“It’s Time To Re-Name the Mario Cuomo Bridge To Honor the Brinks Robbery Victims”

So says Richard Molloy, in an editorial published in both the Poughkeepsie Journal and reprinted in U.S.A. Today.  The Poughkeepsie Journal is my hometown paper.  I was too young to understand the organized and destructive forces at work in Nyack, New York that day in 1981, when Officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown, along with Brink’s Guard Peter Paige, were gunned down by Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army (BLA) killers.   Also seriously injured were Brink’s Guard Joseph Trombino (who died later saving people from the World Trade Center on 9/11) and Police Detective Artie Keenan.  Brink’s Driver James Kelly was wounded, though less seriously.

This was not the first Brink’s heist these people committed, nor would it be their last murders of innocent guards and police.  Yet for 20 years, Presidents of the United States have inexplicably pardoning these killers (uh, only the white ones, cough) on or near the last day of their terms in presidential office.  Why do they do this?

Because these cop-killers are heroes in the eyes of the DNC.

Obama freed Marilyn Buck.  He and the New York State Division of Parole freed the reprehensible Kathy Boudin.

Judith Clark was granted clemency by Andrew Cuomo and subsequently released.  Bill Clinton pardoned murderer Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans.  Hamilton History Professor Bob Paquette was responsible for leading the moral charge against Rosenberg becoming a “writer in residence” at Hamilton.  Kudos.

And now Mario Cuomo has pardoned David Gilbert.  Why?  He won’t say.  Mumbling about “rehabilitation” is insulting garbage.  People in high office don’t spend their final days pardoning ordinary people who committed lesser crimes and show real signs of rehabilitation, such as gaining a GED, rather than this cabal of terrorists, whose “rehabilitation” consisted entirely of radicalizing other prisoners against the government with the help of Bard University and the New York Times.

The New York Times is primarily responsible for freeing Judith Clark.  Most of their black compatriots were left to die in prison.  Not the right types of people for the Times editorial page, I suppose.

The Nyack attack wasn’t the only time these terrorist cells murdered police, guards and bystanders.  Between the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, police were killed in several states, including California, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Also little-known is the role Bernardine Dohrn played in the killings, only to go free thanks to Kathy Boudin’s powerful father, free to pursue a career in the law school at Northwestern University and more-than-part-time babysitter of Michelle Obama and her children as Barack pursued his political career when Michelle had enough of it already.

Also also little known is the story of Elinor Raskin and Jeff Jones — Albany Law professor Raskin and Obama advisor Jones somehow avoided consequences for being caught in an apartment crawling with toddlers and explosives.

These people always used their children to prevent going to prison for killing other children’s parents.

It’s time to fight back, but time is short.

If you’re a cop; a first responder, a security guard, the leader of a Police Benevolent Organization, or anyone else who feels these killers should have died in prison, rather than ending up being feted as heroes by literary organizations such as PEN and universities such as Columbia, Albany Law School, Northwestern University, Emory School of Law, and Hamilton College, contact the New York State Board of Parole and replacement New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul to prevent cold-blooded murderer David Gilbert from going free too.

You can contact this blog if you have trouble finding the right place to go.  We need to barrage them with our outrage that yet another killer is being cut loose for purely political reasons, and not just cut loose but celebrated on college campuses and handed literary awards and granted teaching positions at our country’s once-noble institutions of higher education.

Enough is enough.

You can use the search function on this blog to find more details about how each of these murderers were released.  You can also contact me at tinatrent2@yahoo.com if you have information or remembrances of that terrible day in Nyack, and, only with your permission, I will publish them here.

It’s time to humanize the victims, for a change.








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  1. (Trombino – not only was he killed in 9/11 but he was also present the day of the first world Trade Center bombing in 1993. he was there on his rounds a few hours before the bomb was driven into the underground parking garage. the Trade Center was on his Brinks route.) Eric Holder was the point man in both the Clinton and Obama presidencies for releasing most of these terrorists.

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