DeKalb Officers Site Raises Issue of Burglars Let Loose, Homicide Cops Playing Daycare Daddies?

The terrific website DeKalb Officers raises questions about DeKalb D.A. Gwen Keyes:

It appears the District Attorney has taken a page from terminated police chief Terrell Bolton. Ms. Keyes now has a driver permanently assigned to her. Some of the driver’s duties include getting her children to and from daycare.

DeKalb County has the second highest homicide rate in the state (2nd to the City of Atlanta). The driver is one of 3 homicide investigators in D.A. Fleming’s office. Now her office has 2. Her driver is no longer assigned cases or carry case load. The case load has to be spread among the other 2 investigators.

It’s utterly shocking to take any investigator off the job to act as driver — and isn’t it illegal to have them ferry the kids around?

Someone in the comments thread adds the following about a recent deal to let gang members walk free:

Anonymous said…
Well what about the gang out of Clarkston that were arrested for burglary, only to be sentenced to 5years probation then released with time served. Was this a plea deal or what. The citizens should take note of this in the up coming elections for DA and Judges. I mean these punks were breaking into everything. Heck even Fox 5 did a story on them and their outrageous criminal past. But what do our ellected officials do in Dekalb County (time served) the citizens should revolt. Both the DA and the Judge should be invited to attend every community meeting in all of the neighborhoods who were victimized by these punks and made to explain why they were not sent to prison.

It’s too bad Atlanta doesn’t have a website like this run by cops.  They see what is going on in the criminal courts, and they know the judges and cases start to finish.


2 thoughts on “DeKalb Officers Site Raises Issue of Burglars Let Loose, Homicide Cops Playing Daycare Daddies?”

  1. I’m outraged the Keyes let the perps walk
    free. My surrounding South Tucker area was hit very hard by the robbing crew two summers ago: daylight robberies, vehicles stolen out of driveways minutes after neighbors had gone into their homes.
    Altogether, there were 15 -20 incidences during that time period in neighborhoods off of Cooledge, Idlewood, and Fellowship Roads: just up the road from Clarkston.
    It’s pathetic that Keyes is making both homeowners and police officers work so much harder to keep the safety. What good purpose is served by letting scume like this off the hood.

  2. Not enough people research “candidates” such as judges when going to the polls. Voters arrive and start checking names they have never heard of. The reality is “judges” can make or break a society and “voters” need to be informed and when they are? They need to make NOISE.

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