Good Thing It Wasn’t A Hate Crime: Raymond Harris Just Tortures Women and Sets Them On Fire

He’s not a hate criminal, just a guy who likes to rape women and stab them and beat them to death or near-death while torturing them by setting them on fire.   Second City Cop has the only real coverage — nobody else is outraged by the fact that Illinois let this guy go, not once, but twice, after he raped and tortured and set a woman on fire, and tried to get another one, and now he’s attacked a third woman (surely there were more).  This time, the victim, a 73-year old nurse, died.

Raymond Harris, serial torturer and rapist of women.  But not a hate criminal.

Well, thank goodness it wasn’t a hate crime: we can all take comfort in that.  From Second City Cop, who links to this Chicago Sun-Times article:

Only in Illinois can 30 years in the joint equal 13 years:
  • A parolee who fatally beat and robbed an elderly nurse in Bridgeport last month used the dead woman’s engagement and wedding rings to propose to his girlfriend, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.Raymond Harris, 36, showed the rings off at a party just hours after he attacked Virginia Perillo in her garage in the 3300 block of South Parnell, assistant state’s attorney Melissa Howlett said. In addition to her rings, Harris also took Perillo’s purse, Howlett said.Perillo, 73, was discovered by a neighbor in a pool of blood with severe head injuries and defense wounds to her forearms on the night of Oct. 22. The brain-dead woman died at Stroger Hospital two days later.
  • Harris was paroled in May after serving 13 years of a 30-year sentence for his 1997 attempted murder and aggravated arson convictions, Howlett said.
And this isn’t the first time he violated parole:
  • In that case, Harris broke into a woman’s home, raped and beat her for several hours, Howlett said. He also threatened that victim at knifepoint, cut her neck and set three separate fires in the woman’s home, Howlett said. The woman woke up with her legs on fire and suffered third-degree burns.Just three weeks before that attack, Harris had been released from prison for a 1993 armed robbery, vehicular invasion and burglary. In that case, Harris brandished a gun at a woman getting outside of her car outside her home, Howlett said.
Obviously, this piece of s**t doesn’t learn from going to prison.

And just as obviously, the Illinois Parole Board and the Bureau of Prisons haven’t learned that some people are beyond redemption and reform. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the outcry that yet another violent offender isn’t serving even 50% of his sentence before being loosed upon society once again to maim and kill.

Note that among those participating in the lack of outrage is the Chicago Civil Rights Unit, which doesn’t give a damn because these particular beaten, raped, and tortured victims just aren’t the right type of victims.  They aren’t calling these crimes hate crimes because the victims were just women, and doing this sort of thing to just women isn’t as serious as picking other types of victims, thanks to hate crime laws.  Eric Holder says so — he said so repeatedly and belligerently when Clinton made him the point man for implementing the deceptive enforcement standards that pretend to include but quietly exclude heterosexual females and many other living things from hate crime law enforcement.

Note too that the other usual suspects — the Jessie Jackson types, the Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights, the gay activists, the Anti-Defamation League, CAIR — not a peep from any of the braver arbiters of what is and isn’t to be “counted” as hatred.

Just torturing and raping and setting women on fire doesn’t count.  Not the right kind of body, see?

Imagine for a moment the headlines if Raymond Harris had a nasty habit of repeatedly trying to beat black men to death and setting them on fire.  Imagine if he targeted Jews, or Muslims, or gays, or lesbians, instead of “just women.”  Then it would be candles-in-paper-cups, rally-outside-city-hall time for all the professional activists and politicians who view the torture of some as particularly heinous, while run-of-the-mill rape-torture-torchings are just . . . well, technically, they’re understandable, and lesser, in the hierarchy of human value these activists have imposed on our justice system.

Some victims get politicians carrying candles.  Others don’t.

By dividing the world into “understandable” versus “outrageous” victim selection, where no such legal distinction existed before, the hate crimes industry desecrates the human dignity of every victim of a serious crime whom they don’t count as a “victim of hate.”  Nobody dares to challenge them, because doing so makes you a target of their rage, as I learned in Atlanta.  And rage, it is. These activist groups operate as if they are purely above question, above scrutiny and challenge.  I gave up a long time ago trying to get any reporter, anywhere, to ask any of these organizations why they don’t view crimes like the ones committed by Raymond Harris, or dozens of other brutal serial killers, as worthy of being investigated and prosecuted as “hate.”*  How much more evidence do they need that this man targets women for acts of extreme and random violence, including setting one on fire?

