Article on Atlanta Crime in the Chicago Tribune

An interesting article in the Chicago Tribune today, about Atlanta’s drug gangs: “Mexican Drug Cartels Spreading Roots in Atlanta”:

Atlanta, with its prime location for easy distribution, has become a major hub for drug trafficking by the cartels and a principal distribution center for wholesale-level cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana to the eastern United States, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials said. In 2008, Atlanta led the nation with $70 million in confiscated cash, according to the DEA. That is more than double the $32 million seized in Chicago in 2008.

” Atlanta is like ‘Miami Vice’ in the 1980s,” said Patrick Crosby, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Georgia. “We ship more cocaine to Florida than we get from Florida.”


2 thoughts on “Article on Atlanta Crime in the Chicago Tribune”

  1. And why not? The only thing rigorously and consistently enforced in the state of Georgia is the patronage system.
    I’ve said for years that we ought to change the state motto to: “Thank God for Mississippi, or we’d be last in everything.”

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