How the Atlanta “Massage Parlor” Murders are Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Hate Crime Industry. And How Georgia Legislators Are Responding to — and Exploiting It

Robert Aaron Long, Killer

Acworth, Georgia, where Robert Aaron Long began his killing spree, is a small and largely poor town once you get away from the Allatoona lakefront.  It has an abundance of natural beauty and a few pretty old-brick buildings downtown.  I had an amazing meal there once in a Cajun restaurant, when my younger brother was rehabbing an old mill worker’s house in town.  But ugly, detritus-strewn highways border it to the East.  Poverty has produced drug addiction, or drug addiction has produced poverty.  It was once a mill town, then a feeder town for the carpet industry that decamped to Mexico long ago.  Until 2010, demographics in Acworth remained largely unchanged from a century-plus before, with the exception of, maybe, 6% in 2010, and at least double that now, Mexicans who came north as the factory work went south to Mexico, and jobs dried up for lower-class residents.

I’m not surprised that Acworth has at least one Asian massage parlor.  If you drive from Atlanta to South Florida on the old Highway 41 instead of using the freeway, which I actually did once thanks to a bum U-Haul, you’ll see that even the tiniest towns in places like outer Tifton (which, I’ll reiterate, isn’t “Terrific,” town slogan notwithstanding), Vienna, and Arabi all have Asian “massage parlors” quite nearby, where you’ll find Asian women but also lots of poor wayward daughters of white and black families dozing and watching tv and either giving themselves beer bellies or shriveling away doing meth until a trucker or some other John shows up.  Completely off-topic, Arabi has also drawn at least a few confused Middle-Eastern guys who run the gas station and watch soccer matches on ancient VCR tapes and advertise their business using a giant roadside cow statue.

I’ve spent a lot of time driving through rural Georgia, and I like to stop and talk to people.  I always gas up in Arabi.  They’re always cursing at and slapping the television, and the same match seems to have been playing for 20 years, and that makes me laugh.

But Acworth is close enough to Atlanta to have ample access to Asian massage parlors staffed by actual Asian women.  Atlanta has been a federal refugee resettlement site for decades, and refugee services also attract non-refugee immigrants, and the entire east side of the city in and outside the perimeter is known as Chambodia, a bastardization of Chamblee-Tucker that I have hear out of the mouths of as many Asian as non-Asian people.

I have visited countless Asian “massage parlors” in Atlanta.  Not as a client: I’m a happily married, heterosexual woman.  But from 1988 to 1994, I worked with Vietnamese immigrants in the convention construction trade.  During the day, we laid carpet together and built convention booths with allen wrenches out of metal that was like giant erector sets.  We were small, and we could do that sort of detailed metal construction despite our lack of upper-body weight, and I learned how to roll and straighten a 300-foot carpet in perfect unison with just three tiny guys who spoke no English.  I ate in their apartments and dated in the community and went to their weddings and helped them with their citizenship tests.

As a result of this experience, I spent more than a year working a federal grant as a public health worker tasked with “community outreach” to non-English, non-Spanish speaking people in danger of contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.  Thus the massage parlors.  And they were depressing and scary.  An Atlanta or DeKalb Police Captain in charge of ethnic gangs counted off the Asian gangs we had imported — Tong, Triad, ABD.  They ran the massage parlors.  The Chinese gangs ran the restaurants (and oversaw many of the gangsters from smaller countries) and controlled the after-hours gambling on Cheshire Bridge Road.  The Vietnamese prided themselves in running mostly nail salons rather than massage parlors, so long as you were full-blooded Vietnamese and not some bastardized Amerasian, in which case you could rot in the streets turning tricks near the Jimmy Carter Center.  The fat white guys who looked like the black-shirted video store guy in the Simpsons ran the so-called lingerie parlors, where all the non-Asian quasi-prostitutes worked.  Every inch of Metro Atlanta, right up to the mountain towns of Acworth and Dahlonega, hosts countless Asian massage parlors which are ALL fronts for sex work, even if the occasional naive woman wanders in and expects, like, an actual massage.  Almost every Asian massage clinic is run by older Asian women, as opposed to the lingerie parlors, which often have a man on duty, and, of course, the strip clubs are all about displays of strength, from the beefy bouncers, to the sad flash and cash, the creepy male camaraderie, and the business and political luncheons (raw oysters or mac and cheese with your steak and titties, Mr. Mayor?)

If Robert Aaron Long was looking to buy sex in Acworth, he would go to an Asian massage parlor.  If he was looking to buy sex anywhere else in Atlanta, he’d likely end up in an Asian massage parlor.  Even if he was traveling in South Georgia or North Florida, he would probably look for an Asian massage parlor.  This tells us nothing about his opinion of Asians.  They just populate the industry.

