Stephanie Rapkin, 64, Was Attacked by a Violent Mob, Then Threatened at Her Home. Now She’s in Jail, Plastered on Newspapers Internationally, Receiving Death Threats, and Facing Hate Crime Charges.

Do Georgians really want hate crime laws?  Because, they’re the real mob violence.

You have probably heard of Stephanie Rapkin, the Milwaukee attorney who for no reason whatsoever but her racist, putrid heart expectorated on a black teenager at an entirely law-abiding, peaceful, high-school-musical-like protest in Milwaukee.

You have probably heard of her because her face is plastered in U.S.A. Today, the Washington Post (their dramatic headline is worth a peek), the Milwaukee Herald Tribune, the New York Post (and shame on them), the Daily Mail, and countless other affiliates and local news stations.

In fact, her bias spitting is trending way above any other coverage of the peace-filled riots.  Above the hundreds of millions in damages, thousands of businesses destroyed, hundreds of police injured, and scores of police cars firebombed in those modest objections to injustice being performatively expressed in Milwaukee, New York City, Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

According to the media (words I can hardly type without hurling), Rapkin inexplicably drove her car to downtown Milwaukee with the perplexing intent of “blocking” the protestors, left that entirely impassible personal carbon-spitting vehicle in the street, and randomly attacked a perfectly innocent black child-hero who was leading the parade of peace and justice hither and yon.

She then went home and assaulted a 21-year old, college senior “child” and his pals who somehow found where she lived and were, according to one of their supportive moms, “creating protest posters” out of chalk on the sidewalk outside her home explaining to her neighbors how she had Emmet Tilled a beautiful black boy-man while guiding other wistful fairy-nymphs of love to her doorstep to engage her in constructive dialogue to rescue her from her utterly monstrous heart of evil.

The nymphs called the cops, which is endlessly ironic if you pause to think about it.  Ms. Rapkin purportedly kneed a cop who came to her house and arrested her.  And then, unlike the protestors who were concussing bricks and blocks of hardened cement (called “milkshakes”) at police, torching buildings, shooting their enemies in orgies of violence, shattering thousands of windows, and looting Macy’s for necessities while being pardoned on the spot by district attorneys, Ms. Rapkin was charged with pretty much everything they could throw at her while ministers and other dignified fellows in Milwaukee called for her charges to be amplified further to HATE CRIMES because the young black man told reporters who swarmed to him (not at him) that he was permanently scarred and had feared for his very life when the frail older woman unleashed the hell powers of her mouth on his dignified visage.

I suggest you watch the videotapes.

For example this one, which appears in the Milwaukee Herald Tribune’s entirely unbelievable narrative, in which they, let’s say elide, the part about Ms. Rapkin’s car not being impassible on a large city street, her reason for being there, her efforts to get away from the mob, the vest-wearing whitey anarchist mob supervisors trying to stop her from getting away while she pleaded to them “you can’t keep me safe,” the angelic Eric Patrick Lewis III running at her in an obvious fit of rage with dozens of his child-adult co-protestors swarming her, Eric Patrick Lewis III physically assaulting Ms. Rapkin by hauling his head into her face while cupping his hands to scream into her mouth, her spitting only in response to his assault, then an even larger and more peaceful black protestor, among many others, attacking her as the crowd closed in and the video cuts off.

We are informed by the CDC and World Health Organization that cupping one’s hands over one’s 17-year old mouth whilst screaming is a terrific way to prevent the spreading of Covid-germs, while spitting back at an angelic black child-man assaulting you is tantamount to murdering him.

Eric Patrick Lewis III, Reliving the Horror for the Washington Post

The Milwaukee Herald Tribune described the interaction this way:

the protester, Eric Patrick Lucas III, 17, a high school student, says he was leading the protest when the group found Rapkin’s vehicle prevented them from passing on the street. They encountered her when they tried to get past on the sidewalk, he says.

Questions: were they supposed to be controlling that street?  Did they have a permit?  If so, why weren’t police blocking the street so Ms. Rapkin didn’t end up driving on it?  Why couldn’t they pass Ms. Rapkin’s vehicle on a street that looked rather large and otherwise empty?

Another question: what does “encounter” mean?  What part of running up to a frightened older woman trying to get away from hundreds of angry, shouting protestors, surrounding her, mocking and screaming in her face as you prevent her from fleeing, then lurching forward threatening while screaming at the top of your lungs two inches from her nose is, in any parlance but virtue-signaling media-speak, an “encounter”?

But there’s more.

Eric Patrick Lewis III told the media he immediately recognized the unbearable symbolic threat presented by the whitewoman:

“The first five seconds, I saw red,” Lucas told the Journal Sentinel. “And everything went black. And after that, I have to remember, oh my God, you’re a black man. You can’t do anything to this white woman because then the narrative is going to be completely changed. And I’m not a black man, I’m a black child. I’m a minor. But because I’m black, I’m going to be perceived as a man. And because I’m almost 18, they’re going to look at me as a man.

