Just Not Putting Recidivists Away, Georgia

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Parolee With Long Record Wanted in Child Molestation.”  Does anybody keep track of recidivists in Georgia?

A parolee with an extensive criminal history is wanted in Smyrna allegedly for molesting a 15-year-old girl and exposing himself to woman at a car wash.

A few months after he was released from prison, Buckner exposed himself to a neighbor who captured his image on her cell phone camera. Buckner was fondling himself at the time. McDuffie said he pleaded guilty to public indecency in July 2008. The detective did not know why he was not sent back to prison.

The Cobb County Superior Court lists 17 charges against Buckner prior to his recent crimes (I am assuming that Daniel Dwayne Buckner and Daniel Dewayne Buckner are the same person), including firearms possession, battery, and terroristic threats.  Then there is the child molestation and two counts of indecent exposure.

I once had a cop tell me that indecent exposure is a “day job for rapists.”  Not all flashers move on to rape, he said, but rapists flash people all the time for low-rent kicks. 

I can’t believe I’m asking this question, but are judges following the law on recidivism?  What will it take for them to check with other jurisdictions, and even their own counties, for prior records before they let people walk out the courthouse door?   Is legislation needed to force their hand?  Or is something else at work here?  If so, what?   


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