Jamaal T. Bailey (D) 36TH SENATE DISTRICT, Co-Sponsored NY State Senator Brad Hoylman’s Radical Empty-the-Prisons Bill. Let’s Stop Him Too.

Residents in Jamaal T. Bailey’s State Senate district, which includes crime-ridden areas from the South Bronx up to Mount Vernon, aren’t happy with leftists’ new no bail laws and tiny sentences for even the most heinous offenders.  Yet Bailey has co-sponsored State Senate Judiciary Chair Brad Hoylman’s radical empty-the prisons bill, S15A.

Take, for one example, Tyrell Taylor.  In 2012, Taylor was charged with 45 counts of rape, sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment.  He had, of course, previously been charged and cut loose on other sex crime charges.  But in 2012 he was escalating to torturing and choking his victims.   The community expressed outrage.  But Tyler was then, thanks to some of New York State’s other criminal leniency laws, limited in the amount of time he would serve in prison.

One minor victim said he was a killer, because what he did to her body killed her.

Someone who starts strangling and torturing his victims as young as Taylor was at the time should be locked up for a long time anyway, not just because his crimes were severe enough to justify the sentence, but because such escalation in young offenders strongly indicates escalation to torture-murders, which he may have already committed when he was caught in 2012.

Note that the arrest that led to the prosecution in 2012 was his 33rd arrest already.  He was 17.

I could only find one adult inmate named Tyrell Taylor who could have been old enough to have committed those rapes, and he was charged (pled down to) mere burglary, paroled in 2016, and released from parole in 2018.  Of course, his juvenile records are sealed. But you don’t serve six years in prison for one burglary.  He was born in 1995, so he was a minor when he tortured and raped all those women.  He was a mere 17 by the time he has accumulated 33 arrests.  As far as I can find, as the internet erases criminal histories more and more, that’s all the information we have one him: he raped and tortured unknown numbers of women before he was 17, was arrested 33 times before he was 17, and was cut loose back into society a mere four years later.

He is merely one of many, many serial offenders Jamall T. Bailey  and Brad Hoylman want to release back onto the streets of Bailey’s criminal-tortured district.  Of course, Brad Hoylman’s family won’t be impacted.

If anyone can help me substantiate Tyrell Taylor’s full criminal record, please contact me at this blog.  Meanwhile, contact Jamaal T. Bailey and tell him you want him to withdraw his sponsorship of Brad Holyman’s empty-the-prisons bill.  Tell him you want him to protect women and children and other victims in his district instead.  Here is Jamaal’s contact information:

959 East 233rd St.
Bronx, NY 10466-3207
Phone: 718-547-8854

Legislative Office Building
Room 609
Albany , NY 12247
Phone: 518-455-2061

250 S 6th Ave.
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Phone: 914-699-1895

3450 Dekalb Ave.
Room 111
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-944-3220





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