Is Katherine Ann Power Violating the Law by Profiting from the Murder of Officer Walter Schroeder? Did Boston University and Oregon State Help Her Break Parole?

In 1970, Katherine Ann Power helped murder Boston Police officer Walter Schroeder in a bank robbery.  Power was a college radical who was helping arm the Black Panthers by robbing banks and stealing weapons.  Thanks to her violent acts, rather than any discernible academic accomplishment, she is now a celebrity in academic circles, like many other violent terrorists of her time, including Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Susan Rosenberg, judge and “human rights” law professor Eleanor Raskin, and Obama Recovery Act advisor Jeff Jones.

Officer Walter A. Schroeder

Officer Schroeder, a member of an extended family of Boston police, left behind nine children who were raised by their mother in public housing following his death — and at least four of his children followed him into police work.  Schroeder’s brother John, also a police officer, was murdered on the job three years after Schroeder’s death.

As the Schroeder family mourned their losses, Power went into hiding, aided disgracefully by feminist activists who sided with a murderer over the widowed mother and nine children she left destitute.  Such is the power of sisterhood.  Power’s boyfriend and fellow murderer-cum-political-activist, Stanley Bond (they met at Brandeis, which was admitting ex-cons like Bond as part of a government rehabilitation project), was a prison pal of serial rapist-murderer Alberto DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler.  But of course, hanging with serial killer rapists is no impediment to sanctification if you also hate the right people, like police.  By preaching the murder of cops, then murdering a cop, Bond and Power earned eternal approval in faculty lounges.  A feminist collective in Connecticut helped her change her identity after Schroeder’s murder.  Then a group of lesbian activists in Corvallis, Oregon helped her become a restauranteur.

In 1993, Power emerged from hiding and received a token sentence for her crimes.  She was also on the receiving end of a tidal wave of positive publicity for the story she composed about her time in hiding, most disgracefully from Newsweek Magazine, which grotesquely equated her “travails” in the underground with the suffering of Schroeder’s nine children at his death.  Equally grotesquely, the New York Times’ Timothy Egan portrayed Power as a suffering, traumatized victim of conscience — and a pretty terrific cook, to boot:

The therapist, Linda Carroll, said she had never seen a psyche so battered as that of the fugitive, Katherine Ann Power. It was impossible for her to believe that this bespectacled cook with the terrific polenta recipe, a person who would cry at any mention of family, had spent 14 years as one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 10 most wanted fugitives … Earlier this week, Ms. Power had a reunion with her family in Boston. On Wednesday, she was led in shackles to court, where she pleaded guilty.  Ms. Carroll saw her patient on television on Wednesday night; she saw that she was smiling. “I burst out crying,” she said. “I was so proud of her. She had walked away but she had walked away as a whole person.”

Carroll, Egan, and other attention-seekers piled on, shilling stories of their encounters with the beautific Power.  The murderer was credited with possessing a special sense of peace and enlightenment, something she is now monetizing in places like Taos, where she recounts her “journey”; the horrors of her brief prison sentence, and her current status as a “practical peace catalyst,” as she puts it.  This is a schtick she had perfected before emerging from hiding in 1993, when she hurried from perfunctory non-apologies to the family to immediately demanding attention through a “victim-perpetrator reconciliation program.”  Such programs, like many prison rehabilitation schemes, have become taxpayer-funded platforms for killers to goose their narcissistic pleasure through recounting crimes and claiming theatrical remorse.
At the time Powers was convicted, she was given a sentence that forbade her from profiting from her crime.  Her parole ended in 2013, and she is now making up for lost time, and cash: she has published a book, and the “Peace Studies” program at Oregon State University in Corvallis, where she lived in hiding for years, is honoring her this month.  Somebody should look into the legality of her earning money now from the murder of Officer Schroeder.