While researching hate-crime enforcement, I also gave up trying to speak to sentencing experts in law schools after one pitched such an astonishing hissy fit at me that I resigned myself to the cowardice of the academic classes.  I gave up trying to interview other types of academics when they refused to speak on record about their opinion of the enforcement of these laws, even when they privately expressed consternation about precisely the types of things I write about here.  Academic freedom — to quiver in the herd, indeed.  Hate crime activists guard the boundaries of their fiefdoms with extreme care; they threaten people who dare to question their agendas.  They use accusations of prejudice to maintain silence, when open and ethical conversation about the real meaning of “hate” is what is needed.

They also control the messages delivered about hate to every school-aged child in America.  If you encourage your child to question these laws when they are taught to them in the classroom, don’t be surprised if there are consequences.

Much is being said these days about the Justice Department’s departure from colorblind enforcement of voting rights laws, thanks to J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney who courageously blew the whistle on intentionally biased enforcement of voting rights cases.  But what happens when the law itself is the creator of bias?  Hate Crime laws are a disturbing departure from the very values civil rights activists once labored to impose on the justice system: equal protection under the law, equal treatment of all victims, equal punishment for offenders.  The laws themselves are the scandal, but on top of that scandal, these laws are being enforced in deceptive and rankly prejudiced ways that magnify the injustices they produce simply by existing.

How on earth do you blow the whistle on that?

How many more women, and men, and children will be raped or murdered because the justice system divides victims into “important” and “unimportant” categories, and the criminals targeting the unimportant ones get chance after chance to kill again, as Harris got?  In 1997, at precisely the time Clinton and Eric Holder were grandstanding in the White House about hate, pounding their fists on tables, proclaiming that nobody should even dare to ask why “hate crimes” are worse than other crimes (Holder’s speciality was the “don’t ask” line), Raymond Harris raped, tortured, and stabbed a woman.  He set her body on fire, leaving the victim covered with third-degree burns.  Clinton and Holder could have used Harris’ assault to illustrate the alleged need for their new law, but they didn’t consider that crime — and thousands more like them — important enough to count as “hate” because the victim was just a woman.  So 13 years later, Raymond Harris slipped out of prison again — something that surely would not have happened had he been prosecuted as a hate criminal after the 1997 attack, or even just labeled a hate criminal by activists.  Hate crime activists could have prevented Harris’ most recent parole merely by showing up and using that magical word, hate.  But, in truth, they don’t see what he does to women as hatred, because he just does it to women.

And now Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States, still busily and selectively deploying hate crime laws for his political ends, and Raymond Harris, abetted by the other policies Holder endorses,** has killed a 73-year old nurse named Virginia Perillo.

And the silence, from the activists and journalists and politicians, is deafening.

Virginia Perillio, dancing at her son’s wedding

*In fairness, there is one mention of “hate”  in reference to the Raymond Harris case in the Chicago Sun-Times: the Times reminds its readers that it will not tolerate hate speech in their comment threads.

**prioritizing prisoner “re-entry” over incarceration; increasing the use of early parole; making outsized claims about “rehabilitation” of violent offenders; promoting second chances for everyone except “hate” criminals


10 thoughts on “Good Thing It Wasn’t A Hate Crime: Raymond Harris Just Tortures Women and Sets Them On Fire”

  1. The parole board needs to be held accountable..then fired. Too bad there is no death penalty in Illinois. Ship this ass***e to Texas for some real justice.

  2. Your outrage is palpable, your sarcasm is warranted, and your logic is unassailable.

    If we (society) take the high road and refuse to execute these so-called human beings, that’s one thing. But letting the b*st*rds out on parole after 13 years of a 30-year sentence? Unpardonable!

    I think that, in the long run, hate-crime legislation doesn’t do much that we couldn’t get done without such legislation. But, if we’re going to by-God have it, then this violence against women certainly qualifies. As you said, Tina, they “just aren’t the right type of victims…” Sad and infuriating, all at once. Every one of these lowlife activists and politicians have a mother, sisters, aunts, and even, for God’s sake, grandmothers. Are these women not entitled to protection under the law?

  3. Spain is a nightmare for victims; the code penal is ultraliberal.
    “Handcuffed and led by two mossos, Elias Roman Arroyal lips kisses and caresses his wife to his mother before returning to the model, which is locked up for robbing and sexually assaulting a girl in Barcelona two years ago. “I apologize if I have caused damage, it was not my intention. Just wanted to threaten to get money,” Roman said in his plea during his trial last Wednesday in the Court of Barcelona.

