“Inmates Rights” From the Left, Under-funding from the Right, Prison Guards Shanked in the Middle

From the Valdosta Daily Times:

Inmates out of control
Former officers share tales of terror at Valdosta State Prison

Recent reports of violent incidents at Valdosta State Prison have triggered an uproar among former and present correctional officers who claim the inmates are out of control. . .

“The state of Georgia is running that prison with as little staff as possible …,” an anonymous officer told The Times. “One officer is on the floor dealing with 100 close-security inmates at a time, who are locked up for murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated assault and so on. We are only one step away from a maximum security prison. Many of these offenders will never be released from prison and have nothing to lose …”

Another officer said that people are throwing drugs and cell phones over a back fence for the inmates.

“We are also finding several shanks,” the officer said. “And the administration won’t do anything about it.”

The officer added that at least 80 percent of the inmates have mental issues.

“We have no protection out there and we are scared.”

Read the rest here.

Meanwhile, a story with a slightly happier ending, in the Tampa Tribune.


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