But even if she is permitted to profit now, did Power violate parole prior to 2013?  Powers’ sentence, and whether college and university presidents in Boston and Oregon helped her violate it, deserves further scrutiny.  Oregon State promoted her at an event that was held in 2001, while her parole restrictions on profiting from crime were still in place; they also awarded her a degree in Ethics that arguably was granted to her because of her notoriety.  Is there a paper trail on that?  She received a liberal studies degree from Boston University while incarcerated, a degree in which she wrote about herself being in prison: was this not profiting from her crime, too?

It is time to take a hard look at the blood money being earned by unrepentant criminals like Katherine Ann Power.  And any police officer residing in Oregon should call Oregon State to protest the current deification of a terrorist who preached the murder of police and then murdered a police officer.  You’re paying for it with your tax dollars — in fact, given the federal subsidies that are the lifeblood of all of higher education, we’re all paying for Katherine Ann Powers and her murderous academic peers.  Here is the contact information for the Oregon State’s president.

Katherine Ann Power, Enjoying her Newsweek Cover

When Katherine Ann Power was featured as a damsel-in-distress on the cover of Newsweek, one of Walter Schroeder’s children, then-Sgt. Claire Schroeder, delivered this powerful response:

“When Katherine Power and her friends robbed the State Street Bank in Brighton with semiautomatic weapons, my father responded to the call. One of her friends shot my father in the back and left him to die in a pool of his own blood. Katherine Power was waiting in the getaway car, and she drove the trigger man and her other friends away to safety.

“Twenty-three years later, Katherine Power stands before you as a media celebrity. Her smiling photograph has appeared on the cover of Newsweek. She has been portrayed as a hero from coast to coast. Her attorney had appeared on the Phil Donahue show. [She] is receiving book and movie offers worth millions of dollars on a daily basis.

“For reasons that I will never comprehend, the press and public seem more far more interested in the difficulties that Katherine Power has inflicted upon herself than in the very real and horrible suffering she inflicted upon my family. Her crimes, her flight from justice and her decision to turn herself in have been romanticized utterly beyond belief.

“One of the news articles about this case described it as a double tragedy–a tragedy for Katherine Power and a tragedy for my father and my family. I will never comprehend, as long as I live, how anyone can equate the struggle and pain forced upon my family by my father’s murder with the difficulty of the life Katherine Power chose to live as a fugitive.

“Some of the press accounts of this case have ignored my father completely. Others have referred to him anonymously as a Boston police officer. Almost none of the stories has made any effort to portray him in any way as a real human being. It is unfair and unfortunate that such a warm and likeable person who died so heroically should be remembered that way.

“One of the most vivid pictures I have of my father as a police officer is a photograph showing him giving a young child CPR and saving that child’s life. I remember being so proud of my father, seeing him on the front page of the old Record American, saving someone’s life. Years later, when I was a 17-year-old girl at my father’s wake, a woman introduced herself to me as that child’s mother. I was very proud of my dead father.

“More than anything, my father was a good and decent and honorable person. He was a good police officer who gave his life to protect us from people like Katherine Power. I do not doubt for a moment that he would have given his life again to protect people from harm. He was also a good husband and he was a good father. I have been proud of my father every single day of my life. I became a police officer because of him. So did my brother Paul, my brother Edward and, most recently, my sister Ellen.

“My father had so many friends that we could not have the funeral at the parish where we lived because it was too small. On the way to the church the streets were lined with people. As we approached the church, the entire length of the street looked like a sea of blue–all uniformed officers who had come to say goodbye to my father. I saw from the uniforms that the officers had towns and cities all across the United States and Canada. I felt so proud but so hollow. I remember thinking that my father should have been there to enjoy their presence.

“When my father died he left behind my mother, who was then 41 years old, and nine children. He wasn’t there to teach my brothers how to throw a football or change a tire. He wasn’t there for our high school or college graduations. He wasn’t there to give away my sisters at their weddings. He could not comfort us and support us at my brother’s funeral. He never had a chance to say goodbye. We never got a last hug or kiss, or pat on the head.

