The Last Call To Attention

I kept thinking about this video as I watched decent young police officers cope with the protesters at the Tampa Republican National Convention.  Watch the whole thing, and you’ll realize why Churchill (the better part of his nature) isn’t dead in Britain.  Soundtrack, too.

Piffle has been circulating in the media all week about how the RNC and the DNC were calm because police didn’t arrest protesters like those terrible cops did in 2008 in St. Paul.  Bunk.  The RNC and the DNC didn’t see as many arrests because the protesters didn’t show up to break windows and hurl bottles at police.  If that’s the result of better intelligence work, more power to it.  Don’t pretend it was the police who needed to adjust their attitudes.

There are still unanswered questions about the failure to arrest high-profile activists who invaded the RNC and DNC repeatedly and interrupted nationally broadcasted speeches.  Medea Benjamin and her colleagues disrupted several speakers including Romney, yet the security forces inside the convention halls simply let them go.  Who was in charge there, and why wasn’t Benjamin held to the same standards as ordinary citizens?  I’m assuming it was the Secret Service that made the call.



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