Announcing Connecting the Dots, a Film by Agustin Blazquez and Jaums Sutton

I’m one of the people interviewed in the film.  I talk about my experiences on the Left, including my brush with ACORN when they were pretending to provide services to rape victims . . . in order to promote their anti-police activism in crime-tormented New Orleans.  Ugly stuff.

 Filmmaker Agustin Blazquez

Other Films by Agustin

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1 thought on “Announcing Connecting the Dots, a Film by Agustin Blazquez and Jaums Sutton”

  1. Well, with my Eastern Orthodox friends they take more of a liberal view on crime since some of the Russian rulers like Empress Eliabeth Petrovia abolished the death penalty in the 18th century While Catherine the Great restore it for treason. Usually they ignored the fact that the Byzantines had it for some crimes. They like to quote the parts of the bible that support that position and church fathers in the orthodox church that were softer on crime. Granted, I don’t feel you have to support the death penalty but modern liberalism is opposed more to harder punishments. Personaliyt, I don’t see from either the bible o chruch writings or early christian civilizations that you have to be anti-death penalty. I support it in some violence cases or maybe for treason of a foreign power using someone.

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