“Murdering a police officer in Boston to bring peace to Southeast Asia was utterly senseless then and it is just as senseless now. The tragedy in this case is not that Katherine Power lived for 23 years while looking over her shoulder. The tragedy is that my father’s life was cut short for no reason, shot in the back with a bullet of a coward while Ms. Power waited to drive that coward to safety.”

As the late Larry Grathwohl observed, the terrorists of the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army, the Black Panthers and other violent groups were not seeking peace: they were seeking communist victory and protracted, bloody revolution on the streets of America.  It is shameful that Oregon State University is honoring a murderer and terrorist in a so-called “peace program,” or any other academic pursuit.  It may be illegal that they endowed her with academic privileges and resources in the past.  Anyone wishing to share information for making the case that Powers illegally profited from her role in the murder of Officer Schroeder at Oregon State, Boston University, or at the Unitarian Churches that hosted her “peace” talks should contact this blog.

In 1970, Katherine Ann Power was radicalized by Stanley Bond, a killer empowered by the Brandeis University scholarship he was given because he had committed violent crimes; 43 years later, Power is being similarly empowered to deliver her coded messages of hate to new generations of impressionable students.  Whether or not Katherine Power can be held responsible for breaking the terms of her parole, it is time to start holding colleges and universities responsible for the fiscal support and academic honors they shower on people who murder police and others.  These academic officials have made their institutions accomplices to murder.


23 thoughts on “Is Katherine Ann Power Violating the Law by Profiting from the Murder of Officer Walter Schroeder? Did Boston University and Oregon State Help Her Break Parole?”

  1. one thing i have noticed- and this includes the sundry white girls involved in the notorious Nyack NY slaughter of police officers/brinks guards- is how many of the males involved in these murder/robbery radical junkets got no where near the fabulous deals and buckets full of sympathy and praise the women get.the men caught in the brighton murder/robbery died in jail- one while making a bomb to try to escape. susan saxe seemed to have gotten the lion’s share of the publicity- but she was caught early on. who can recall the names of the men? oh well, when they die in the pokey they are still referred to as ‘political prisoners’- even though they were already excons by the time the started associating with our beloved revolutionary sweethearts. it somehow enraged me too that Officer Schroeder’s wife’s obituary was largely taken up with the need to mention the saga of katherine power. when will we be free of these turbulent boomer radicals? it should be considered child abuse to even let one of them near a school.

  2. Katherine Power got leniency and sympathy by playing the sad mommy card, largely thanks to Eleanor Clift at Newsweek, who has a crude appetite for bloodletting in the name of feminism. So did other white females and even more so the black females — Angela Davis got a tiny slap on the wrist — Kathleen Cleaver is a ‘law professor’ (I use the scare quotes because she does nothing for the honor), Elaine Brown walks the streets instead of growing old in prison, where she belongs. But in these cases, nepotism may play an even larger role than race and gender — Kathy Boudin’s deal came courtesy of her daddy’s pal, the sleazy Lenny Wineglass; Angela Davis had a supporters list in the thousands — every academic in the world wanted a piece of that narcissistically gratifying action. Meanwhile, the extremely wealthy Bill Ayers, and also Jeff Jones and Mark Rudd walked, as did Bernardine Dohrn (the real pants in the Weathermen) and Eleanor Raskin (that’s Judge Raskin and Professor Raskin, for all you New York taxpayers).

    But several black male “political” killers got reduced sentences, too, while David Gilbert and Susan Clark are still cooling their heels in prison. Susan Rosenberg walked early, but Marilyn Buck served until near her death. Bottom line, too many of these people served too little time or were pardoned by Holder and Bill Clinton, a list that includes murderous FALN terrorists male and female, just to round out the identity rainbow. It’s worth asking why — and it’s worth asking which of these people got leniency because they dropped dimes on their pals — Eleanor Raskin, Jeff Clark, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn spring to mind.

