Sharma Ruth Bryant was Lynched. Amy Coney Barrett Just Sided with her Lyncher

Isn’t she cute?

Amy Coney Bryant: Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Of course, it’s hard to keep that sort of smile for the cameras when you’ve been carjacked, tortured, driven around, forced at gunpoint to withdraw your last $80 from an ATM, hoping against hope that someone, anyone will rescue you, then driven to a cemetery in the last few minute of hell of solitude, when you realize nobody is coming, only to be tortured some more and have your brains blown out against a gravestone, as happened to Sharma Ruth Bryant, age 22, in 1991, in Birmingham, Alabama, by Willie B. Smith III.

This below is Amy Coney Bryant’s family.  Handsome bunch.  Then again, none of them were kidnapped, tortured, and driven to a cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama in the horror of solitude to have their brains blown out on a gravestone for the hell of it by Willie B. Smith III, who did those things and more to Sharma Bryant.  So therefore, Amy Coney Bryant’s family were available to be there for her signing-in to the Supreme Court.  Because they weren’t tortured to death by someone mommy just sided with.

Amy Coney Bryant and her not tortured and not murdered family members

What is the Federalist Society for again?  Oh yeah, money stuff.  Inhumane Libertarian Play-Doh stuff.

Amy Coney Bryant just sided with woman-hating dirtbag Elena Kagan, brain-dead Stephen Breyer, and dim Sonia Sotomayor to stay Willie B. Smith III’s execution because his pastor was barred from being with him in the execution chamber.

Me, I could care less if a monster like Willie B. Smith III had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with him in the execution chamber.  But nobody spoke up for the lonely death Sharma Ruth Bryant suffered.  Amy Coney Bryant, who seconded Kagan’s concerns about Smith’s “transitioning between worlds” apparently couldn’t muster a moment to contemplate Bryant’s own lonely “transitioning.”  Elena Kagan, who has never met a woman whose death she couldn’t diminish legally, wrote that it just wasn’t fair that Willie B. Smith III would have to make that transition to the great beyond in circumstances he couldn’t completely dictate. 

Of course, Bryant had no such choice, nor any such advocacy, or even trivial symbolic recognition.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Here’s Kagan’s dirge for poor Willie:

“Alabama has not carried its burden of showing that the exclusion of all clergy members from the execution chamber is necessary to ensure prison security. So the State cannot now execute Smith without his pastor present, to ease what Smith calls the ‘transition between the worlds of the living and the dead,’” Justice Elena Kagan wrote in the order maintaining injunction.

As if Elena Kagan cares what happens to women subject to lonely murders at the hands of vicious misogynists.  This is, after all, the very woman Bill Clinton and Eric Holder turned to in order to justify not counting serial rapists and serial rapist-killers of women as hate criminals, a “statistical problem” Kagan solved for them in 1997.

God knows, we can’t let the vast numbers of serial woman-torturer-killers litter up Abe Foxman’s desired hate crime statistics.

That would really be a crime.

I wish I could post a picture of the too-early-dead Sharma Ruth Bryant.  I used to be able to find one.   But the boy-gods of the Interweb have been busy wiping the very existence of crime victims away for some time now.

That makes it easier for people like Amy Coney Bryant to forget her face too.









4 thoughts on “Sharma Ruth Bryant was Lynched. Amy Coney Barrett Just Sided with her Lyncher”

  1. I spend considerable time keeping track of the “statistical aberrations” who rape and kill women and girls in heaps. Making sure they’re still safely in their cages or if they’ve even been caught. Harvey Carignan, “the Want Ad killer”
    (how I loathe the media supplied serial killer names), is still alive . He’s 93 and stewing in a cell in Minnesota even though his sentence was legally completed in 2015. But that says it all, doesn’t it- that in 1975 a man who raped and bludgeoned at least 5 women and girls to death with a hammer could be sentenced , tops, to only 40 years in prison. More than 40 would have been cruel and unusual punishment for a man who raped AND killed women with a hammer. Carignan was caught early in his one man war on women. As a soldier in Alaska in 1949, he sexually assaulted and beat a woman to death with his fists. She was unrecognizable- he focused his lethal attacks on his victims’ heads and faces. When identified and caught for an attempted rape, he confessed to the murder to some local yokel sheriff, promised he’d be spared the death penalty. But as a soldier in the US Army he was subject to the Uniform Code of Justice. He was sentenced to hang. His case was argued all the way up to the Supremes (US vs. Carignan- it’s online) and the conviction and sentence were overturned . He did a dime for the attempted rape and spent his time in Washington and then Minnesota violating parole, usually via an attempted rape or domestic violence incident, being stuffed back in the pokey then paroled again. Women disappeared and were found dead. The suspect in the disappearance and murder of a teen who applied for a job at his Seattle gas station, “Harv the Hammer” split for Minnesota where he continued beating, raping and killing women- especially hitchhikers. Several victims survived and he was finally stopped. It’s impossible to say how many women would have been saved from his attacks and murders that defy belief in their cruelty and viciousness if the Supreme Court had not overturned his conviction for the murder of Laura Showalter in 1951. The justice system is filled with empathy for the most ruthlessly depraved and harmful among us while evincing little empathy for their victims- and future victims, the pools of innocents Carignan and his ilk seem to be continually released into no matter how unreformed and perpetually violent they prove themselves to be. The minutia over which appeals are filed and argued to even the highest court in the land for the most outlandish and cruel of crimes beggars belief. (One case I reviewed involved arguing over whether the female victim, who had been raped and shot in the head, was alive when her wristwatch was stolen. Because : one cannot be guilty of a felony for stealing from the dead.). That in these cases the victims appear to always be women and children escapes common notice. Maybe because viewing them as blips, aberrations instead of brutally murdered, innocent human beings killed because of their gender disturbs the vision of social justice perpetrated by frauds like Kagan. As to the likes of Bryant, for whom much has been made of her faith, it seems to evade the moral radar of some that accountability for transgressions lies within the individual not “society” or lack of access to the spiritual succor of ministers post hammer murder, pre-execution. By undermining the law , manufacturing ever evolving standards of supposed “violations of rights” leading to endless appeals and reversals, justice is voided and empathy is effectively removed from the victim and transferred to the victimizer. Saving Williams from his duly apportioned legal earthly fate won’t save his soul – it might even place it in further jeopardy. Have these judges ever considered for a second what their response to their maker will be when they’re asked why they could have cared less about Sharma Ruth Bryant’s traumatic passage between the worlds and why they treated her with arguably the same disregard as a human being that her killer did, breezily erasing her from her own torture and murder. How easy it is appear munificent with one’s powers over life and death when the victim is both dead and then disappeared entirely from the dialogue.

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