Soros-Funded Atlanta Independent Media Center Cheers Attempted Cop Assassination, Encourages More Murders of Cops

This is so sick, I’m just going to publish it before it disappears from the web.  Cameron Maddox tried to assassinate a cop in Atlanta, and Indymedia celebrated his effort and encouraged others to kill cops:

Atlanta Independent Media Center is part of Indymedia, funded by George Soros:

Squeezing Slowly: Atlanta Police Officer Shot in Little Five Points

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 03/25/2012 – 1:40am

By now everyone’s heard: 19 year-old Cameron Maddox was arrested for shooting Officer Dexter Toomer in the legs last Friday night. Undoubtedly, the shooter intended to kill. His aim was off, but his target was just right.

Maddox explains that he was frustrated by the police who arrested a friend earlier that day. Some of us are inspired by his ambition.Rather then taking the time to track down the arresting officer, Maddox decided to kill the next officer he saw. As that saying goes: All Cops Are Bastards. Without delay, he perched eagerly across the street from the restaurant, Zesto’s, where police are known to hang out.
7 shots. But only 1 connects and it’s in the legs.

Frantically, Maddox runs through the kitchen of the cafe he is staged on top of and tosses the gun inside a shirt at one of the cooks. Fingerprints sell him out and he is arrested a day later.

It is unclear what will happen to him beyond this but it is clear that the police are losing their grip on the streets of Atlanta.

Marches end with shattered glass and spray-paint, even casual walks leave heavily trafficked streets barricaded with dumpsters and broken glass bottles. Joe Stafford, Dwight Person, Ariston Waiters, Dawntrae Williams…so many more. We can never forget those who fell victim to the wild spray of police bullets, no doubt. But isn’t it also the case that every single moment is bottled by the prying eyes of the pigs? Atlanta has an extremely expansive surveillance system spanning across the entire downtown area…but nothing can stop the rage of those who just got woke the fuck up.

While anarchists and other anticapitalists have done their part to enact their passions against the police in an unmediated way, it always seems to be the “normal citizens” (the Blooms, if you will) who snap in the most violent expression of dissatisfaction and hopelessness.

Perhaps we should not be in a habit of “politicizing” crimes that wish only to be expressions of raw emotion, but Maddox has clearly expressed his hatred of the police through his actions and his words.

Although we will probably never meet him, we hope to see his courage inspire people everywhere (but not his recklessness – wear gloves, kids!)

It is never too late to realize your desires, whatever they are.

Be careful, but stay wild.



Hatred of police, encouraged by groups like East Atlanta Copwatch, the Occupy Movement, and a hundred other organizations funded by George Soros, is bearing fruit.  Did Cameron Maddox take part in any of the Atlanta trainings by activists who teach people how to harass cops?

Officer Toomer was shot by an assailant who was hiding on a nearby rooftop, hunting cops.  He sustained “only” a bullet to the leg, but where is the outrage, and why is Maddox only charged with aggravated assault, instead of attempted murder of a police officer?

Officer Dexter Toomer

The shooter’s name is Cameron Maddox.  Let me know if you know anything about him:

Cameron Christian Maddox


7 thoughts on “Soros-Funded Atlanta Independent Media Center Cheers Attempted Cop Assassination, Encourages More Murders of Cops”

  1. I went to Oglethorpe with this kid. Always knew he was crazy, but nobody saw this coming. I wish he’d killed that motherfucker.

  2. I knew Cameron elementary school, middle school, and high school. He went and graduated from Chamblee Charter High School in Atlanta. He had no connection activists to my knowledge. I always knew he would end up in jail for some reason, but I never thought it would be for this.

  3. This is way in the past, but I was just remembering Cameron and found this site while searching for updates.

    I also knew him for a long time, as in before even elementary school and then up until I left the state for college. I was mainly around him in high school, and although I was a year ahead of him and can’t speak to anything that might’ve gone down his senior year, he really was an OK guy. In the couple classes I had with him my senior year, he got along with everyone, was never mean, never had any kind of outbursts or anything like that. We talked about music a lot. I saw him at parties and never saw him acting out or doing anything “antisocial”. He did some dumb stuff, i.e. drugs, but that frankly was pretty much in line with the things his friends and a decent handful of kids at our school did. He didn’t do anything other than the kind of stupid teenager stuff that some people choose to do and then quit when they get a bit older. I definitely would not call him normal, but he absolutely was not antisocial, aggressive, or anything that would’ve suggested he’d wind up doing something like this.

    I just wanted to speak up about this, because I think anyone who says they “always knew he would end up in jail for some reason” either didn’t actually know him or is kind of full of it.

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