Police are the Only Real Victims of Hate Crime in Georgia. And Senate Republicans Just Screwed Police to Pander to BLM, a Terrorist Organization That Kills Police

The Republican-led Senate Rules Committee in Georgia just screwed police all over Georgia at the behest of a mob that celebrates cop-killers.  From the discussions they had, they clearly don’t even know how these laws work.  Ignorance AND submission aren’t a good look.  Jeff Mullis is head of Georgia Senate Rules.  Flood his damn phones: (404) 656-0057.  If that doesn’t work, call his home district: (706) 375-1776.

Jeff Mullis, apologist for cop-killers, or ignorant misguided guy?


Here’s a little primer for Republican Senators who didn’t bother to even try to understand what they were doing by passing hate crime laws  


Hate Crime Activists claim that police should not count as a protected class under hate crime laws because police are already protected by enhanced sentencing based on their status as police under other code sections.

That’s a Lie

The enhanced sentencing rules currently applying to police are about protecting the authority of the state, not about the civil rights of individual police. They are also narrowly limited to the on-the-job types of interactions and potential for violence police encounter when responding to individual crimes and criminal activity. They do not apply to attacks by bigots seeking specifically to terrorize police based on their identity as law enforcement officers, especially in the growing number of cases in which off-duty police are being attacked in stores, on the streets, and at their homes. Police are no different from any other targeted group when individuals, activist groups, or terrorist cells set out to attack police just for being police.


Activists claim that police are not a protected class because they choose to join the police force, rather than being born into it.

That’s A Lie

Gays, lesbians, transvestites, transgenders and the 40-plus other types of people who identify as having alternative sexual identities are not born into these classifications. At least large percentages of them choose them. Nor are homeless people, another protected class in bias laws in some states, born into or permanently bound to their status as a homeless person. Nor are illegal or legal immigrants, who choose to either move here legally or break our laws and become illegal residents, born into this status: they choose it. This argument is not credible.


Activists claim police do not experience oppression in the same manner as other groups protected by hate crime laws.

That’s a Lie, but Not the One You Think: Police Experience MORE Oppression

Than Other Groups “Protected” by Hate Crime Laws

In recent years, dozens of police have been assassinated, shot, and maimed in cold blood by activists associated with the Black Lives Matter Movement, just as dozens of police were maimed, firebombed, and murdered in cold blood by the Black Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and the Weather Underground from the 1960’s through the 1980’s.

Today, in Atlanta, Black Lives Matters activists carry banners of cop-killer Assata Shakur, who killed several cops and also ordered the murder of 26-year old Atlanta police officer James Richard Greene in November 1971. College professors at taxpayer-funded colleges and universities IN GEORGIA teach courses in which they praise many-time cop-killer Shakur.

Georgie Republicans Pander to Racist Cop-Killer Assata Shakur, who Killed Georgia Police

In 1971, from her hideout on Boulevard near North Avenue, as she had done many times before, Shakur ordered her black Klan murderers to go out and shoot the first white cop they saw.  They found 26-year old James Richard Greene eating breakfast in his patrol car at the intersection of Memorial and Boulevard in Atlanta.  When he stopped eating to get out and offer him help, they shot him in the head and neck several times, killing him.

That crime was a racist hate crime directed at whites and police: why do Black Lives matters celebrate this sick racist mass murderer of police?  A subset of Black Lives matters even calls itself Assata’s Daughters.  How does that not make them a hate group?  And why don’t Senate Republicans know anything about this?

Assata’s Daughters: Teaching Little Girls to Murder Police

Are you proud of yourself, Lt. Governor Duncan?

Shakur, who is being protected from extradition by the communist government of Cuba in collusion with Barack Obama, who reversed previous administration demands for her return as a condition normalizing relations with Cuba, is a hate criminal, yet the protestors threatening more property destruction, more riots, more random assaults on whites if they don’t get their hate crime bill, carry posters with her face as they demand what they call “justice” but what is really racial hate of whites.  The BLM protestors in Atlanta carry pictures of cop killers, and the Republicans of Georgia just caved to them.


Congressman John Lewis has been approached – by me — over the years to put an historical marker at the intersection of Memorial and Boulevard remembering the hate killing of and sacrifice made by young Officer James Richard Greene.  He has not deigned to respond.  Perhaps the legislature can take up this cause when they’re done throwing other real victims of real hate crimes under the nearest bus to placate the rioters.

Except, no matter how much you give rioters, they always want more.

Here are Some More of the Cop-Killers Georgia Republican Just Caved To

In November, 2009, Maurice Clemmons, a career murders and child rapist, targeted four officers eating breakfast in a restaurant near Tacoma Washington. Those police had no involvement with his most recent case involving molestation of two young black girls: he told authorities he just wanted to kill white police.  He avoided harming anyone else in the crowded restaurant.  Black radical activists helped shelter him after the crime. Clemmons’ was not posthumously counted as a race bias hate criminal, and the officers’ deaths are not counted as hate crimes.  Clemmons’ face regularly appears on BLM posters at rallies on the West Coast, NYC, Florida, and even in Atlanta — because he killed cops.

