Questions About the Municipal Judges’ Races in Atlanta, Georgia

A friend just contacted me with a question about the municipal judges’ races in Atlanta:

There are several Municipal Court Judges listed on the ballot with the question (yes/no) on whether the judge should be retained. I don’t know anything about judges, so I hoped you guys could advise me on any of these you may know.

So here they are.  I don’t know much about them — hopefully by the next election cycle, we will have much more information about judges’ records.  Nothing would do more for public safety in Atlanta than reforming the courts and insisting on searchable, public databases of all case outcomes.

If you have anything to say about the performance of the judges below, comment away.  Keep it clean, please!

Elaine Carlisle

Clinton Deveaux

Crystal Gaines

Calvin Graves

Deborah Greene

Barbara Harris

Gary Jackson

Catherine Malicki

Herman Sloan


2 thoughts on “Questions About the Municipal Judges’ Races in Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. Gary Jackson heard a case that I helped bring the complaint on. He is definitely one of those who you want to bring everyone you can to a hearing: numbers count to him. I was not impressed with the way he ran his courtroom, the inefficiencies judges allow themselves is maddening: late starts, allowing innumerable delays by the defense (for no reason other than they know their dead meat, so a delay may mean that the witnes doesn’t show up next time), and he is a person who really likes to hear himself talk. (The solicitor was part of the problem with our case, not even showing up for one hearing, so that a county DA (and an inept one) had to be brought in, with out much knowledge of the case.)

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