Top Aide to Stacey Abrams, Marisa Pyle, Defends “Cop City” Riot, Firebombing of Police in Downtown Atlanta as “Not Violence.” Imagine if Abrams had won the Governor’s race.

Someone needs to send a dictionary to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action Organization (also a pamphlet explaining how it is election fraud to solicit donations for your own personally profitable “non-profits” on your election website).  But first, the dictionary.

Marisa Pyle, a top aide to Abrams in her campaigns and nonprofits, who also appears in pictures working with Pete Buttegeig, announced that the rioting crowd that threw firebombs, bombed a police car, and smashed windows in the hotel district of downtown Atlanta last Saturday were not actually committing acts of violence because only things, not people, got broken (and firebombed).  Fox News Reports:

Marisa Pyle, a senior rapid response manager at Abrams’ Fair Fight Action, who also worked as a senior manager for Abrams’ One Georgia leadership committee during her most recent failed Georgia gubernatorial run, rushed to defend the anti-police protesters and the ensuing chaos.

“You cannot commit violence against a window or a car. Killing a human? Now that, that is violence,” Pyle wrote on Twitter this past weekend. “Shame on Atlanta’s leaders who fall into the same tired path of protecting property while our people are murdered by their police.”

There seems to be little point in parsing a definition as stupid and legally incorrect as this one, but Pyle’s statement isn’t actually stupid: it is calculated and intentional.  It is a perfect exhibit of the ways leftists change the meaning of specific words and phrases in order to create confusion and reinforce a specific, radical ideology.  Misusing language this way identifies the speaker as a member of a movement carefully trained to spread confusion about its real ideology and organizational structure.

For example: “Occupy” instead of stealing public land and trying to kill other people who enter it; “protesters” instead of rioters; “peaceful marches that turned violent later” instead of carefully planned actions designed to begin “peacefully” then turn into riots and bomb attacks; “affinity groups” instead of revolutionary cells; “leaderless organizing” instead of very disciplined, hierarchical coalitions of defined groups.

Video visible in the Fox News report and others show clearly that Pyle is, in addition to robotically mouthing Marxist agitprop, also just damn lying.  The rioters were obviously trying to hurt or kill people, specifically police.  It’s actually a miracle that the violence they committed didn’t hurt or murder any police, pedestrians, hotel employees, hotel guests, or each other.

The planned assault took place on a narrow urban street, and one news photograph captures rioters with hammers smashing out an emergency exit door, possibly for one of the area’s hotels [I’m having trouble uploading images, but there are several available online].  They threw multiple bombs that exploded near police, which, let’s tell the truth here, had to be intentional efforts to maim or kill those officers.  The firebombed police car burst into flames and had to be extinguished by firemen risking their lives lest the car blow up as they tried to control a burning, gas-filled vehicle in the middle of a riot on a narrow street lined by hotels.  That bomb and others started fires that could have caused hotel guests to have to evacuate right into the fire and melee of bomb-and-hammer-wielding rioters.

This language, and the motives and organizations underlying it, are not scrutinized enough by the very same members of the media who search for a secret klansman every time a conservative activist or politician makes an “OK” symbol or even looks as if they do.  In other cases, journalists simply ape the terrorists’ words and actions and lazily take at face value that they are “leaderless,” non-conspiratorial, unrelated, un-organized groups of well-intentioned activists.

One consequence of this incuriosity is playing out in the DeKalb County (east-side Atlanta) courts this week as a judge overseeing earlier terrorist charges against the “Cop City” radicals is recusing herself from the police-shooting case.  I’m not suggesting that the recusal itself is, bureaucratically, a bad idea, but some of the motivation appears to be that, as the radicals themselves have been claiming, and the media echoing, the police should be blamed somehow for “escalating” the so-called “peaceful occupation” of the future police, firemen and EMT training center.

You can’t let the trust-fund terrorists dictate the terms of the consequences of their crimes.  Instead, the media should be using its resources to investigate the many unanswered questions about the affiliations, training, and funding of these domestic terrorists.

But boy, did we dodge one bullet when Stacey Abrams lost the governor’s race again.  Marisa Pyle is the “Senior Rapid Response Manager” at Stacey Abrams’ platinum-plated purported voter rights nonprofit, Fair Fight Action.  Before that, she served on the Official Leadership Committee  as the “Senior Manager, Research and Strategic Communications” for Abrams’ second gubernatorial race through Abrams’ One Georgia group.  Before that, she was a staff writer for the Georgia Political Review, and before that, she worked on Abrams’ first gubernatorial run as the “Digital Media Ambassador.”

If Abrams had won, instead of Brian Kemp, who is working with Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens to support the police, then Marisa Pyle would be issuing her agitprop from inside the Governor’s Mansion.  She would be able to manipulate the city’s response — and the response of the DA and the courts — to this organized coalition of out-of-state terrorists.  The police, firemen, and EMTs would be demonized from the highest seats of power in Georgia.  The GBI would be discouraged from investigating their ties to terrorist organizations.

Instead, Georgia seems to be turning some very good corners.  This thought-provoking somewhat mea culpa from AJC opinion writer Bill Torpy is another example of how the media and politicians in Atlanta and Georgia are seeing through the “protesters'” lies.  We need more of this.

And Stacey, you can’t promote a non-profit from which you make a six-figure salary on a campaign website.  Consider that my small, in-kind donation to your next failed race.



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