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RNC Protesters: Behind the Media Spin

The protests are a bust.  The same 200-odd activists showed up at a pro-immigration rally that was supposed to draw many thousands.  A large percentage of the attendees were Scientologists proselytizing the protesters, or staff members of various Soros-funded groups, or self-important ACLU and National Lawyer’s Guild “observers.”  Or, addled teens pretending to be anarchists.

With the hurricane making landfall three states away, protest organizers no longer have that excuse.  The movement committed suicide because leaders refused to denounce violence and vandalism.  The public is fed up with subsidizing adolescent outrage masquerading as speech.

Local media continues to pray for a resurrection, treating the 200-odd protesters squatting in homeless camps with a gravitas they refuse to apply to the RNC convention itself.  That’s the really shameful story.

See Mary Grabar’s writing on the subject here and here.


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  1. Well, they didn’t have enough Mexicans for their protest. Its a issue that usually doesn’t excited a white leftist unless they come from places like Los Angeles. The big demos around 2006 or 2007 were in those cities that had huge illegal immigrant populations like LA, Chicago or Houston but a lot of illegal immigrants have return home and the total legalization has been delayed several times so even Hispanic activists are not as excited as they were about 6 or 5 years ago.

  2. Came across a book on the garment industry and electrics industry in Los Angeles that lead to millions of illegal immigrants in this county. At one time Los Angeles had about 114,000 in the garment industry and a lot of it was underground with some exceptions like American Apparel. Jobs going overseas and crackdown on the worst employers of it has caused a sharped decline for illegal immigrants employed it. The same of course with the construction industry. Now what is remainnng is the service industry, crack donws in places in the US where there are native born that are willing to be maids. And in other places try a guest worker program without some much visa overstay and service workers would be less likely to stay here to have children.

  3. Here’s a better Representative on what is going on here:May day, Occupy LV, Mecha and UCIR protesting together, see on you tube.

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