ANTIFA/BLM Protestors Cheer Child-Rape

There’s no need to make this up.  

In cities across America, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are violating all standards of human decency to carry out increasingly-violent putchs as idiot leftists like pretty much everyone I’ve ever known in college (New College of USF), Atlanta, grad school (Emory), outside police, manual labor, and fast food jobs, remain studiedly silent in the hope of maintaining their superior class status during the next wave of violence.

More and more, I’m reminded of when I was raped and tortured by a serial, stranger offender in 1986, and my boyfriend, pressured me to not pursue the case because, you know, racism and hurt feelings and his own ambition to succeed as a liberal asshole throughout his own personal future.

Now police in Chicago are being threatened by protestors who are putting their names and addresses on social media and urging people to rape their children.

Ex-boyfriend: I hope you’re happy, because this is the world you and your morally bereft peers created.  Enjoy your corporate career, as people in the non-protected classes and their children fall to the mob.

As is usual, the only war is the class war.

I’ve held back from saying this, but I’m done now.  Police are being hit with hammers, followed home and firebombed, attacked with bottle rockets that burn their flesh, mauled by lunatics, and assaulted relentlessly with slurs a thousand times worse than the sort of thing that gets normal people fired from corporate America.  Police are the canaries in the coal-mine, and we’re all pretending this isn’t happening.







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