Georgia Legislators May Finally Have the Hate Crime They Wanted. They Had to Bury a Lot of Other Victims First.

Last night, 21-year old Robert Aaron Long was captured after murdering eight people in so-called “massage parlors” in Metro Atlanta.  Long is white.  Six of his victims have been identified as Asian women.  It is likely the six murdered women were Korean.  In Atlanta, Korean mobs run the massage parlors; strip clubs are either all-black or predominantly white (Chocolate City, The Gold Club); so-called “lingerie modeling” enterprises are a glory of employment desegregation, as it were, and flat-up prostitution involves Hispanic or black or white women and girls — lots of girls — depending on where you are in the city.

The other two human beings Long murdered in the massage parlors were white — one male and one female.  But who cares about them?  Believe me, all around Atlanta, legislators and activists and journalists are waking up this morning desperately wishing he hadn’t killed those two white people — not because the murder of two humans is terrible, but because the existence of two murdered white bodies represent an inconvenient speed-bump in their excited jostling to get to the nearest microphone to grandstand the loudest about anti-Asian hate crime.


Don’t worry, guys.  This is already international news, and the media is already airbrushing the inconvenient dead white bodies from the story.  They’re also airbrushing the crazy idea that Long’s animus may have been against women, not Asians, because — for example — he killed more women than Asians.  He also killed all his victims in places that degrade and peddle women’s bodies to men, suggesting that gender animus just might have been on his mind.  If he wanted to kill random Asian people, he could have gone to any Asian supermarket in Atlanta and doubled his body count.  He went to places where he could kill women involved in the so-called “sex trade,” and he also chose places where he could get inside without a lot of other men being there, men like giant strip club bouncers and street-wise pimps who would doubtlessly pummel his pasty ass and beat if not shoot him to death before he managed to murder so many innocent people.

But even if Long did set out to target Korean massage parlors, so what?  Do we have a justice system that punishes him equally for the taking of each of eight human lives, or do we have a justice system that acts like Long himself by officially decreeing that his murders of six Asian women are worse than his two other murders, because those murders were just killing a white woman and a white man?  Thanks to the Georgia General Assembly, especially hate crime bill sponsor Rep. Chuck Esftration, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, and House Speaker David Ralston, Georgia now has a justice system that thinks like Robert Aaron Long.

Thanks to hate crime laws, we have a justice system that doesn’t treat all human lives equally under the law.

My preference, obviously, is no hate crime laws and a justice system that treats all human lives equally.  But so long as we have these vile laws on the books, why too is the media already carefully airbrushing the idea that this could be an anti-female bias crime?  After all, there is nothing in the text of any state or federal hate crime law that excludes heterosexual, non-transgender women from being counted as victims of either sex or gender bias crime.  Yet, from the Daily Mail to the New York Times to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and all points between, reports tie Long’s crimes to the purported rise in “anti-Asian hate” while mentioning only in passing, if at all, that the type of person he killed the most of were women. Plus some poor white man, who certainly won’t be having any little candles in paper cups earnestly burned for him at the Georgia General Assembly this morning.  Georgia State Senator Michelle Au is already dehumanizing both white victims and using her 15 minutes of fame to pointedly avoid the suggestion that these crimes may have been directed at women, not Asians — even as the investigating officers are saying Long claims to have targeted his victims because of an uncontrollable sex addiction, not anti-Asian animus.  Meanwhile, the Asian bias motive is already being questioned.

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said Long told investigators that he had a sexual addiction and had frequented all three businesses before. After interviewing him on Tuesday night, investigators said he gave no indication that the shootings were racially motivated. Instead, he indicated to investigators that he targeted the specific businesses, Reynolds told Channel 2?s Chris Jose. . .

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive.

Investigators interviewed Long after his arrest Tuesday night. They say Long took responsibility for the shootings.

