They Shoot Police Horses, Don’t They?

The Tampa media is busy churning out pleasant stories about all the “creative” and “peaceful” protesters descending on the city.

To get the whole story of what’s coming to Tampa, see my special report up at Accuracy in Media today:

Soros-funded Marxists to “Occupy the RNC”

I’ll have a longer post up later.  For now, two questions:

Do you really think they’d bother dressing horses up like this, in Tampa heat, if the protesters really intended to be “peaceful”?

And, is it OK for vegans to kick horses, so long as they don’t eat them?


3 thoughts on “They Shoot Police Horses, Don’t They?”

  1. Actually, from studying Occupy I agree with you that they are not a group to be ignored.

  2. Several years ago, I meet one of the top trainers for Police Horses and DOGS in Armor. It is a very serious business, as the cost of acquiring, training, integrating, and maintain these four legged officers can exceed the cost of regular two legged officers. And I can assure you that their injury and loss can be as devastating.

    Your right, they don’t use them for trivial events…especially in Florida heat.

  3. In the late 19th Century, police had to bind up their horses’ legs to keep anarchists from slashing their tendons. I suppose that’s why they do it now. That tells you something.

    It also says something about the degree of hatred fro police. Even a police horse becomes something to hate.

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