This is what you voted for, Republicans in the State Senate.  Assassinated cops.  Feel good about that Lt. Governor Duncan? Excited about the bill-signing?  Think about these officers’ murders when you’re all stimulated and important up at the podium next to turncoat Kemp — who will not be the next Governor of Georgia after this s**t-show-submission to the rioters.  Look at the faces of these murdered-for-being-white-police — that the bill you will eagerly signs specifically excludes from being counted as hate crime victims because they’re not really human: they’re just white.  And police.  Take a long, hard look at their faces.  What you are celebrating is their killers’ perverted view of the lack of value of their lives, you cowards?

Mark Renninger, 39; Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards, 42.

In July, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson, a member of the New Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matters movement, murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others and two civilians after announcing he was going to kill white police.


Micah Xavier Johnson, Mass Murderer, Hate Criminal?                                                                                                               Not According to Gov. Kemp and the Georgia Republicans.

He singled out white police to kill while passing by black ones.  He’s not counted in the hate crime statistics as a hate criminal.  He wasn’t charged as a hate criminal.  Why?  You tell me, Governor Kemp.  You don’t have the slightest idea what the hell you’re signing, what it will do, how it’s enforced — and who is sleazily excluded at the direction of the Anti-Defamation League, which doesn’t want the ‘wrong kinds of hate” — women and cops — cluttering up their desired statistics.  At the officers’ funerals, then-President Barack Obama disgraced the office of the presidency by actually berating the dead officers’ families by lecturing them about race relations and telling them they were also responsible for their loved ones’ deaths because of racism — during the church service.  If it is not oppression for the president of the United States to hijack the funeral of five white officers to lecture their survivors about their purported prejudice of their dead loved ones, what, precisely, is race-based oppression?  The murdered and injured officers are also not included in hate crime statistics as victims of race-based hate crime.  Why?  Because Republicans didn’t have the backbone to demand it in Texas, and now Georgia Republicans have followed suit.

This is what you voted for, Senate Republicans.  Bill Nigut is so proud of you.

Dallas Officers Murdered by Black Lives Matters: Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, 48;  Officer Michael Krol, 40; Sgt. Michael Smith, 55, a former Army Ranger; Officer Brent Thompson, 43, a former enlisted Marine; Officer Patricio “Patrick” Zamarripa, 32, a former Navy sailor and Iraq War veteran

Since anti-police riots and violent protests broke out in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere beginning in 2014, thousands of police officers nationwide have suffered critical and serious injuries, permanent brain damage, broken bones, crushed limbs and limb loss, maiming, and life-altering burns from bullets, explosives, firebombs, bricks and other projectiles, shootings, and intentionally being hit by cars. Radical anti-police activists have murdered others near protest sites or in surprise attacks.

This is what you voted for, Georgia Republicans.

Even more disturbingly, police in Atlanta have been followed home from protest sites and had their cars firebombed in the driveway of their family homes, or in one case, pummeled with bricks. They are being terrorized where they, their spouses, and their children sleep.  An officer (who happens to be black) in Atlanta was seriously injured when struck by Avery Goggans, a driver who had just tried to mow down two other police.  Local media buried these stories as fast as they could find someone in their newsrooms who could hoist a shovel.

This is what you voted for, Republicans.

Police in Georgia and elsewhere are being shot, stabbed, hit with Molotov cocktails, pummeled with bricks and blocks of hardened concrete, run down with cars, and followed home and firebombed – just for being police.  These are classic hate crimes, bearing far more resemblance to the sorts of crimes activists described to legislators in the 1990s when they were lobbying for these laws, particularly when one considers that the vast majority of so-called “hate crimes” you voted for today involve minor verbal tiffs between people who know each other, or words anonymously spray painted on campus walls, frequently by minority or white leftist activists committing hoaxes in order to justify their activism or receive attention and sympathy.  Or, say, a NASCAR driver lying about being victimized by something he pretended was a noose.

In contrast to these frivolous and divisive hoaxes, the violence targeting police is real.  White police, male and female, are being shot in the head for being white and police.  Black police, Asian police, and Hispanic police are being targeted as well.  Police are the people most targeted for their identity in America today.

This is what you voted for, Republicans.

Hate crimes laws actually make no distinction between being targeted because of who you are or what you are.  That talking point is a false distinction, one of many made by hate crime activists who have grown used to a plangent media and quivering politicians not questioning any of the lies that pour out of their mouths.

Senate Republicans didn’t just act out of cowardice and submission: they acted out of ignorance too.

Even as black and white cops are being shot and intentionally run over on the streets for being police, the NAACP is outraged that anyone would even consider counting police, including black police, as victims of hate.

Hate crime activists are not and never have been serious about combatting hate wherever it happens. Driven by greed and desire for political power, they want nothing more than to control the political power and government contracts that come to them through manipulating the hate crimes industry, perverting hate crime statistics, and treating hate crime laws are their own private sinecures  They are shamelessly exploiting the justice system, demeaning crime victims, and destroying equality before the law to line their pockets.

And the Republicans in the Georgia Senate just ignorantly caved to them.



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  1. You have really missed the mark on this bill. What you should have done is make it a death sentence for anyone killing a police officer.

  2. An incredible injustice and shameful slam to the men and women who risk their lives everyday to shield our families from evil. I’m very disappointed in our state republicans for enacting this pandering piece of legislation…..

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