The Washington Post delves deeper into his suffering, and what it will take to heal it:

He said he’s been left feeling“unloved by individuals I’ve done no harm to.”

“I continue to be mentally and physically shaken to be assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic — it was traumatic,” Lucas said. “Again and again I am viewed not as a child but as a color.”

Eric Patrick Lewis III knew he could literally die on the spot:

“I shouldn’t have to worry about looking good in front of the community because I fear that I’m going to end up getting beat or killed because someone assaulted me, a minor,” he said.

Question: what does he mean by being “worried about looking good in front of the community”?

The media didn’t explain.

The Daily Mail, an international tabloid, colorfully claimed that Rapkin was intentionally and ballsy “blocking a protest by hundreds of locals” and that she “confronted” the protestors rather than quite obviously trying to flee them in terror.  The Mail uses photo stills and leaves out the part where Rapkin is trying to run away and begging to be let go by the burly anarchist “protest observers” who were slowly realizing in their dumbass lizard-brains that they had a potentially fatal optics problem on their hands when the crown of boisterous peace-youths caught up with the frightened woman.

Strangely, we just don’t know what happened next.  We see Ms. Rapkin disappear as the crowd swarms in. Strangely, the police supervisors and spokespeople in Milwaukee — who are responsible for this s**t-show, not the street cops — don’t seem to explain how Ms. Rapkin got arrested twice after being attacked by a mob and defending herself with nothing but spittle.  Is there footage of the police separating her from the peaceful youth-crowd?  Surely the media knows.  They’re — just — not saying.

After arrest #1, Ms. Rapkin went to her home, where the next day she found Ithaca College senior Joe Friedman and some unknown-sized cabal of other youthful protestors writing on the sidewalk outside her front door, entirely innocently of course, with no intent whatsoever of guiding more expressive youthful protestors to her home.

We don’t learn how they found her — did they follow her home, or did the highly-organized anarchist “protest-observers” have some in with, say, the district attorneys who charged her?

Nobody knows.

What we do know is that Ithaca College senior Joe Friedman’s mommy is super-proud of her courageous college senior son for confronting the bad lady on her own doorstep and threatening to make her home feloniously unlivable.  We know this because Mommy Friedman, (Deborah Bremmer) posted a super-supportive Facebook post about her son writing “Be Better Than This,” “I Spit on a Child’s Face,” and, Swedenishly, “How Dare You,” on the sidewalk outside Rapkin’s house.

Deborah Bremmer is the real Karen, folks.  She seems to have removed her Facebook information, but the video is still up at the Daily Mail, and if it isn’t by the time I post this and anyone can find it, please send it to me.  I want to make sure her lil’ beamer gets all the credit he richly deserves.

WHDH Boston bravely reports that Brave Joe Friedman “decided to visit” Ms. Rapkin and “peacefully protest” for an hour before she cruelly squashed his desire to express himself.  They also said that the protestors who swarmed her were just “urging” her to to move the car.  Urging.  See how the narrative flows when they write it:

Joe Friedman, 21, of Ithaca College, reportedly heard about Rapkin’s arrest and decided to visit her neighborhood to write chalk protest messages that included,”Be better than this” and “I spit on a child. How dare you!”

Rapkin allegedly confronted Friedman after about an hour, got into an argument about the spitting incident, and shoved him the chest.

“The victim in today’s incident reported he was peacefully protesting on the sidewalk in front of suspect’s home, when the suspect came out and engaged in a verbal altercation,” Shorewood police wrote in a press release. “The victim reported the suspect then slapped both of her hands on the victim’s chest and physically pushed him.”

In case the video is down, here’s how I would describe it: an older woman comes out of her house, confronts a gang of Invasion of the Body Snatchers-like, monotonously Maoistic liberal arts college students dronongly denouncing her outside her house and putting her in mortal danger as they videotape and mock her.  When she shoves one of them — obviously bigger than her — on her own front yard — back very slightly to demonstrate her rational claim that she hadn’t assaulted an angry mob but they had assaulted her, he begins cawling like a baby and chanting like a Manson girl that she has also horrifically abused him.

Some boy you’ve got there, Mommy of Friedman.

It doesn’t seem likely that Stephanie Rapkin did anything but accidentally end up in the middle of a riot and then try to get away by leaving her car and running.  But I don’t care if she did drive her car intentionally to the riot scene and then try to “block” the protestors (though that interpretation makes no sense).  For if she did, she wasn’t doing anything different from what they were doing.  If they had a permit to walk on that street, the police would have been blocking their route, and she would not have gotten past them.

Even if the elderly probate lawyer managed to, Batman-like, get past the police and towards the protestors, how could she block both the sidewalk and the street with one car and then, Ninja-like, single-handedly put the fear of death into a crowd of hundreds?

The story the media is telling is simply not credible.  It is narrative-thrusting.

