The Problem Isn’t That Morris Dees is a Scumbag. The Problem is That the SPLC is a Scumbag Organization

We all know it, OK?  We in the industry of analyzing “anti-hate activism,” as it were, have always known that Morris Dees AND the organization he uses as a Caribbean tax shelter are scummy.  Even people who support hate crime laws know that the SPLC isn’t exactly singing in the choir: they’re in the back parking lot pimping other people’s pain for serious profit.

Note, for example, this comment from Harper’s Magazine, those well-known Bircher-Strangelove fellow travelers.  You have to pay for this longer story from Harper’s, but it’s worth it.

Better yet, for free, see what James Simpson, Matthew Vadum, Renee Nal, and I have said about this organization over the years.

The tern ineffable comes to mind.  Also, predictable.


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