PBS is Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren, One Cop-Hating Poster at a Time. So . . . Give Your Money to the Kurt Wyman Fund Instead

Mary Grabar (of the excellent blog Dissident Prof) and I have a new report out at  Accuracy in Media.  It’s about the political manipulation of schoolchildren by PBS Teachers:

Part of our report discusses a PBS lesson plan in which students are encouraged to “learn about historical research methods” by investigating the origins of a cop-hating poster that was plastered around Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention riots.  Of course, the lesson plan celebrates the protesters and doesn’t mention the slaughter of police and others by the Black Panthers, Weathermen, and radicals associated with them.  The Panthers, for example, are described as social workers who fed children breakfasts and taught them about politics.

Sort of like PBS:

These “educators” behave as if they’re just teaching children how to gain library skills while using the word “pig” to refer to police over and over again.  I hope our report shows how far from pedagogical decency PBS has strayed.

If not, here’s an anecdote:  

Thanks to the generosity of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, I’m staying for the month in Clinton, New York.

The town of Clinton could not be more bucolic, in a Mennonites-and-hippies-selling-whoopie-pies-and-heirloom-tomatoes-in-the-town-square sort of way.

But bad things happen everywhere.  I was walking around town buying whoopee pies and heirloom tomatoes yesterday, and I saw a different kind of poster about cops.  This one was promoting the second annual Kurt Wyman Memorial Ride.  Kurt was a 24-year old war veteran, sheriff, father, and husband gunned down protecting the people of this beautiful place.

His wife gave birth to their second child upon hearing of his murder.  I previously blogged about him here.

Now imagine a world where teachers educated their students about the poster below, instead of slyly celebrating the cop-hating one above.  This world does exist, of course.  It exists in the town square of Clinton.  It exists just about everywhere, but it does not exist at PBS, which uses our tax dollars to train children to see cops as less than human.

Instead of donating to PBS this year, why not send your money to the Kurt Wyman fund to support the children he left behind (information below), or the Kurt Wyman Memorial Park (information here), or the Kurt Wyman scholarship fund (link needed).

Then, be sure to send PBS a letter telling them why.

 KBW Ride 6437 Pillmore Drive Rome, NY 13440.



1 thought on “PBS is Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren, One Cop-Hating Poster at a Time. So . . . Give Your Money to the Kurt Wyman Fund Instead”

  1. i recently spent some time researching the history of left wing bombing incidents in america- specifically the wave of anarchist terror that washed over the entire globe in the mid to late 1800s through the depression. lots of attacks on cops. lots of murdered cops. the radical flower bombers of the late 60’s merely picked up where their anarchist grand daddies had left off. suddenly, they were marxist revolutionaries- but the same old disregard for the law, disregard for other persons and smoldering hatred of the police. a lot of armed robbery to liberate funds for the revolution. and lots of bombs.

    the more i studied the more i realized i had been lied to in school-or at least been sold a bill of goods that obfuscated and slanted incidents in favor of the radical leftist terrorists ( i take this is because my teachers were of that generation). next to nothing was taught about the unprecedented level of anarchist/communist violence against persons in the early 20th c- it was all about the brave labor movement and the evil business men and their thug cop storm troopers or the fascist government victimizing immigrants. nothing about 39 bombs mailed to sundry citizens on may day. nothing about the likes of sacco and vanzetti being card carrying anarchists sworn to violence. nothing about haymarket square in chicago where 60 police officers were wounded and 7 died when a supposed anarchist heaved a stick of dynamite at them at a rally.

    a monument to the officers was built in 1889 and continually vandalized. in 1968 on may day it was spray painted black. the weather underground blew it up twice- a memorial to the long dead, working class men who had had families and children. finally, the city had to move the rebuilt- again- memorial to police headquarters.

    the location of where this statue to fallen police officers should stand, haymarket square where they were murdered , has been transformed into a memorial to the murderers and bomb throwers- the public square and history re-visioned to remove the crimes committed by radicals. like the re-visioned , biased history taught in schools. it’s a monument to the long term entrenched bias in our schools- and here you show the ultimate insult, particularly for those of us with family member LEOs: our tax money paying for disinformation and lies.my money paying to teach children that cops are ‘pigs’ and justified targets of misplaced , redirected rage. it’s propagandizing- not teaching.

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