In American Thinker: What Happens When Ponytailed Defense Attorney Ron Kuby Gets “Mugged”?

I’ve got an article about Ron Kuby in American Thinker.  Kuby gets punched in the face, and suddenly he’s all for enforcing laws.  I don’t believe he is gay, by the way: he’s posing with a rainbow flag because he’s trying to portray himself as a victim of a homophobic hate crime (people don’t need to belong to identity groups for those groups to be counted as the “real victims” of “hate crime”).

If you’re planning on committing acts of violence against non-protected types of people, Kuby’s still your go-to lawyer, though.



1 thought on “In American Thinker: What Happens When Ponytailed Defense Attorney Ron Kuby Gets “Mugged”?”

  1. an entire political movement and generation defined by their outrageous narcissism and prodigious sense of personal entitlement. the ones who hate the police and support any deranged cop killer but scream the loudest if their champagne socialist lifestyle is impinged upon in any fashion. then law enforcement must drop everything to find their stolen bmw.( i mean- shouldn’t it have been stolen and re-distributed to the masses? don’t the 1% deserve to be mugged and hated on?).

    great article. the shamelessness of such hypocrisy -never a surprise. i have been the victim of several homophobic “hate crimes”-real not imagined (in the 80s when such things were far more common then now)- and find his behavior insulting and , well, hateful in it’s self absorption which always excludes true empathy for any other human being. by far the biggest group of people targeted for their identity are females- and that they are not included officially in the sacred ‘ hate crimes’ rainbow of protected beings shows just how unjust and bankrupt the whole concept is. and how, at the core, misogynist it is.

    people have been murdered for being gay or transgendered. in south africa, women are raped to ‘cure’ their lesbianism and this guy dares to place himself in the same category as those who have really suffered because of their identity?

    fake gays. fake native americans. what’s next for the caucasian branch of the social justice crowd? fake endangered species beaching themselves for justice for whales? but whales have no standing in american courts so there’s no money in that… so perhaps not.

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