Deputy Chief of Police (Ret.) Lou Arcangeli on the Troy Davis Case

Lou Arcangeli is the rare cop (he’s retired now) who’s earned kudos from people both sides of the political aisle.  Atlanta journalist John Sugg calls him a “cop’s cop” in this 2003 profile.

Lou Arcangeli

Lou weighed in on the Troy Davis case today: the editorial ran in the Savannah Morning News (  He writes:

I wish that [Troy] Davis’ supporters had met Davis years earlier and worked as hard to connect with and help the troubled young man before he started carrying guns and killed a policeman. I think they enjoy the camaraderie of their tweeting and demonstrations much more than the work and commitment it would take to make a safer society.

I second that.  The more years I spent in Atlanta, the more I despaired of helping kids emerge from bad environments unscathed . . . and the less I trusted the loud “social justice” activists who preferred the easy self-aggrandizement of valorizing murderers over the work of keeping children from wasting their lives in violence.

The activists below will drift to other causes (or continue collecting big checks from foundations) while kids keep killing kids, and police keep trying to save them, despite being pilloried by  . . . activists like the people below:

I am Troy Davis: I am a cop killer.

I am Troy Davis: I killed another man in an utterly senseless murder.

Our teacher says we’re Troy Davis: we pistol-whipped a homeless guy and

threatened to kill him because he wouldn’t give us a beer.

I am Troy Davis: I’m really excited to be holding this sign.

Arcangeli links to a good website debunking the activists’ lies about this case, and I’ve added a few more.  The performance of the media, particularly the New York Times, has been disgraceful throughout:

Support Mark MacPhail: Debunking the Myths

A Useful Chart Debunking the “Recanting Witness” Claims (see also:

Text of the Denial of Davis’ 2010 Appeal: Why the Judge Rejected the “Recanting” Claims (part 2)

D.A. Spencer Lawton on Davis guilt.  In other words, the prosecutor’s and appeals courts’ position, which was carefully suppressed in coverage of the execution by the New York Times, CNN, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and most other news sources.

Educate yourselves: the media isn’t going to tell you the truth about this case.

And thanks to Lou for quoting me.


2 thoughts on “Deputy Chief of Police (Ret.) Lou Arcangeli on the Troy Davis Case”

  1. Get thee wider coverage, Tina! This message needs to be broadcast globally, since that is what the liars are doing.

    It’s also interesting that Davis’s last words were, “I did not personally kill” McPhail. What does that mean? I know he has been duly convicted, which is what is important, but liars are generally known to qualify their statements. What does it mean not to “personally kill”?

  2. I wondered the same thing, regarding the strange statement, “I did not personally kill…” I wish the killer had elucidated, but I realize that no one could force him to do so.

    Davis’s “street name” was Rough as Hell, so, in a way, I feel that he should’ve been sentenced to die, not by lethal injection, but by some other method, perhaps something rough as hell. The Appeals Court seemed to carefully consider his fraudulent attempts to evade justice. I have no worries that an innocent person might’ve been executed. The bozos always say or imply that.

    Speaking of the bozos, the usual suspects surely were out in force, trying to subvert due process for Mr. Davis. I don’t think the world is poorer for his passing.

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