Something to Consider: Things Are Worse in Europe . . .

For me, the high imprisonment rate in the United States is a sign of social health, not of social disease. . . societies such as several western European ones that cannot summon the confidence to set apart those who have persistently shown themselves unwilling to abide by the most elementary rules, and which prevaricate and beat their breast wondering how they and not the law-breakers are really to blame, may truly be described as decadent.

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1 thought on “Something to Consider: Things Are Worse in Europe . . .”

  1. This article shows how many people are truly unfamiliar with our criminal justice system. People in the U.S. and those in other countries who think our system is unfair and harsh need to read your blog for an insightful look at the supposedly cruel justice system in just one major American metro area (and in a reigon stereotyped as excessively tough on criminals).

    When justice is routinely not served in Atlanta, Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton yet we are portrayed as already being too tough on criminals, then it’s no wonder we can’t get a handle on crime.

    And it’s no surprise that almost every candidate for judge or DA in these counties touts all the wonderful alternative sentencing methods they will try to implement once they’re in office.

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