Blog Post from Nigeria on Antoine Wimes’ Earlier Victim

Interesting post on Wimes’ February victim by Mista Jay, a Nigerian-based blogger:

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Whose gun killed him?

Who’s the real killer? Antoine Wimes or Sani Abacha

Imagine being an academic and educator possesing two masters degrees. Imagine being a useful and productive member of society. Imagine having to leave that society in search of greener pastures because said society doesn’t reward true productivity.

Imagine arriving in a strange land where your skin color is already a liability and your foreign accent compunds matters by further separating you from your own kind. Imagine now having to take on part-time menial jobs to survive and care for your wife who is sufffering from kidney related problems.

Now imagine all of this ending in a burst of gunfire because some punk kid decides that your life is the obstacle to him getting a $5 tshirt! WTH?

This is the sad story of Etus Obi Onyemaechi, a 48year old Nigerian living in the US. . .

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Here is the latest on Wimes, from WSB:

Neely’s son was badly beaten during the robbery.

Investigators said Wimes and McCoy may have swung the 1-year-old like a baseball bat.  “It appears as though he was struck with either a very hard object or — as hard as it sounds — he was…his body was actually struck against a hard object,” said Jones.  Wimes was out on bond after being charged in the July 2008 killing of a convenience store clerk.

Here is the original WSB report on the July 2008 murder of Onyemaechi.  Apparently Wimes tried to kill more than one person but ran out of bullets:

Atlanta Store Clerk Gunned Down Over $5 T-Shirt

Gunman Wanted White T-Shirt Size 5X

Atlanta police said a convenience store clerk was shot and killed Sunday morning by a man not demanding money, but an extra large T-shirt. . .  Elliott Glass, an eyewitness, said he was mopping the floor inside the convenience store when a young man entered and told the clerk he wanted a white T-shirt size 5X.

“These guys wear those baggy pants, and big long T-shirts,” said Glass.

Glass said when the clerk turned to give the young man the shirt, the man started shooting, then calmly walked out of the store.

“He shot him like five times, four or five times, at point-blank range for no apparent reason,” said Glass.

The store clerk is identified as Obi E. Onyemaechi, 48, of College Park, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.

“I was afraid he was going to shoot me, but I guess he must have run out of bullets because he was steadily clicking the gun as he walked out the door,” said Glass.

Glass said he called 911, but claimed the operator put him on hold, so he ran out onto Cascade and flagged down the first police officer he saw.

That’s just great.  The operator puts him on hold.  Glass continues, heart-breakingly:

“The guy was my friend you know. He was a good guy. He helped everybody around here. Senseless killing, he killed the man for no reason, you know,” said Glass.

Now we learn Onyemaechi was an educator with two master’s degrees, supporting an ailing wife.  He travels half-way around the world to support his family and some kid kills him for a five-dollar t-shirt.

Does anybody know the name of the judge who let him bond out?

I would add, to Mista Jay, that he can add another picture next to those of Antoine Wimes and Sani Abacha:

It’s the Fulton County Superior Court (Atlanta, Georgia)


7 thoughts on “Blog Post from Nigeria on Antoine Wimes’ Earlier Victim”

  1. This made me incredibly mad.

    In one TV news report I saw, the reporter said it was Magistrate Court Judge Kimberly Warden that let Wimes out on bail. I’ll try to confirm that.

    I hope the local news media hounds Judge Warden like they did Mayor Franklin and Chief Pennington a few weeks ago, even though it seems there is an unwritten rule that judges are above criticism from the commoners.

    So at least now we know DeKalb wasn’t doing any special favors by letting Sheriff’s Deputy Derrick Yancey out on bail after he allegedly killed two people last year. Fulton County will even let an ordinary street thug out after he allegedly killed someone.

    And doesn’t everyone feel safe and happy knowing how well those electronic ankle monitors work? Allowing accused killers like Yancey and Wimes to have at least a 12 hour head start on law enforcement isn’t a problem, right? If that’s how DeKalb and Fulton handle the worst of the worst, then God help us all!

    I thought I’d provide a link to one of your earlier posts, to remind us all of the great promises of the Fulton County justice system:

  2. I just watched a Fox 5 report that said it was Magistrate Court Judge Karen Woodson who let Wimes out on bail, despite objections by the Fulton County DA and the Pre-Trial Services Program. Woodson, of course, wouldn’t go on camera or give a statement.

    Call Judge Woodson and let her know what you think of her decision: 404 -730- 4353

    I’ll post the link to the Fox 5 story when it goes up on their site.

  3. Thanks, Tina. I see you’ve already posted a link to the Fox 5 story.

    As I re-read the link I included to the earlier post of yours, I thought about this quote from the article:

    “Over the past decade the Court’s existing Pretrial Services program has racked up an impressive record of reducing jail costs while ensuring that over 95 percent of program defendants show up for all scheduled court hearings.”

    According to Pretrial Services’ criteria, I guess if Antoine Wimes shows up for his scheduled court hearings (as he is now likely to do since I expect no judge will release him at this point) he’ll help the program meet their 95 percent. Nevermind that he shot a woman in her face and beat her one-year-old son. So how many other defendants “showed up” for all of their scheduled court hearings, but also committed crimes while they were out on bond?

  4. Well, one comes to mind instantly, Joshua Norris, who shot a fellow Morehouse student, then committed more crimes while out on bail. Nonetheless, Judge Arrington sentenced him to “staying in school.” Why not show up for court, when it’s a party celebrating you?

    I question the 95% rate. Does that include all the times when somebody doesn’t show up and the judge grants yet another continuance, then the lawyer talks some sense to his or her client so the client bothers to show up the next time, all of which gets billed to the taxpayer? All scheduled court hearings?

    Of course, we can’t know these things because the Fulton County Superior Court keeps us utterly in the dark.

  5. That was my mom’s cousin and you didn’t wanna do shit…justice always prevails, no matter if SHE does something or not. RIP Uncle.

  6. I’m sorry for your loss, Ike. This time of year, it’s hard not to think about all the people who have been senselessly killed — and yet nothing changes in the courts.

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