2 thoughts on “I’m On Cliff Kincaid’s Show Discussing Cuomo’s “Pardon” of David Gilbert and the release of Sirhan Sirhan”

  1. just some info about parole in CA which was subject to some new guideline laws in the ’00s- it is insane. anyone who committed a crime at age 26 or under is considered a “youthful offender” . 26.

    “The Elderly Parole Program gives inmates a parole suitability hearing once they are both age 50 and have served 20 years of continuous incarceration. ”

  2. I don’t know all the details of the California guidelines — to do so would take a degree in sentencing rules, civil procedure, criminal law … and another in abnormal psychology.

    But you’re right about the extreme leniency being woven into the system. Three decades ago, activists and lawyers were showered with money to start “astroturf” organizations demanding that nobody under 18 be charged as an adult or receive life without parole no matter how horrific or prolific their crimes. Meanwhile, Law Professors and psychology professors were being showered with grants to create legal arguments and case law claiming that nobody under the age of 26 is capable of understanding his or her behavior, and the Marshall Foundation was paying the New York Times to write feature stories legitimating such claims.

    And so they won; states are falling like dominoes; rational sentencing is gone, and life without parole is gone in most places for these “youthful offenders,” no matter their body count. All roads lead back to Soros cash.

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