None of this is intended in any way to be an exculpation of the eight murders and one extremely severe yet barely mentioned attempted murder that Robert Aaron Long committed.  It is intended to be an indictment of the so-called hate crime activists and boldly racist Asian “activist” groups who have been exploiting this horrific murder spree for their own sleazy interests.  These politicians and activists don’t give a damn about the women who work in Happy Endings strip mall massage parlors, often unwillingly.  They give a damn about accruing political power by trying as hard as they can to take their place among the pantheon of the Very Special People who use hate crimes and identity politics to advance their political ambitions.  That’s why they don’t hold press conferences to denounce other equally horrific crimes in their own backyards.  That’s why they vote for bills that create an actual caste system of victims, from the highly desired politically correct victim-dyad (white on anyone non-white) to the politically inconvenient victim-dyads (black on white, or black on other minority) to the completely neglectable (black on black) the latter two of which must be ignored and buried and never, ever, added to the weeping wall of Hate Crime Victimhood.

The only thing more evil and exploitative than politicians and pundits and activists who do this are hate crime laws themselves.

So after pontificating at length yesterday about theoretical stuff that strains my quotidian little mind, today and tomorrow I’m going to survey a few elected officials and newspaper stories that are using Robert Aaron Long’s victims for their own advancement.

First up, State Senator and Physician, Dr. Michelle Au.  She is hammering away at this for all it’s worth.

Worth to her, that is.

Dr. Au seems like the slick self-promoter political type.  That’s just my gut, but I have an excellent gut for categorizing politicians.  She’s an anesthesiologist in private practice who used Asian-American identity activists groups to run her campaign, and she has been flogging their identity politics every since she got into office.  She’s the author of a book called This Won’t Hurt a Bit,  in which she mocks obese and elderly patients and whines about the pressures of a two-physician household.

I do my homework.

Dr. Au, a driven, upper-class careerist, demonstrates no insight into the sex trade in the Asian community in Atlanta.  And to be very clear, she has absolutely no special obligation to do so.  But she also should not use her ethnicity to make outrageous claims about persecution for being Asian, or claim any special knowledge about the oppressed women working in these sex clubs.

Au is claiming a huge increase of “anti-Asian” attacks and linking them to the murders of eight people, two non-Asian, plus the shooting of an Hispanic man who is lucky to have survived, and the murders of six Asian women working in massage parlors the killer frequented.  She has refused multiple requests to comment on the fact that the killer murdered more women than Asians.  She knows where her bread is buttered.

Au is fond of quoting so-called “statistics” that are nothing more than propaganda produced by non-law enforcement groups such as the Asian activists groups she worked with.  Here is her latest screed:

“Our AAPI [Asian American and Pacific Islander] community has been living in fear in the shadow of escalating racial discrimination and attacks. This latest series of murders only heightens that terror. We are scared for our families, we are scared for our friends.”

Hate crimes against Asians have been on the rise in the U.S. since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, which was first reported in Wuhan, China.

In 2020, such crimes were reported to have increased by nearly 150 percent compared with the previous year, according to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University.

Stop AAPI Hate, a non-profit group that tracks cases of “hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning and child bullying,” recorded 3,795 anti-Asian hate incidents between March 19, 2020—days after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic—and February 28. More than 500 of the incidents were recorded this year, according to a Stop AAPI Hate report released on Tuesday.

Citing the Stop AAPI figures in the state Senate on Monday, Au said: “By my calculation, that’s a 30-fold increase in what looked to be racially motivated crimes.

Actually, Asians suffer the lowest incidence of real crimes.  The group she cites collects its “incidents” from self-reporting that is not vetted by any real police agency.  Reporters and other dolts repeat her words as if she is referring to actual attacks.  And we all know that the people most likely to commit actual and reported crimes against Asian-Americans are minority males, mostly black.

Michelle was just waiting for that special dyad to appear: a so-called hate crime committed by a white male against Asian females.  That’s also her bread and butter.

This is an elite woman living in an elite community working an elite job who knows that her fastest track to attention in the Georgia Senate is to paint herself as a victim, at the expense of the truth and the victims she’s pimping for her political career.  Shame on her.


Tomorrow: Crimes Michelle Au Didn’t Think Were Important in Her District










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  1. male violence against women because they are females. period. presenting this incident as anything other than being driven by a pathological hatred of women is the cynical game playing of a leftist power grab done atop the dead bodies- which will be of christened whatever identity they need to be in order to advance an agenda. already dropped out of the news cycle.

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