    Meanwhile, the academic feminist movement deserves nothing but contempt for their embrace of these animals, especially Angela Davis. Worst of all, having questioned several academic feminists about their admiration for Davis, Rosenberg, I’ve come to the conclusion that sheer historical ignorance and a weakness for low-intelligence hipness play a larger role in their choices than anyone chooses to contemplate. What a pathetic intellectual record academic feminism (and several others isms) have wrought, and I say that with a PhD. from one of the worst offenders, Emory Institute for Women’s Studies, which cannot throw enough money at Miss Davis, courtesy of the undergraduates and their parents, who spend a great deal to subsidize this toxic nonsense with their tuition.

    I wish there were a few honest trustees with backbones and principles, but that’s apparently far too much to ask of the academic classes.

  3. eric holder should be in an orange jump suit. if barry obama does not get a magical 3rd term (because everyone has lost their minds so it could happen) imagine the pardons.

    i was researching the history of politically motivated bombings in america-almost all by communists/anarchists -and fell on the fact that holder was the one in the DOJ who besides getting clinton to pardon the Well Connected White Girls of the Left also let loose a whole pack of FALN members suspected of 100s of bombings in ny. bombings that killed human beings. bombings that FALN fully took responsibility for. bombings for which to this day no one has been charged. millions of dollars of damage-hurt and dead people. the FALN members did not even ask for pardons. i am in the process of researching these bombings which takes some doing. they have been disappeared from the public conscience. but i have to work and no one is throwing scads of money at me. because, gee, i haven’t killed a police officer or blown up a building which apparently is the pathway to a rewarding career in academia. maybe i should start with execrable poetry concerning my struggle in whatever minority niche i can claim to inhabit.

    there was also a series- around nyc- of random cop killings carried out drive by style by black men. it is believed these murders were part of the same radical cadres that were carrying out bank robberies and- it is often left out- using these stolen funds to buy and amass weapons. one of these hidden arsenals was found years after the radicals were smoldering in jail. anyone could have stumbled on them. why does one amass weapons? isn’t that treason?

    anyway- i was appalled that these facts and the fact of holder’s involvement was not screamed from the hilltops( not to mention ruby ridge but that’s too far afield.). none of it is hidden- it takes digging but it’s there. sadly, i just think not enough people care. Baby Boomers who seeded these ‘liberation’ movements- for blacks, women, gay people- that marxists are so eager to still lay claim to don’t care. the people who supported barry obama do not care- they didn’t care about his past why should they care about another set of political sociopaths who think exactly like he does?

    Hamilton College- more specifically the professors and teachers at Hamilton College-did heap enough public scorn at the thought of the hiring susan rosenberg that she withdrew from the offer.

    “Perhaps if Hitler were alive, he could get a job here, too, so that he could offer us his ‘unique perspective’ on German history as ‘a writer and an activist.’”-Robert Paquette, history professor, hamilton college on convicted terrorist felon susan rosenberg.

    the school, however, never backed down. they have no shame. previously , i felt bad about dropping out of college but now i see it as a blessing. i do not recognize what became of feminism-supporting sociopathy is never the path to any sort of freedom or equality. the Weather Undergirls, the Black Panthers et al involved in impressive and vicious crime sprees are criminal sociopaths no matter what they claim as their politics and political motivations for killing other random human beings. they’re Manson girls who happened to be red diaper babies or connected to enough of capitalist daddy’s money to dabble in groovy thrill killing and the ultraviolence to either got out of jail free or ,after a few piddling years of incarcerated resume building,, hop on the post prison revolutionary gravy train.none of the actual Manson girls were ever pardoned. perhaps they should have focused on police officers and have done it for the love of Mao. they needed better PR then we could have Professor Squeaky and Poet Warrior Sadie Mae Glutz.

