Why Isn’t The Media Covering Both Sides of the Hate Crimes Debate?

Well, we know why.  But let’s pretend we don’t.

Contrary to what you might read in the newspapers, watch on tv, hear on the radio, or absorb directly into your brain through freebasing the Google-censored internet, a large number of people think hate crime laws are not only unnecessary but divisive and unjust and have no place in a society where many people fought for decades to ensure that all people are equal in the eyes of the law regardless of their identity.

The media, however, are having none of this.  Not only are they having none of it: they’re pretending opposition to the bill doesn’t exist.  In story after story after story after story, the media presents the hate crimes bill as a sort of conquering angel hoisting a burning sword over the Capitol, not to be discussed so much as submitted to on bent knee.

Rather than, say, a controversial and divisive piece of legislation being pushed by a deeply dishonest coalition of activists whose own thuggish conduct trying to shut down any discussion of the bill ought to also be a topic of discussion by the media.

Likewise, legislators such as House Rules Committee Chairman Richard Smith are refusing to even allow other bills to be considered until we submit to not debating a bill that will turn name-calling into a federal crime while denying that the Green River Killer “hated” any of the 71 women and girls he kidnapped, tortured, garroted, raped repeatedly, murdered . . . and then went back and raped their corpses over and over again.

Richard Smith, from the woman-garroting capitol of the South, Columbus, Georgia

No, that’s not hate, according to the hate crimes industry.  Now if the Green River Killer had done that to one, single, transgender person, he would be swinging high from the proverbial hate crimes lynching tree.  But, do it to 71 women and girls and . . . bygones . . . based on the hate crime laws in other states.

In other words, what the hate crimes movement is saying is that you can do anything to a heterosexual women and girls, or ten heterosexual women and girls, or fifty, or 71, and it doesn’t count as gender bias hate, but do the same thing to ONE man dressed as a woman and you are the worst human being on earth: you are a hate criminal.

As I said, this is a very, very dishonest movement.  If the media weren’t shamelessly propping them up and systematically silencing other voices, maybe we could discuss their dishonesty honestly.





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