Anonymous is a House-Husband, And Other Gender Benders at the Anti-RNC “Labor” Protest

The first big march on the RNC was held today in Gaslight Park in Tampa.

Dozens and Dozens of Protesters (photo credit Tina Trent)

I use the word “big” only in the Horton Hears a Who sense.  Although the march threatened to bring “thousands” of union members to the streets, I doubt there were more than 200 people.  Many were reporters or observers from the RNC.

The protesters, such as they were, marched across the street from Gaslight Park at one point and appeared to be boarding a bus.  Then they milled around a bit and marched back across the intersection to the park.  Then they marched off in another direction.  Just like America’s labor movement.

Oddly, only about 50 people had on any type of union shirt at all.  I counted a gaggle of SEIU, a singular Teamster, and one girl wearing the logo of some alternative communications group.  Most of the attendees looked like college kids or otherwise unoccupied Occupiers.  There was a Ward Captain of something, so Chicago was representing.

The Chicago Way (photo credit Tina Trent)

A few men were blowing long, yellow plastic horns that took inordinate effort to produce a weak and muffled blare.  “Miniscule, astroturfed, and not really representing anyone” seemed the real message of the day.

Maybe it was a union march, after all.

Not Funny (photo credit Mary Grabar)

Even so, the most popular messaging was about the so-called “war on women.”  A half-dozen Code Pinkers in symbolic sateen-and-feather representations of human labias morphed into one many-headed vaginae and marched a block and a half to the union protest.  There, they did not blend in.

If You Can Say It, Please Don’t (photo credit Mary Grabar)

I asked one attractive and pleasant young Code Pinker if she thought that staging a protest that would offend people was really an effective way of delivering a message.  She peered up from between the velveteen labial folds hanging around her neck and said, “You mean men?

No, I told her, women would also be offended by the in-your-face vagina costumes.  We went back and forth a bit.  “Don’t you think you’re objectifying women’s bodies?” I asked, suddenly suffering a flashback to Women’s Studies and bucking under the memory of hours wasted reading Luce Irigaray.  Is it women’s language that functions as resistance to the speculum of male speech?  Or does the speculum of female voices threaten male phallogocentrism?

I didn’t want to talk anymore.

The vagina viewed me with vague consternation, her eyes shining with the blank joy of unwavering devotion to a cause.  “Not with everything that’s been going on,” she said, referring to that gift that keeps giving, Todd Akin.  When political speech devolves to debating an articulate young vagina standing on a street corner, what does that make the debater?  I was relieved when Medea Benjamin, acting like some demented Brownie Troop leader, shooed the girl back among the elder vulvae.

But, way to empower women’s voices, Medea.

Back at the main protest site, a man claiming to be with Anonymous milled around holding up an i-pad bearing a live image of some basement-dweller in a Guy Fawkes costume.  Anonymous couldn’t be at the protest, the man claimed, because he was stuck home watching his kids.

Anonymous’ BFF (photo credit Tina Trent)

To summarize: female protesters are turning themselves out on Tampa’s streets in the name of defending feminism, while male protesters are hiding behind computer screens and dime-store face masks to enhance their masculinity.

Mary Grabar and I did find one happy guy who didn’t seem confused about anything.  It turns out the medium is the message, after all.

(photo credit . . . definitely . . . Mary Grabar)











8 thoughts on “Anonymous is a House-Husband, And Other Gender Benders at the Anti-RNC “Labor” Protest”

  1. Well, whoever the anonymous are in Occupy they seem to be familiar with information about the area that Occupy is protesting. So, one is a house husband.

  2. This is kind of a different topic, the liking of Ron Paul among Republicans. The man supports the legalization of drugs and selling sex but countries that have done that still have a black market element. The man is allied with far left groups on foreign policy. And the Ron Paul is weak on illegal immigration since he opposes either a real ID or an e-verify system. Romney is better on these, the only real thing that Romney is weaker than Paul would be on health insurance in his state.

