I am on Cliff Kincaid’s Show Discussing Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Georgia GOP

You can watch it here, at America’s Survival: One-Party Rule: Republicans Now Taking Orders From Democrats

Analyst Tina Trent joins Cliff Kincaid to discuss the phenomenon known as “Kevin McCarthyism,” a name given to the Republican movement that keeps anti-Trumper Liz Cheney as the number three in the House GOP leadership while ostracizing conservative wife, mother, and small businesswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is the same official who removed strong conservative Steve King from the Congress in response to Democratic Party demands.

What you can’t see is the video itself unless you click on the link.  It was a fun show, as usual.  It’s always fun to speak with people who aren’t afraid to disagree with you. My position on MTG is fleshed out in the post below this one.


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