The Cherokee County Sheriff told Channel 2 Action News that he believes Long targeted the businesses specifically. Reynolds said Long told investigators he had a sexual addiction and frequented all three businesses. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office say Long blamed the spas for furthering his addiction and “wanted to eliminate the temptation.”

Reynolds said Long gave no indication that the shootings were racially motivated but they are not completely ruling that out. Several organizations that address hate crimes against Asian Americans along with several Asian American leaders released statements Tuesday night.

Note that exactly none of these activists are gracious enough to say anything about gender-bias hatred of women.  This isn’t denouncing hate, it’s pimping it.  And these poor victims already had enough pimps when they were alive.  I know.  I used to do public health outreach to Asian massage parlors in Atlanta.  They were locked into cinderblock buildings by the airport, on Cheshire Bridge Road, in the suburbs everywhere, forced to perform sex on strange men — where were you then, State Senator Au, when I was sneaking around the back of massage parlors in the worst parts of town to drop off pamphlets and phone numbers for women who wanted to get out?  Where was your outrage then? Where was the outrage of the activists quoted below?  Is it only wrong to torture women when there’s a white man to blame?  Where are the press releases about the dangers of being women?  Where is the pity for the two white victims?

Per the activists:

“The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy – for the families of the victims first and foremost, but also for the AAPI community – which has been reeling from high levels of racial discrimination,” Stop AAPI Hate tweeted Tuesday night. “Few details have been released, including whether or not the shootings were related or motivated by hate. But right now there is a great deal of fear and pain in the Asian American community that must be addressed.”

“I am utterly devastated to learn about the 8 people senselessly shot to death in Georgia tonight. 6 of these victims are Asian American women. Our community has been facing a relentless increase in attacks and harassment over the past year,” California Rep. Judy Chu said. “As we wait for more details to emerge, I ask everyone to remember that hurtful words and rhetoric have real life consequences. Please stand up, condemn this violence, and help us #StopAsianHate.”

State Senator Au: will you fight just as hard for gender bias hate crime charges if that proves to be the motive, “in part or whole,” as the law reads?  I dare you. 

Even the killer’s own father seems more invested in saying his son isn’t prejudiced than discussing the killings.  Because he knows that being labeled a racist is literally worse than murdering eight innocent people.

The de facto exclusion of crimes targeting random “biological” women from being counted as sex and gender bias isn’t just a toxin in our criminal justice system.  Hate crime laws are the origin of both the legal and lexical warping of language that now excludes heterosexual, non-transgender women from being defined as women, rather than as “people who menstruate” and other hateful nonsense.  Hate crime laws were the first laws that, in practice everywhere though not officially anywhere, only recognized as female victims of sex or gender bias transgenders or transvestites identifying as women. In the process, they also legally elevated those people over so-called “cis-women,” and literally excluded those “cis-women” from being counted as the victims of sex or gender bias.

As I was researching the subject of gender and sex in the roll-out of hate crime laws in California in 1999-2000, Los Angeles County District Attorney Carla Arranaga, an international leader in the hate crimes movement, who also drafted part of the DOJ’s Local Prosecutor’s Guide for Responding to Hate Crimes, proudly told me that her office had recently prosecuted seven “gender-bias” crimes, all involving transvestites or transgendered victims.  She also told me that none of the county’s 2,000 rapes or attempted rapes against non-transgender, non-transvestite, heterosexual women were, in her view, gender or sex-based hate crimes, not even those involving the serial rape-murders or multiple women.

But these norms didn’t just hold in ultra-liberal Los Angeles.  After all, Carla Arranaga didn’t just write the book: she helped oversee the biased implementation of bias crime prosecutions throughout the United States.  In August, 2000, serial rapist Mark Anthony Lewis was charged with eight counts of hate crime in Chicago after being identified as the assailant in nine rapes.  Lewis, who is black, was charged with ethnic bias hate crime towards Asians.  Seven of his victims were Asian.  He was also charged with anti-Asian ethnic-bias hate crime in the rape of a Hispanic woman whom he thought was Asian.  But his ninth rape, of a white woman, was officially a lesser charge because it wasn’t counted as hate.  And none of the rapes were counted as gender or sex bias towards women, though he was clearly seeking one woman after another to rape.  Meanwhile, in Georgia, the GBI announced that it was investigating whether a transvestite prostitute who was beaten to death in Cordele was killed by a hate criminal looking to kill a transvestite or if the killer didn’t know the victim was a male and was just looking to kill a woman prostitute.