    Officer Schroeder’s wife had a bunch of kids to take care of and ended up struggling in a housing project to do so( and back then cops made less than post office workers. i know- i was raised by a cop.). she’s the one who should have been taken care of financially-not murderers and terrorists.this is exactly reflected in how society and the disgraceful justice system treats non-political murderers and their victims. maybe they’re just all political murderers- for the cause for freedom or what have you- as long as the perpetrator is the right color or from the correct oppressed group.

    social justice-coming to a serial murder near you. opps -it’s already there. there are black serial killers- more of them than there should be statistically given the representation of african-americans in our population. but in criminal justice programs they still teach that, basically all serial killers are white. no other race kills bunches of women. but, as you stated, it isn’t hip to point out such unsavory facts. history. past acts. actual proven crimes.the pain and anguish of victims and the bereaved. these things are nothing . ignorance is revolutionary bliss.

    my bet is judith clark gets pardoned.

  4. Bob Paquette did what nobody else in academia did — he took a stand against honoring Rosenberg, and he succeeded — and then was endlessly vilified, of course.

  5. Don’t offend! You should read the full facts regarding her parole. That she could not profit from her story for 20 years after the date of her sentencing Oct 6, 1993. That date has come and gone. Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. She turned down her own request to get out after 5 years of her sentence was up. They could not hold her after her 6th year. She did her time and paid for the crime. Will it ever go away? NO! She now goes and gives talks about how to channel anger in a different method than using violence. I have children and grandchildren that know Katherine Power, and I don’t have a problem with them being around her. Did you know she was 6 blocks away when Mr. Gilday (one of the 3 ex-cons) shot Officer Schroeder in the back? She couldn’t even drive that getaway car, because she only had her license for 2 weeks before the crime. Do I excuse her terrible crime? Absolutely not! I know the rehabilitation she has gone through, and I know that she is truly sorry for the terrible death of Officer Schroeder. But, I am a christian, and my God has asked me to forgive her. I am one of her siblings in a family of 7 children. None of us ever knew she was even alive until she surrendered on Sept 15, 1993. Lets not forget that the press are the ones who put her out there as ‘Betty Crocker Homemaker of the year” and other such stupidity.
    You all would greatly benefit from one of her talks on how to channel your anger. By not sitting in on one of them, you do not even know what she talks about. By saying they are coded messages just goes to show your ignorance to what the talks are actually about. Ignorance keeps people from growing and learning. So keep on being ignorant, it is your way of justifying anything other that the truth.

  6. So much hatred! I sat in that courtroom the day she was sentenced and so many “peace loving officers” and the judge and the hate portrayed by so many was stifling, you could not breathe. She has done her time, and the probation for telling her story has all passed, and there isn’t anyone who can sue her. I think she does have a message to give to all of you “haters”, that anger and rage are better channeled through turning rage and anger into something peaceful. I am a christian and the one thing Jesus taught is forgiveness, and who are any of us to judge? Are you without sin of any kind in your life? If you are, let yourself be the first to cast that stone. None of you know Katherine personally, so how do you know she is not remorseful? I allow my children and grandchild around her all the time, and she is no threat to them or to society. Ask yourself, if she were your sibling would you talk about your sibling the same way? You say it wouldn’t happen in your family. Don’t be so sure. Her siblings were all raised with the same morals of love, honesty, respect, and never judging anyone. They all turned out to very respected people in their communities. They also know that what she did is terribly wrong and against their moral upbringing. They also know she has paid the price for what she did, and know she will live with the consequences for the rest of her life. And if she can turn around someone else’s life that has anger and rage, and show them how to channel it into something peaceful then kudos to her. For no one did that for her. A professor at Brandeis overheard Bond (the one who blew himself up with a homemade bomb in jail in Grand Junction, CO) say one day before the bank robbery, “It’s a good day to kill someone.” Why did that teacher not report him, an ex con going to that school, to the authorities at the school or the police. Was that normal behavior, tolerated by the school? That school, by the way, has turned numerous radicals out into the public. Pay attention to where you send your children. If my parents knew that there were ex cons going to the school I wanted to go to, they would not have let me go there. By the way, Katherine has never and will never be a repeat offender. In this case, the last perpetrator of the crime, did not receive any leniency. There was precedence set in the case by the people who were already caught and convicted. The only one left doing time is the actual murderer of the officer, and that is Gilday, who is doing life without parole. Enough said, I do not have any more time for the ignorance of individuals and their hateful comments. You are no better than the criminals who commit the crimes. Channel your hate to something good for once. None of the people who know Katherine fear for their lives or their children’s lives. We know the real Katherine, do you?

