here, but I don’t recall a single Georgia Congressman or Senator denounce Ralston’s behavior.  In fact, the picture below is literally an image of former Governor Nathan Deal defending Ralston’s denying justice to child rape victims before the editorial board of the Gainesville Times.

Ralston and Deal: they’re just lil’ kids who got raped: we’ve got serious fundraising to do

   Roy Barnes, with Sexual-Predator-Woman-Killer Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy’s Glossy Hair

Ralston either has a heck of a black book, or we have a heck of a lot spaghetti concealing itself as spines among the elected denizens of Georgia.  Democrats in addition to Barnes didn’t make a peep about Ralston either.  Where were they?  Where were the feminists?  Where were the women’s organizations?  Where was RAINN?

Ubi Sunt, N.O.W.?  Ubi Sunt, Liz Flowers, the sleazy double-dipping shill for RAINN who in 2000 used her position as the paid spokesperson for rape crisis centers to claim that heterosexual rape victims didn’t mind being excluded from hate crimes protections because using a slur word against a gay person is like ten times more important than just raping a woman, while she pocketed a second paycheck from Danny Levitas’ scumbag coalition of woman-haters to push a hate crimes bill that quietly excluded females as victims of hate crimes at the Anti-Defamation League’s request?  Ubi sunt, Larry Pellegrini and the rest of the gay lobby, taking cash to say that heterosexual victims just don’t count as much in the eyes of the law as gays?  Ubi sunt, Carla Drenner, crying fake tears for your lesbian constituents while throwing heterosexual female victims of heinous sex crimes in your district under the bus?  Also, give me back my campaign contribution to you.  Ubi sunt Nan Orrock, my corrupt representative for decades.  Ubi sunt John Lewis, ditto Nan.  Ubi sunt, staff of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, who did such a piss-poor and doltish job actually covering this movement and this bill that you ought to be cutting checks from the SPLC (or maybe paying them for content).  Ubi sunt, Congressional Black Caucus of Georgia, as black women and children experience the highest rates of sexual violence of anyone, and you say that doesn’t count as hate?  Ubi sunt, all the Jewish women’s groups who are enthusiastically willing to say that women of other ethnicities and creeds don’t count as much as you do?  Ubi sunt Stacey Abrams, grandstanding on this bill while ignoring the plight of black women and children sexually victimized and trafficked in this state every day?

You’re all cowards.

Hate crime laws are institutionally dangerous, dishonest, virtue-signaling political pork handed out to the activists who scream the loudest.  The entire movement is based on misrepresentations and outright lies; they are unnecessary; they are enforced with extreme bias; they are enforced in ways that have nothing to do with the way they are drafted, written, and sold to the public; they inject politics into the justice system, and they create ethically sickening, identity-based hierarchies of victimization that deny and minimize the suffering of countless victims of real and serious crimes.  That so many people in the Georgia General Assembly are willing to flush the concept of equality before the law down the toilet in order to appease a bunch of shouting protestors and lying lobbyists is a sad sight.

That people like Ralston and his henchmen are leading the charge

while simultaneously denying other victims access to justice

is both completely apt and utterly grotesque.  




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