“Stop Cop City’s” New Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hamas Focus. What Does Hamas Have to do With “Cop City”? Because the Radicals Running the Protests are Just Using “Stop Cop City” Dupes to Push Their Usual Agenda.

Fliers handed out at the “non-violent” Friends Quaker Meeting Center


On Saturday morning, I drove down to Atlanta, where I lived for 20 years, all of it a few miles or mere walking distance from the new Police, Fire and EMT Training Center being targeted by a sophisticated international anarchist movement — and abetted by a dwindling bunch of local (temporarily), college-age dupes.

How did I know to do this?  I’ve been occasionally infiltrating this movement and its previous iterations as Ad-Busters, Occupy, Food Not Bombs, and Cop-Watch for years, and tracking them for decades.  It really isn’t hard to figure it out their strategy: they have been using the same tactics for many decades.  Congressional hearings from the Sixties and Seventies describe “actions” identical to their “actions” today — including the same crowd maneuvers to infiltrate land, attack police, and recruit naive useful idiots to help distract the police from them so the hard-core radicals can stage violent actions against the police.

I attended their training sessions on Saturday at the Quaker Atlanta Friends Meeting House in Decatur.  And shame on those Quakers.  I remember years ago when a woman was abducted from a meditation center near their church and raped, as the other meditators did nothing to help her.  It’s always easy to play-act non-violence when it’s happening to other people.

I avoided joining an “affinity” group and thus being questioned by making frequent bathroom trips.  I am a woman of a certain age.  It honestly makes me sad to see naive college kids being pulled into violent ignorance.  One-on-one, these youths are frequently empathetic and kind, just terribly misguided.  They want to be cool.  They want purpose and excitement.  “Protest” is all so many of them are taught in universities (and K-12) anymore.  On the bright side, it’s a sign of this movement’s weakness that there weren’t more students there — and that the march itself was made up almost entirely of the young people in that room.

They’re being used.  If these are your kids, and you’re spending 75K to send them to Emory (more on that later), you need to sit them down and have a serious conversation.

I am on the road, but I will be unpacking the international and national leaders of this fake movement over the weekend.  They say they are expanding to seventy cities to oppose Atlanta’s training center and other police training centers.  Why?  These are the very same people who demand that police be trained more, not less.

Because, just like any time a fentanyl victim dies in police custody, training police has become a useful flashpoint for a well-paid sector of professional radical protesters.  They really don’t care about the cause itself; they don’t care about the residents they disrupt; they don’t care about the public safety they compromise, nor the people they firebomb, nor the young people whose lives they ruin.  Their attention flits from one cause to another because none of these causes really matter to them: they are just seeking to cause chaos.  It is time to lay out their networks and strategies in detail, and for parents to listen.

I do know that the vast majority, possibly all of the dupes and definitely the professional agitators have never lived in the neighborhoods near the training center, while I lived there for 20 years.  On the east side, there are miles of tidy brick ranches.  Some are being gentrified by both black and white younger people, but the majority of the people living there are older African Americans who have seen harder times, are sick of the drugs and violence, are raising their grand and great-grandchildren, and are proud of their neat yards and neighborhoods.  On the south side it is rougher, with drug trade and prostitutes and convenience stores, but still some nice houses.  And then there’s the federal prison.  The west side is a rapidly changing commercial corridor around the corner from some terribly violent apartment projects.  The north side is gentrifying rapidly.  There’s a park and a larger park planned on the grounds of the training facility with the “Michelle Obama” walking and biking trails.  Farther up, there is a little commercial center (East Atlanta) that has seen its shop owners and customers robbed and shot and murdered for decades now, interspersed with expensive renovations and modernistic-looking fill-in houses.

The Gaza/Anti-Semitism thing?  To the protesters, it’s just fashion.  Yet to the leaders, it is the main point.  So this development in the direction of the protests is in no way surprising.

As I was driving home, I listened to WSB, as charming, morning talk-show host Mark Arum was bewildered by how “Stop Cop City” had morphed into an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas march.  I am paraphrasing here, but he expressed the questions all of us should be asking: is this about the police, or the forest, or the environment, or the Indian land claims, or Gaza, or what?

That “what” has just one answer: any damn thing these professional Marxist agitatiors can use to hook the naive.  And damn the cost.  Or the anti-Senitic message.





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