Martez McKibben, Young Working Man Murdered in Another Robbery Turned Violent

    McKibbon_20091207122849_320_240.JPGMartez McKibben
    I received the following notice from several people in Atlanta:

      21-year-old Kavader [Martez] McKibben was murdered Friday night while working at the Moreland Package store.  He was killed while two men committed an armed robbery – they shot him even though he’d already given them the money they asked for.  It all sounds too similar to the way John Henderson was murdered not even one year ago.McKibben  was known by many in our community and has been described as the guy who was  never in a bad mood and was always nice to everyone; was a pleasure to talk – had a good heart and a warm smile.

      We will be gathering in the parking lot of the package store tomorrow night [that would be tonight] at 7 to show our support of his family and friends.  The Moreland Package store is located near the intersection of Moreland Ave and Wylie St – beside the old Texaco gas station and across from the new Goodfella’s Pizza. Please join us, bring some friends and your candles, and let’s show our support for this sweet young man’s family and friends.  We will also be collecting money for his family to use to pay for funeral expenses.  If you’d like to donate, please bring a check with you to the vigil and we’ll let you know who to make it out to once we’re there.

      Amanda Blocker

    I don’t know if I ever met Kavander, but the older Asian man who owned the store was always kind to anyone who walked in the door, as were his employees.  You set a tone, and people rise to the occasion, and that’s how the social contract keeps going.  I often went to the convenience store across the street, and the laundromat a block south, and the Mexican restaurant down from the package store, the one in the holler.

    I mention these places because all of them get hit repeatedly by criminals.  When you think about it, there are few places where people haven’t had their lives threatened by common criminals along that strip of Moreland, and, frankly, emanating out from it in every direction, throughout the city.

    McKibbon’s mother also worked in the package store, for 20 years.  What will she do now?  Shaun Yu, the store owner, talks about watching McKibbon grow up in this amazingly sad Fox 5 interview.  Yu remembers the young man as a child of 10 and talks about the sense of humor the two shared.

    When will enough be enough? Judges in Atlanta act as if their courtrooms are private fiefdoms; prosecutors are too busy playing politics for their own professional advancement to bother expending political capital by asking for the money they need to do their jobs properly.

    Certain professional activists fat with grant dollars don’t pause to consider the consequences as they waddle towards the nearest microphone to lash out at the police or underhandedly encourage adolescents to “stop snitching” (until, of course, they get that grant from the Chief to encourage snitching instead).

    Meanwhile, decent, hard-working people like Martez McKibben and his boss, and all the other working people up and down Moreland Avenue are left to fend for themselves, as if they’re living in some post-apocalyptic movie, paid for with their own tax dollars.

    ‘How dare you complain?’ the politicians and police chiefs and newspaper editors sneer.  ‘It’s the big city, kiddies, crime happens.  Not where we live, of course, in our Inman Park mansions and gated penthouses with private patrols and security guards.  Didn’t we tell you it’s just a perception of crime?  The numbers are down, you hysterics.  Our pals in academia say they’re down, so how dare you complain about it.’

    Go light a candle for Kavander McKibben tonight.  Give his family some money to help bury a young man who was just starting his life.  Another one gone, one of five in another bloody Atlanta weekend.


5 thoughts on “Martez McKibben, Young Working Man Murdered in Another Robbery Turned Violent”

  1. Martez was a joy to be around, a kind young man who was indeed always smiling, and who knew everyone who came in to the store by name. I saw him most every day as my house is just down the street. He will be sadly missed. Please come tonight and show your support for his family.

  2. Sorry to go off topic but I found this editorial in today’s paper and thought you would like to read it. I do not know anything about the judge but it sounds like an interesting proposal and a fair assessment of the anti-capital lawyers.


  3. I was deeply saddened to hear about his passing just today:

    Martez was such a pleasant person to be around: He was never without a smile, and a remarkably positive person to be around.

    My condolences go to his family: You’ve raised a very special, dynamic person.

  4. Martez mckibben was my first cousin,and everything that everyone says about him is very much true.he was the most loving person and cousin he was there for us whenever that we needed him. our family is so hurt and we miss him so much. i miss seeing his smile and hearing that funny laugh and hearing his jokes. he kept us laughing he would put a smile on everyone’s face. we would see him and say” there goes martez” and run to him and give him a kiss i miss u big cousin and love you so very much R.I.P LOVE U FOREVER…

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