Is WEDU, Tampa, Culpable in Democracy Now! Stunt to Disrupt Romney Speech?

Last night, as Mitt Romney gave his nomination speech at the RNC, Code Pink protesters trailed by Democracy Now! cameramen tried to shout Romney down.  Video here.  Breitbart story here.  This is the ultimate offense in a week of similar stunts to disrupt the proceedings of the RNC.

The important part of this story, locally, is that WEDU, the flagship public television station in Tampa Bay, has been hosting Democracy Now! during the convention.

WEDU’s Vice President for Content, Jack Conely, told me in a phone conversation today that he unilaterally made the decision to air Democracy Now! as a special service to viewers during the RNC.  He said he considers doing this a “nice courtesy” because of the local angle of their reporting this week.  He added that WEDU “give[s] a platform to all sorts of different political programming.”

Well, no it doesn’t.  And as far as the “local” angle goes, now they have made a nest for media activists who clearly knew in advance — and colluded in — an attempt to disrupt the speech of the Republican party’s candidate for president in the station’s hometown.

Mr. Conely needs to explain how the Democracy Now! deal came to pass.  He also ought to apologize to the Republican Host Committee for getting his station entangled in such an ugly incident.  And if he knew about the plans to disrupt the speech, he needs to resign.  Remember, we’re paying this guy’s salary.

When the election rolls around, voters also need to remember that we’re paying for all this behavior by being forced to subsidize PBS.  I wonder if there’s any connection between Mitt Romney’s announcement that he will cut off public funding for PBS and this puerile stunt.  If so, it looks even worse for WEDU.

See Cliff Kincaid’s article about Romney and PBS here.


2 thoughts on “Is WEDU, Tampa, Culpable in Democracy Now! Stunt to Disrupt Romney Speech?”

  1. Well, let’s see what they do in Charlotte. Yes, PBS ought to be completely defunded. It’s nothing but a propaganda arm. Good questions to ask your local PBS station, Tina!

  2. To no ones surprise, rather than becoming libertarian, immigrants loyally support the Social Democratic welfare state, as their economic self interests and the political culture of their societies would predicts. In the latest Swedish election, only 43% of Swedes but 77% of non-western immigrants voted for the left (this was an unusually bad year for the left, who got 92% of the immigrant vote in 2002!). In the United States, where while only 35% of non-Hispanic whites prefer higher taxes in return for more government services, the figure is 65% for first generation Hispanic immigrants, and 66% for second generation Hispanics. Occupy isn’t aware that the native born in Sweden supports their view less than the foreign born. Occupy wants to go back to the days similar to when Sweden was around 70 percent of GNP for upper rate and have it in the US.. Occupy note that only 35 percent of non-Hispanic whites in the US support their plans.

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