Police Radios Don’t Kill Cops: Thugs Grabbing Cops’ Guns Kill Cops. The radio is a distraction.

Am I mistaken?  Am I insane?

This has nothing to do with how well the police radios worked.  It’s a story about a bunch of criminals getting off on watching police literally struggle for their lives, while nobody steps in to help them. 

Men Punch Out Temple Cops On Video: MyFoxPHILLY.com


Let me explain this post.  As I was sitting here writing this, the news story I linked to was a long dissertation on how the police radios needed to be blamed for putting these cops’ lives in danger.

I posted my criticism, ate supper, and then came back to check the link.

The story had changed radically.  Now it’s what it should be: a story of how cops were being endangered by . . .  people actually trying to take away their guns and kill them as onlookers cheered.

I’m going to leave the post the way it is.

It’s important to realize that anyone, even temporarily, would blame this sort of thing on anyone but the guilty parties.  Good to Fox news for sending in someone sober to correct that last, completely crazy, story.  Bad to Fox news for posting it in the first place, then hiding the evidence.




1 thought on “Police Radios Don’t Kill Cops: Thugs Grabbing Cops’ Guns Kill Cops. The radio is a distraction.”

  1. I work in Oakland, Ca. One of my co- workers is Black girl whose family has been working for the city goverment for a long time. They all hate cops. It is like the documentary that was on PBS a few years ago about lions and hyenas.
    Whenever cops and Blacks meet, there will be blood. One day my co- worker was in east Oakland at a family picnic when some police showed up to the park, also for a picnic. Co-worker told me that her friends and relatives rushed over and attacked the cops, beating and stomping them. She said she “almost” felt sorry for one little cop lady who got her head stomped on as she tried to use her police radio, but, ” they ought not to do us the way they do.” I talked to a friend who is a firefighter about this and he said it is common that cops, especially the females, get the heck beat out of them by Black men. They just don’t publicize such incidents.

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