2 thoughts on “This Week, I am in Sunday Paper”

  1. Bravo for your op piece on Marvin Arrington. He has long been a figure of ridicule for many native Atlantans, both white and black.

    With his recent activities (dare I call them antics?), he has moved far beyond amusing and into biased and racial waters that frankly leave me feeling hopeless for the generation of young black men who know nothing but violence and criminal behavior as acceptable in their worlds.

    What is this man doing on the bench? He must be removed, and quickly. What a terrible example he sets for black men and for the rest of us.

    Talk about disrespect – Mr. Arrington (I will not call him “His Honor”), is disrespecting the very system that he was put on the bench to represent.

    What a sad joke.

  2. I agree that Arrington has hopelessly lost his way — no matter the good intentions he brought to the job, he needs to go. We have to start somewhere.

    For years, I heard stories about what’s going on in the criminal courts. I hope people who know are emboldened to speak up now.

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