3 thoughts on “New From Mary Grabar: Bill Ayers and the Common Core”

  1. Well, the Republicans would have been smarter to have gone with agruing against regionalism instead of the old grannies on SS. The Dems want to destroy the exburbs towns like Mission Viejo ca very suburban loses its money to Santa Ana ca which is heavily foreign born and illegal immigrants but is a city over 300,000. The article mentions that regionalism will change the school textbooks.

  2. i found this piece absolutely terrifying in its’ implications. to see how far their agenda has already been advanced that it took the election of just one president in just one term to get this far into a soviet style education gulag from what was already a mobster-style shakedown scheme.

    people are paying for their children to be abused , deprived of an education that will help them advance in their lives. it is child abuse. access to education is one of the foundations of a free, safe democracy. without it, without citizens able to master the basic skills (the apparently, according to this article, harmful reading, writing and arithmetic by rote.) and perhaps be able to reason on their own, there is no real, sustainable democracy. surely, the likes of ayers and the rest of these child abusing thugs know this. craven abuse and brainwashing of a captive audience to achieve a population that votes out, in a generation or two, our bill of rights and constitution?

    no child left un-indoctrinated. no education professional left un-enriched on the redistributed wealth of hapless parents and tax payers.

    some knew there would be a steep, steep price to pay for ignoring obama’s association with radical criminals marxists like billy ‘free as a bird’ ayers. i really couldn’t conceive, not knowing enough about education racketeering in this country, how entrenched a once wanted, alleged but freely confessed felon, still flagrantly proud of the murder of human beings, could become.

    while we’re at it, why not find a place for the Unibomber in directing, on a federal level, primary education in this country… the only difference between ted and billy is that the former isn’t a totalitarian marxist.

  3. how do we make the average parent or teacher understand how evil common core is? Is it too late because the majority is hooked on government entitlements.

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