  3. more than a century of struggle for equal rights for women and leave it to leftists with narcissistic personality disorder ( and perhaps with that smidgeon of sociopathy unique to a generation or 2 rendered near autistic due to funneling all their human interactions through the internet) to reduce all females to, once again, female body parts. women are just their sexuality and reproductive functions. slut walks and walking talking vaginas as opposed to Take Back the Night marches and personal dignity ,respect for oneself and others. but the left is never about respect for others and it has never been about respect for women.

    not that the feminists didn’t loose their way particularly through their misguided alliance with democrats over, it would seem , abortion access only. but the dancing vjj’s are a new low. meanwhile real humans with female body parts are being jailed in russia over music criticizing a real patriarchal , freedom hating tyrant- putin. but free american woman dance about like white lady minstrels one supposes because they think romney and republicans are viciously oppressing them and their vaginas.or something. but they’re out about failing to make a cogent point while pussy riot sits in jail in russia for opposing a powerful male politician publicly.

    just once i’d like to see these eager dedicated feminists take their freak show to leaders from countries that practice gender apartheid and stone a woman to death for adultery or for being raped. stupid republican makes stupid comment, no one dies a hideous death-outrage! woman stoned to death on you tube for adultery, wall dropped on homosexual- silence. i am offended by the code pink outfits but this is what really outrages me beyond belief- the ignoring the real war against women going on in muslim theocracies.if one opts to not notice that actual war with a body count one is not a feminist.

    and anonymous, there’s no doubt, is a sociopath. that’s the eternal hero of the american left- from the late 1800’s anarchist bomb throwers to the criminal homicidal gansta-ism of the black panthers and weather underground to the occupod rapists and their champion from the hive of perpetual angsty virtual teen boy land (4chan), anonymous: the violent, empathy-less criminal sociopath posing as political rebel, hero of the resistance. and woman are still even by their own accord just big pink talking vaginas.

    noted house husband calling in the Revolution on an ipad… leaving the Big Pink Labias as the foot soldiers of the Cause. it sounds like something from the mind of a generation y valerie solanas who opted for the pen and science fiction over a big pink costume and public soros funded acting-outism.

    why i am not a democrat (or socialist or communist although the lines are blurred on that) -all right there be-clowning themselves when not acting out violently. why oh why are these people called progressives?

  4. Well, the average age of Occupy is 33 years old, so a lot of them are not in their 20’s who committed rape not boys or young men. As for Islam you are right the left complains about the religious right here but few in the religious right even want to jailed people for sodomy which was more common 60 years ago. And few on the religious right want to jail anyone for adultery though that was done in the past.. The left thinks all religious right people are into a Calvinist movement called reconstruction which wants to influenced laws on the social issues like homosexuality or adultery.

  5. Well, I kind of understand some of the resentment of the left at the end of the 19th century the average Joe didn’t have very much. Granted, the US had higher wages in those days than Europe did but modern Leftist in an age where you have a lot I don’t understand.

  6. and valarie was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic- a plausible, understandable reason for her more extreme behaviors-one that would hold up in a court of law as a defense.

    the radical left has always shown more than a passing relationship with paranoia but that’s just a faux construct for their more irrational transgressive acts against others- and to project blame off themselves, bolster the manufactured outrage at the base of their convictions. that’s sociopathy and mendacity not mental illness.

    “we live like czars (in america)”, opined bongwater singer and actress ann magnuson. exactly who is oppressing these retreads? they are obviously well fed, have all the gadgets and mod cons. they associate with whom ever they want, do with their privates whatever they wish with whomever they wish, freely write and distribute their opinions about everything, don’t seem to have to work in coal mines 20 hours a day for a living, and aren’t arrested for dressing up as vaginas or even for trespassing and vandalism of private and public property.they say the most vicious things about any politician or public figure they want without legal repercussions. how exactly are they oppressed ? by opining merely that they are oppressed (because some people merely do not agree with them)?

    these people are unable to recognize real oppression because they have never really faced real oppression- they just callously USE the actual experiences of those who did suffer under, say, pre and post civil rights south, or when women couldn’t legally charge their husbands with rape or when birth control was actually illegal, when gays were arrested for being in a bar and dancing with a member of the same sex-and think that their feelings of outrage (that arise from people disagreeing with them or simply having different values than they espouse) are the same. they are not. they are using the experiences and real struggle of others-co-opting and degrading those who truly experienced and even now experience actual political oppression.their age is no excuse but i do think the under 30s have been lied to by the left their entire lives particularly in school. it’s still no excuse with the incredible access to information we have today.

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