Why is Chandra Farley, Board Member from the ANTIFA-led Coalition of “Cop City” Opposition, Also a High-Ranking Official in the Atlanta Mayor’s Cabinet?

This is Chandra Farley:

Chandra Farley, Atlanta’s New “Chief Sustainability Officer” and Board of Directors of the Radical Community Movement Builders Anti-Cop Group

If I were a cop, or a fireman, or an EMT (despite media coverage, “Cop City” is also for training our woefully underpaid, heroic, and underpaid EMTs and firemen), I’d be pretty pissed at Mayor Andre Dickens right now.  Dickens has been, until recently, at least lukewarm in his public support of Atlanta police, yet he appointed one of the mere three members of the Board of Directors of Community Builders Movement to one of the highest-ranking positions in his Cabinet?


Questions about Chandra Farley need to be answered.  Don’t count on the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which entirely missed the connection and refused to respond to my queries about Farley’s disturbing third-party connections to ANTIFA groups.  Even though they have at least five staff members purportedly working the story.

It took me minutes to find the connection.   Do they not yet have the interweb at the AJC.  Or do they just hate police so much they covered this up?

Community Movement Builders (CMB) is one of the main organizations supporting the ANTIFA assaults on police, including the textbook stealth attack using children of stupid intowners as human shields for firebombs last Sunday at an alleged “music festival” that was actually a cover for 150 terrorists to assault the police.  To put it bluntly, CMB would love nothing better than to have an Atlanta cop being targeted with firebombs accidently shoot the child of a duped anti-cop Atlanta resident.

And Chandra Farley is right in the thick of it.  Why is she simultaneously running an influential department at Atlanta’s City Hall?

Community Movement Builders is an extremely radical organization founded a few years ago under some pretty shifty people and pretty shifty timelines by this long-time professional dirtbag, Kamau Franklin.

Kamau Franklin: not an Atlantan until five minutes ago:

Kamau Franklin, Professional New York Netroots Nation Organizer, Recent Convenient Founder of Atlanta’s Community Movement Builders.

Franklin, a seasoned Maoist activist from the China-connected Freedom Road Organization, showed up recently in Atlanta to organize the internationally-coordinated opposition to the so-called “Cop-City.”  Why?  Because his speciality is using faux environmental concerns to promote the elimination of police.  Now he’s speaking to the international media about how mad he is that they’re not viewing the anti-Cop City movement as a “local” movement. Even though he isn’t a local.  And even though the vast majority of violent activists “occupying” the future training site and trying to kill Atlanta police while rioting, spiking trees to kill construction workers, and destroying construction vehhicles are not from Atlanta.

But more on that later.  The question of the the day is this: why did Mayor Andre Dickens appoint Chandra Farley to be one of his top Cabinet advisors?  The Community Movement Builders organization is a front for international groups to use “Cop City” to incite anarchist unrest.  And Chandra Farley is one of only three board members of the organization.   One of the other Board members is also a Freedom Road Maoist (yes, I know it sounds crazy, but these people are open Maoists).

Usually, nonprofits have many more than three Board members.  Also, usually, Board members are listed prominently on their websites, whereas in this case, you really have to search for Farley’s connection.  Here’s how you do it: go to the Community Movement Builders website, then go to “Our People,” then scroll down to the very bottom of the page, past the local Atlanta dupes and Kamau Franklin’s oddly placed profile, and you will find her name at the very bottom of the page.

Today, at least. By tomorrow it might be gone.  Because this is a big scandal for Mayor Dickens. He’s got a cop-killer sympathizer, anarchist-connected leader in his inner-circle, and he cannot have her there while pretending to support the police.

More on Community Movement Builders finances and ties to anarchist destruction.  Very Soon.     


2 thoughts on “Why is Chandra Farley, Board Member from the ANTIFA-led Coalition of “Cop City” Opposition, Also a High-Ranking Official in the Atlanta Mayor’s Cabinet?”

  1. Thank you for this post. The promotion of Maoism and anarchy by people like Farley and Franklin needs to be exposed instead of fostered by silence and acceptance. The CMB’s opposition to “Cop-City” reminds me of the Chicago based Lennon inspired Assata’s Daughter’s campaign of “No Cop Academy.” (After years of push back from the leftists, the training academy was finally opened in 2023.)

  2. So far, 8 killed, 38 wounded in Chicago this holiday weekend, including several children. I wonder how many of the Chicago #NoCopAcademy professional paid protesters are now attacking Atlanta Police? This article from the Communist rag, In These Times, might offer some clues: “No Cop City Anywhere.”

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