If Anthony Sowell Had a Son . . .

. . . he would look like Michael Madison.

Serial Killer Anthony Sowell, murdered at least 11 women in Cleveland

At least, 11 women’s bodies were found in his house

Was a registered sex offender

Was permitted to plead to “attempted rape” in one previous rape case to get let off early

Went undetected for years

Even as women pleaded for help when they escaped him

And neighbors complained of the smell

Serial killer Michael Madison, charged this week with killing three women in Cleveland

Got a slap on the wrist for “attempted rape” charges in 2002

Served four years and was allowed to register as the lowest-level sex offender status

Has apparently told authorities that he was “inspired” by Sowell

Well, thank God these weren’t hate crimes.  Because that might distract Eric Holder.

Bonus: Remember the AP apologizing for calling Sowell a rapist?  ‘Cause he just lived in a house with the bones and body parts of women he had tortured to death sexually.

Double Bonus: That makes three recently caught horrific serial murderer/rapists/torturers of women in Cleveland who did everything but erect neon billboards announcing that their hatred of women drove them to kidnap and rape and torture and murder women . . . but zero hate crime charges.

And don’t forget Walter E. Ellis.

And Charles C. Roberts and George Sodini and Mbarek Lafrem.

Yep, none of those murders count as hate.  Why?  That’s a really interesting story.

Because back in 1997, Eric Holder and Elena Kagan made sure serial rape and murder wouldn’t count as hate if the victims were women.

Yes, that Eric Holder and Elena Kagan.

Funny how everything old is new again.


2 thoughts on “If Anthony Sowell Had a Son . . .”

  1. I remember when these crimes took place in Cleveland. The victims were crackhead prostitutes. Not saying they deserved to die but crack addicts DO NOT give a damn about their own safety. All these dudes had to do was flash some drugs and cash. One surviving victim said that her friend had introduced her to crack and they began hanging inside Sowell’s filthy crackhouse. She claims that she didn’t smell the odor of decaying bodies. That’s b/c funky odor is normal to trifling blacks. Black crackheads and monsters are a major threat to their communities and society at large. It’s been this way for many, many years.

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