    The prisoner accompanies violations of robberies committed with “extreme violence”

    “It would be a good candidate for chemical castration,” says an expert
    The police and the courts are known for Roman stage, a repeat offender, after serving 15 years in prison for five sexual assaults, the business again a few months after his release. Your profile responds to sex offender not rehabilitated, though, shortly after starting his time in prison, voluntarily submitted to therapies for sex offenders.

    “The treatment is always helpful, but surely you will have to follow,” explained prison sources. The character of Roman, now 39, is “complicated” little capacity for empathy, emotional coldness and a high dose of impulsivity. These elements make it a “high-risk offender recidivism,” the sources said. That began to commit aggression does not help very young. “It would be a good candidate for inhibitors of libido, but then did not exist.”

    With his head shaved to zero, Román hear from the prosecutor’s request for penalty: 15 years in the shade. The victim of abuse just tell how the attacker approached her in the street, past five in the morning of June 14, 2009, while returning from a nightclub. “We met and I saw staring at me,” he said. The offender was placed, allegedly a sharp object “cold cash” in the neck to force her to walk to a small park with trees.

    According to the narration of the victim, lay down beside her and fondled her breasts and genitals inside clothing. It also forced him to touch his genitals. Roman took him around 100 euros, mobile phone and a credit card. He asked the PIN code, and despite threats (rajarla again if he failed to get money from the ATM), the girl happened to give you a wrong number.

    The event lasted five minutes. Still in shock, the victim came home and told his mother that he had done “everything”. After filing the complaint at the police station recognized Roman officers when they showed him a recent photograph. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately the accused) had been arrested for committing a similar attack that spring.

    At trial, Roman admitted to being the robber, but not aggression. He said he was returning from holiday and had consumed drugs and alcohol. And he wanted the money to buy heroin and “down the symptoms” of white powder.

    Raised in Barcelona, ??Roman molested five women and was arrested for it in 1991. Two years later he was sentenced to nearly 30 years on five counts of rape. Has happened since then, but how to proceed remains intact: accompanies sexual assault of thefts “with great violence and extreme cold,” according to judicial sources.

    In 1999, he began to enjoy prison leave. In a scheduled departure for a game of football, he fled. The Interior Ministry then issued a warning note in which he described a Roman as a “serial rapist and dangerous.” “He has 29 years, measures 1.73 meters and is strongly built. Has blue eyes and blond hair, and a significant tattoo on the back: a shield of Barca.”

    After two weeks of his flight, he returned on his own feet to the Quatre Camins prison. “He crossed the wires,” his lawyer managed to say. The sentence was extinguished in 2008 and the offender tried to rebuild his life: he married and found a job. This state of affairs continued for ten months. Then, in June 2009 (one month after losing his job) the man returned to the path of crime.

    Roman took a red light to address a young Basque driving your car for Barcelona. He put a knife to her throat and threatened: “Be good to me, do what you say and do not crack.” The victim came up with the headlights off, which alerted the Guardia Urbana, which captured Roman. The court sentenced him last year to four years in prison for false imprisonment, but acquitted him of sexual assault because it was never consummated.

    The victim, who said last week he had been approached two weeks ago near the home of Roman, in the neighborhood of Sants. To the police, the assailant was not recognized author does not even theft. At trial he tried to justify this change of opinion: “He wanted to say first my wife and my family, before they found out by another.”

    On the trail of serial offenders
    The case of Elijah keeps Roman parallels with other repeat offenders in prison whose outputs have caused alarm. The release, in 2007, José Rodríguez Salvador, better known as the violator of the Vall d’Hebron

    After serving 16 years in prison for 17 violations, fueled the debate and the need for methods such as chemical castration. The Catalan government is already using it in specific cases of prisoners who are nearing release.

    The so-called chemical castration is not the rapist cut off any organ, but to supply drugs (always with their consent) that inhibit the libido. Hormone treatment, which applies in countries like the United States since 1996, is an injection that decreases production of testosterone, thus reducing sexual desire. Experts say it is a complement to psychological treatment.

    Alejandro Martinez Singul, the second violator Eixample

    , Abused ten girls at the same time, early 90’s. He spent 16 years behind bars and his departure in 2007, caused a stir, as it had been submitted (unsuccessfully) to psychological therapies. Relapsed. In 2009, attempted to rape a 12 year old girl in the elevator of her house and was condemned for it. Another notorious case was that of Pedro Jimenez Garcia, a prisoner sentenced to 19 years for various violations, took a leave prison for murdering two policemen in L’Hospitalet practices and raping one of them.”