  7. My parents met Katherine then know as her alias May with her cohort Lena (Susan Saxton) they became somewhat friends, didn’t know they were fugitives. They came to Ky. with us in 1983, helped us build our house, then disappeared. About 6 months later the FBI came looking for them. What bothers me is they never showed any remorse, and hated the U.S. Gov’t so much, they did things just as bad as what they hated, like bill ayers. I hate this woman

  8. it’s so easy to forget that in america, leftist politically motivated murderers have a Hello Kitty-esque cargo cult of overwrought vapid devotees.
    but, of course, i am the hater for pointing out that katherine ann power was not sorry in any sense for being involved in the murder of police officer Walter Schroeder . her beliefs, she felt, were justification for a man’s children to be left orphans and his wife a widow . her comrades in arms were busy making bombs and shooting cops on sight on the street but, clearly ,anyone who finds that sort of behavior objectionable is the real hater, the real criminal.

    Walter Schroeder ‘s family will never be made whole because of the actions of katherine ann power. actions which she does not regret. you are mistaking contempt and disgust for rage and hate. you also seem to be fashioning a convicted bank robber and murderer into Jesus- an example for us all of selfless love and free flowing forgiveness when in fact she is the one who should be on her knees begging forgiveness from the Schroeders and her creator. but you curiously have Her doling out all the forgiveness and love. in fact you are swooning over a depraved self centered sociopath and narcissist who got to live her life as she pleased while the father of nine children got to go to his grave. but i am no better than a murderer myself for just mentioning that. yeah, there’s such an obvious moral equivalency there…if i can only go to my own grave not sullying the name of st. katherine power rather than not having left nine children orphans because “kill the pigs”-(isn’t that one of the 10 commandments?)

  9. I lived in Corvallis in the 1970’s and since it was/is an extremely liberal, college town, it was a hot bed for socialist activity and the so called “peace movement.”
    Katherine Powers is a narcissistic sociopath without a shred of remorse over the death of Officer Schroeder or his family.
    Her sentence was a slap on the wrist and now she will benefit enormously from her criminal activities.
    The “peace movement” of the 1970’s (and the peace movement of today) was and is a farce.
    Progressives (socialists) want peace at any price, a price that includes intolerance, hatred, violence and the denigration, debasement or murder of people with whom they disagree.
    Powers should still be in prison and she should have been prevented from ever profiting from her crime.
    Corvallis continues to be a “tolerant, progressive” community, as long as the you are a tolerant, progressive Leftist.
    Leaving that damnable place was the best thing that I ever did.

  10. On the Topix forum for Corvallis, OR, there is a poem written by someone that was well-written, and there were some comments afterward that was pretty interesting as well. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of Americans are forgiving and are willing to give a second chance to anyone that deserves it. The big dispute seems to be whether K. A. P. deserves it. She didn’t pull the trigger on the gun that killed Officer Schroeder, so I suppose that’s a plus for her in that she was successfully rehabilitated from her life of crime in her youth. Americans don’t want to hear about the tales of woe from people. They want to hear the success stories of people who rose up above their trials and tribulations that happened to them, be it at their own hand (like K. A. P.) or as the result of something way beyond their own control (like the Schroeder children) There are numerous success stories on both sides, and that’s what America wants to see, hear and read about. Just so you know.

