The Genesis of a Lie: How Brutal Killers Become Victims, Part 1

This is what Michael King looked like when he was caught in 2008 after abducting, raping and murdering 21-year old mother Denise Amber Lee:

Normal looking guy, right?  King was a husband and father, a home-owner, a businessman who worked as a plumber.  But he’s recently gotten a make-over:

This is King in the courtroom, stumbling around slack-faced, pretending to be incompetent in the interest of setting up a post-conviction defense of mental insufficiency.  He kept this face on for the entire trial.

His attorneys alleged that he had diminished intelligence and capacity from a sledding accident he had at six.

You know, before he went to school, got married, started a business, had a kid. . . and then abducted a beautiful young mother and tortured her in a “rape room” before slaughtering her, while expertly eluding authorities.

Expect the European press to automatically (and mindlessly) add King to their list of “mentally handicapped child-men sitting helplessly on American death row.”

Tomorrow: Two Newspapers, and How They Covered the King Trial


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