    Xiana Siccardi | Germán González | Barcelona
    He has spent nearly half his life behind bars and, nevertheless, remains detained again and again. The last Wednesday. Alejandro Martinez Singul, known as the second violator Eixample, 42, is testing the functioning of judicial and police system steadily.

    His case is a fiasco rehabilitation, coupled with the outcry, forcing the authorities to respond too often on one of the stranded social debates and difficult to resolve. What to do with repeat offenders?

    He was sentenced in 1992 to 65 years in prison-turned 16 – by raping or sexually assaulting 10 young girls aged between nine and 19 years-all under one-under, and along with four others.

    He was released in May 2007 and has since been sentenced to prison for another year to display their genitals to a child in a town near Prada (France), is awaiting sentencing for allegedly masturbating in front of a passenger a commuter train in Barcelona, ??taking advantage of it slept, and now you are again accused of trying to assault two women in the Eixample.

    The result is that if the law is applied, it takes more than a month to backslide on the street. The last time, at dawn on Sunday, near the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ??on the left side of the central district of Eixample. He is accused of approaching two women, which allegedly followed. They took refuge in a doorway, he began banging on the door and saw that he could not enter, began to masturbate to them.

    Reiteration criminal
    Three days later he was arrested by the Catalan police and is now in prison. The owner of the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Barcelona welcomed the request of the prosecutor, who claimed a “possible criminal repetition, according to their backgrounds.” On this new episode is facing two years in prison.

    Singul Martinez returns to be enclosed. But what happens when you leave again? The case of Marta del Castillo and the girl showed a willingness Mariluz, supported by the public, to establish the life or increase the penalties for such offenders. At the opposite pole, the lawyers say you can not lock up someone who has not sinned, but there is a high risk to do so.

    The year was 1992 when the Court of Barcelona considered, despite the 14 attacks or attempts Singul Martinez was not crazy. So he was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Why not accede to the request of his lawyer put him in a psychiatric hospital.

    Singul Martinez never wanted to be on therapy for 16 years in prisiónAsí, Martinez Singul disappeared from the streets for years, until May 2007.La beast came back to freedom and with it, problems. Martinez had not wanted Singul rehabilitate during his imprisonment. The options on what to do with him were few: discreetly watch him or transfer him to a psychiatrist. But to carry out the second measure, should have been stated in the sentence. Not so.

    There was only one option: to impose surveillance.

    Singul Martinez kept his long sentence in the penitentiary Quatre Camins (Barcelona). He never wanted to be on therapy during the 16 years he spent in prison. That is why, before his release in May 2007, the board of management of the prison warned that there was a high risk of recidivism. Automatically, the Department of Justice warned the Attorney Generalitat of Catalonia, an institution that he could take action on the matter, Singul Martinez would be released.

    And it was. The Office sent a request to the Catalan police to put up a non-invasive monitoring Singul Martinez, monitoring light when compared with those inflicted on suspects of other crimes of great social concern: six agents located in shifts.

    Control routines
    Spokesmen for the Catalan police have always declined to detail the particulars of the surveillance, saying that “part of an operation.” “It is a noninvasive measure. These routines control a suspect, always respecting their freedom as an individual”, judicial sources said Chronicle. It tries to control where you live, if you go out on weekends, or if you sleep in a hotel or staying with friends. ”

    When applied to this week, the two women hiding in the portal to the persecuted noted, the question arises: How long does Singulair to harass and address? A few seconds. Hardly the Catalan police could have prevented the assault. Singul Martinez was not guarded 24 hours. Nobody asked the police to do so because it would be illegal.

    He explains very well the police union spokesman of Catalonia, David Miquel: “In cases like this is not an intensive surveillance, ie, the suspect can not put a guard to control absolutely every move. We are not has asked that, because it is unconstitutional, directly affecting the freedom of movement of a person who has already settled their accounts with justice. ”

    A sample of non-invasive monitoring: when Martinez left Singul prison sentence of 16 years in prison, took a few months to deal with the French girl. He took refuge in the town of Cardedeu-where his girlfriend, but the Catalan police took little person in your house to stop it. It was perfectly located thanks to the discreet monitoring, but could not prevent the attack.

    “The Autonomous Police have done our job. He has committed a crime and we have stopped. When a pickpocket has been arrested up to 30 times in Las Ramblas means that the police have done well 30 times. Another thing is who allows return to the street and why, “says David Miquel.