However, there’s an even more serious story they’re not reporting: on You-tube, a virtual lynch-mob is gathering to foment real violence against Rapkin.  Here’s the transcript, recorded on her front yard by protestors in the dark waiting for the police to emerge with her, one of whom says cryptically that if she doesn’t leave the area soon, she’ll get a ticket and get “fired.”

Fired by whom?  For what job?  Here’s what the good citizen says:  

“Hi Stephanie girl, welcome.  We got Stephanie here on the stage.  You like spittin on black kids, Stephanie?  Where’s that mask today when you was spittin’ on children?  You are disgusting.  I hope when you get to jail, they beat your ass.  I’m gonna call ahead to the jail so my friends know you’re coming.  Cause you been spitting on their baby.  You ashamed of yourself, Stephanie.  And you know what?  When you post bond, I’m gonna be right out here to talk to you about your ass.  So I suggest you just sit up there and get comfortable, hoping I forget, but I got a long memory Stephanie.  Lemmie tell you: you be thinking it’s OK to mistreat people’s children, but he got a whole community behind him, and you gonna suffer for this for a very long time, and your career, only one of you’s been to law school, you can forget that baby cause youse about to be done, finished.  You be thinkin’ black folks don’t got connections, baby.  You got that right here.  It shouldn’t took that long to pull her outta there (to the police).  Y’all pull up and kill black folks in seconds but it took you all all day to get Stephanie.  She got to drink a beverage and everything.  She got to water her plants, pull the blinds, call her friends, get her bail set up, that’s ridiculous.  I don’t pay taxes for this [or likely anything else].  And you better believe the village president[?] gonna be hearing about this.  Allison.  Y’all gotta go to West Atlas, cause you know she live on West Atlas[?] cause I’m gonna have a talk about what took y’all what took you so long to get up and get Stephanie outta here, spittin’ on children in public. [laughter]  I’ve got a talent Baby.  I’ve got a talent.  I’ve got a talent.  And the Human Relations Committee, baby, you all wanna have your names up here on website, where the hell is Sarah, what the f*** is Sarah’s name?  Sarah Spencer?  Sarah Spencer where you at?  That’s weak-ass hoes.  Weak-ass hoes.  Weak-ass hoes.  Are you adults?  If she didn’t get her ass beat today at this protest, I coulda’ been at home in bed.  Bye girl.  Bye girl.  Bye girl.  Enjoy jail girl.  Shame, shame shame.  You dumbass, you got arrested on a f*****g weekend.”

Somehow the police brass (again, not the street cops) didn’t find this direct threat consequential enough to act on; the media didn’t find this direct threat consequential enough to report on, and You-tube didn’t find this direct threat consequential enough to take down.  Read this carefully, because this is the future for anyone who violates the slightest demand of the mob.  Stephanie Rapkin can never return to her house safely again because she dared to fight back ever so slightly against a woke black mob that was rioting through a riot-destroyed city.

A mob for whom the media ran shameless cover, before, during, and after the mob assaulted her.

And now the mob wants more:

 Shorewood School District Superintendent Bryan Davis said he has asked the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office to file a hate-crime enhancement as well. “This was not only disorderly behavior,” Davis said. “This was racial hatred aimed at disrupting a peaceful demonstration, and it cannot be tolerated.”

The local school superintendent is siding with his students who thuggishly swarmed a single woman on a public street.  He is accusing her of racism and demanding that she suffer public humiliation and be labeled a hate criminal in the courts.  That explains everything. That especially explains hate crime laws, which are currently being pushed in Georgia by pretty much everyone who is anyone in business, the media, politics, and academia, especially the Chamber of Commerce, which is threatening to do bad business stuff if we don’t kneel and wash their feet again.  Well, this is what that looks like: riot and destroy millions of dollars worth of businesses; assault police; attack random white people; follow them home and attack them again, and you won’t be charged with anything.

Commit the crime of trying to stay alive while white in a woke riot, and the world will turn against you.

Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan: I heard your interview with Erick Erickson, and I’m disturbed by your cryptic virtue-signalling.  Are you for this or against it?

It’s like the Handmaid’s Tale.  You know, not the Chaucer one: the one where America is a theocracy that repeatedly rapes fertile women to advance the Republican legislative agenda while courageous Canadians save the world from fascism.

Riddle me how the Georgia GOP is going to survive forcing the hate crimes nightmare on their electorate.




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  1. Chrissy, like you, Tina, are both TOTALLY delusional in regards to Stephanie G. Rapkin who is nothing but a racist, pure and simple!!! I don’t know where you get your information from (Perhaps the “Star” or the “National Enquirer”) but from one who also has a journalism background you are a terrible journalist since you obviously don’t know the meaning of being unbiased when reporting a story because this one slants more than the Leaning Tower of Pizza! I DEFINITELY will NOT be coming back to a trash website like this EVER again!!! Enjoy your one and only fan, Tina. You two deserve each other!

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