  11. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha- the sole voice representing all americans.

    i am an american and , just so you know, i want to hear about justice for the victims by killers and terrorists being forgotten about and safely sealed in prison- where they belong. i want to see criminals, murderers, and those who conspire to murder and aid and abet the slaughter of my fellow citizens serve appropriate sentences in punishment for their hideous crimes. i don’t care who says they are ‘rehabilitated’. it’s not good enough when a life has been taken in this manner. crime would be significantly curbed and every one of us would be safer if we focused on people paying the full price for their violent crimes against others rather than on the chimera of ‘rehabilitation’- especially of someone who willingly involved themselves in a murderous criminal and terrorist conspiracy. getting degrees and barking out poetry just seems so karmically void and completely self- absorbed.

    but, then again, on the left it’s all about Me. i get to express myself and vapid idiots in academentia will listen to me- and pay. so i must be a success . and famous- the backwards, de-evolved american fixation on celebrity at any cost.

    if you don’t want to rot in jail- it’s simple- do not join up with a punch of marxist sociopaths who run around killing people and assassinating officers of the law. what i want to see is people respect the lives of others- not think they still have a right somehow to act violently toward others and to rob then of their stuff because their ’cause’ is greater than one innocent life of an unbeliever who gets in the way. once you cross that line and take a life in the commission of a crime, no amount of poetry or crappy art or mooing from the outside sock puppets can make me care one fig about any supposed transformation. any malicious fool can claim they are so sorry to get out of jail. and there are a whole lot of fools in universities who are more than happy to champion the malignant as long as they are Fellow Travelers of the now Seniors of the “New Left”.

    if you are ever so sorry- do your time and adhere to your parole conditions ( and KAPpikins got a tiny sentence and is in no way sorry for the officer’s death because it was for her supposedly noble cause. she challenged the curb on her profiting from her death cult exploits, you know, because she was so sorry and was so reformed. and isn’t that the point of this entire post? she is not allowed to profit from her crime, a crime she was convicted of. and she is. and it’s ‘proof’ of her reformation?). even son of sam does his time without complaint or whining about how ‘successful’ he’s become at changing his life. and he actually seems to really have changed his life- so, as a consequence, he never goes to his parole hearings. he accepts full responsibility for what he has done.

    humble makes pure. shills on the outside are the buzzing gnats that accompany the sociopathic self absorbed posturing of those who are only sorry they got caught. and demand their right to wring filthy blood stained lucre from their despicable crimes they have no true regret for. and get to teach impressionable young people. it’s absurd and insane.

  12. Well, in some ways, Katherine Ann Power makes me feel less alone as a Canadian. We’re not the only country with a self-pitying, manipulating female criminal whose first name starts with a ‘K.’ (My Boardwalk and Mediterranean Avenues if you can guess who ‘our’ female ‘K criminal is.)

  13. Well, in some ways, Katherine Ann Power makes me feel less alone as a Canadian. We’re not the only country with a self-pitying, manipulative female criminal whose first name starts with a ‘K.’ (My Boardwalk and Mediterranean Avenues if you can guess who ‘our’ female ‘K criminal is.)

  14. I have always been a big fan of Catherine Ann Power and applaud her for her honesty. It is incredibly difficult to come forward and was not morally required given the political action and involvement of the government on these issues. A discussion of the conditions of political criminality and terrorism cannot be separated from a discussion of government provocation and culpability.

  15. Katherine Powers now lives at 6829 Marlowe Drive in Fayetteville North Carolina. She is still a terrorist and bully. While not stop by an pay her a visit. No one understands what murder is until they experience it. Can anyone feel safe when they are aware of the hate and violence in the world?

  16. This bum was is and always will be a lowlife worthy of nothing she took the life of a decent law abiding family man with her pig life she led and continues to live she is a piece of shit and will die a piece of shit and the sooner the better this maggot on her best day couldn’t hold a conversation with officer Schroeder she is the cesspool of humanity

  17. Actually, we are better than her and better than you. May she rot in prison, as you rot in the idiot-castle of your mind.

  18. You and your family do not feel appropriate shame. Your sister’s a scumbag murderer. If you don’t condemn it, you own it, sweetie.

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