    Months after Martinez Singul return to freedom after his first conviction, he did another sex offender, José Rodríguez Salvador, known as the Vall d’Hebron rapist. It was the first batch of offenders released after having spent a long time behind bars. The problem was not solved: only been postponed.

    That is why the prosecution and the Justice Department, led by the Minister Montserrat Tura, led to the establishment of a committee of experts to study what to do with this type of offenders also generated a huge public alarm.

    The experts, chaired by former Chief Prosecutor of Catalonia, Jose Maria Mena, presented a catalog of possible solutions. Saw fit to place them bracelets telematic propose the creation of a DNA bank with repeat offenders, or even give libido inhibitors to those who ask, the famous chemical castration, which do not add more than a couple of inmates per year , explained the Councilor Tura few weeks ago.

    Murderers do not return permit
    Francisco Perez Abellan On
    Estevez’s record includes detailed account of the kidnapping of Joseph, in the vicinity of Club de Polo, taking advantage of the victim and knew that he knew belonged to a wealthy family, who owns a restaurant in Hospitalet. Forced him to go-in your own vehicle, to a dunghill, where he had dug a grave, after asking how he could pay estimated his family for the rescue, shot him. A cold type, this Estevez.

    Then he stripped the body of the clock and began the process to reclaim the family 150 million pesetas. During the long process the police found the victim, and although he informed the family, they decided to play the kidnapper to help in their capture. Thanks to the noble sacrifice of parents and other relatives of Joseph, Estevez was arrested shortly after, when they are promised very happy, to try to collect the ransom.

    Since entering prison, the kidnapper, murderer and manipulator showed no signs of any kind of repentance. Court, received a long sentence. But in 2000, when he had completed ten years of his comeuppance thanks to the peculiar arithmetic prison, he got probation. He used his release from prison for robbery, which led him back behind bars. With this record, it is rare that generate distrust. But now the prison regulations authorizes the Administration to issue permits up to 48 hours without need for authorization from the judge.

    Thanks to that Estevez was suddenly in the street. Prisoners usually hard like this, it also provides leadership among the meanings of the center, often have foreseen what will they do if they are released or managed to escape. Or both. So it is not surprising that the “personal efforts” of the bland outgoing request has been transformed into a full-scale flight.

  6. The Spanish criminal law professors are fanatics and extremists of the left, stating that I am the son of poor farmers. I had to read these rights activists that turned Spain into a giant social engineering lab, in the European country with softer penalties even more than Norway and Sweden.
    “Any punishment that does not have the objective of reintegration would conflict with this article “says the professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Jaén Gerardo Ruiz-Rico, which considers the term used by the PP -” reviewable permanent prison “- a euphemism for life imprisonment. But that is not the only constitutional principle that the teacher Andalusian considered endangered by the proposal. “It would be contrary to the principle of human dignity,” a quote that inspires the entire bill of rights collected by our Constitution.

    This last principle, that human dignity is also fundamental to criminal law professor and expert on Prison Law of the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas Julian Rios. “Life imprisonment, though revisable, is analogous to a civil penalty or social death, the person may never again return to live among humans,” said Rios. “The denial of sociability, in addition to the intense suffering it generates alert specifically against human dignity and therefore has no place in the legal system, even with the exceptions raised by the proposal.” The possibility of revision, nor deprive the prosecution of such legal problems, according to Ruiz-Rico. “It is unacceptable that the constitutionality of life imprisonment depends on its implementation by the prison administration or the courts.”

  7. Alfonso, This is a very interesting insight into the extreme pro-offender protocols of so-called human rights advocates who have taken over the European criminal courts. The intensive focus on the “dignity” of sociopaths and killers, and the refusal to similarly imagine (let alone defend) the dignity or humanity or rights of their current and future victims — which amounts to the withdrawal of those rights for non-criminals — is the culmination of fifty years of fetishizing criminals as victims of the state.

    As UN Human Rights protocols sneak into the American criminal justice system, we can expect more of the same here.

  8. Tina, thank you very much. The only way to prevent deception of the victims is the advocate of violents That deeply Victims Spanish case study. Tragically, even the terrible slaughter of Utoya 3 months ago, many Americans
    unaware of the degree of impunity for violent criminals in progressive European countries.

  9. Hi Tina. As always I enjoy your writing and perspective. One comment: the people you (rightly) criticize adopt these views at least in part because it’s essential to their self-identity as good, decent and morally superior people. So you can’t easily change their minds. Anyway, drop me a line some time, OK? I’m (more than less) on you side.

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