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They’re Just Not That Into You: Republicans And The Hispanic Vote

November 20, 2012

By Tina Trent

Election day in Tampa was like the calm after a cancelled hurricane warning.  Dire predictions of long lines and voters turned away at the polls did not materialize.  Outside polling places, a few Tea Partiers squared off against droves of professional activists from the alphabet soup of leftist organizations: AFL-CIO members (do they ever have jobs to go to?), National Lawyer’s Guild lawyers, and all those Democratic PACs the media studiously ignored, including the in-your-face pro-Obama 1911 PAC.

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10 thoughts on “In Florida Political Press Today . . .”

  1. In the primary ROmeny had Kris Kobach but the Bushes and the rest of the Republican Pary elites wanted him to get rid of self deporting which might have helped Mitt in Wi or Oh.

  2. Here’s anaother reason why not overpander to hispanics, many of them come from countries that didn’t support the US wars. Mexico opposed them and immirgant Mexicans are more liking to opposed us foreign policy. El Salvador for the only country in that region that supported the US but according to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio they have our values but their views on foreign policy are rarely discuss among Republicans, asians and blacks also are more opposed to US Republican foreign policy than are whites.

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