Just killing a random woman wouldn’t even be investigated as hate.

Among the hundreds of other women raped and murdered in Chicago in 2000, none were considered victims of hate crimes, not even those who were beaten, slashed, and burned by their rapists, not the ones gang-raped by men acting in unison, like a lynch mob, not the ones strangled and left dead by the side of a road like Matthew Shepard.  Patrick Sykes was not charged with hate, though Sykes poured roach killer into the eyes and throat of one of his several rape victims, leaving her blind, and he beat her so severely that the nine-year old suffered brain damage, is nearly blind, and will never speak or walk again.

In Georgia, Renaldo Javier Rivera confessed to raping and killing four women and raping at least 150 others, but the GBI refused to call those crimes gender bias hate crimes.  In New York, Arohn Kee doused one of his victims with gasoline and set her body on fire and strangled, stabbed, and sodomized three other women and girls, but the District Attorney refused to even consider hate crime charges.

I’d like the GBI, Representative Efstration, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, and House Speaker David Ralston to explain why they don’t think Renaldo Javier Rivera should be counted as a gender-bias hate criminal in the quasi-official lists (which could have been done even though Georgia had no state hate crime law at the time) and why Georgia prosecutors didn’t refer his crimes to federal hate crime prosecutors at the time, as they had done with other cases.  I’d love to see some reporter in this city have the fortitude to ask them.  I’d love to see AJC editor Kevin Riley explain why his paper suppressed the voices of people opposing this legislation, downplayed the riots preventing lobbyists from getting into the State Capitol, and has systematically failed to investigate why several cases of anti-white murder and aggravated assault, and also one arguable case of black-on black bias crime murder of a child have not been prosecuted as race bias hate crimes since the legislation went into effect.

This past summer, Jayvon Hatchett, who is black, announced he was going to kill a white man and randomly stabbed an Auto Zone employee, nearly killing him.  Despite admitting he wanted to kill white men, Hatchett was then given a white cellmate, whom he beat to death on September 5.

Where was Chuck Efstration?  Did he proudly announce that his law could now be used to punish Hatchett for committing racially-motivated assault and racially-motivated murder?  Where was Lt. Governor Duncan?  Where was David Ralston?  Where were all the Democratic legislators AND the Republican legislators who voted for the hate crime bill precisely to punish these types of crimes?  The Hatchett case is still playing out in the courts, but the GBI is mum, as are all the elected officials and activists who strutted and grandstanded “against hate” last year.

Then there is the murder of eight-year-old Secoria Turner by BLM rioters occupying the burned-out Wendy’s in Atlanta on July 4.  Why would a black child being killed by black illegal occupiers be counted as racial bias hate crime?  Because that’s the way the laws are written.  The rioters’ intentions in violently occupying that parking lot and shooting at passers-by (they had already killed two others) was racial: therefore, even though their victim was also black, their animus was still racial bias.  There are a million ways hate crime laws and hate crime activists dehumanize and officially disappear victims of inconvenient crimes in order to achieve the highly curated victim/offender statistics they crave.  Secoria Turner is one such dehumanized victim.  Her killers won’t face enhanced penalties because of their racial animus.  Likewise, the hundreds of young gay and heterosexual males tortured and killed by gay serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy were victims of anti-gay or anti-male sexual bias even though their killers were gay because they were selected based on the characteristic or appearance of being gay, or male.  The hundreds of thousands of women raped or raped and murdered by strangers and/or serial offenders were victims of gender or sex bias hate crimes, but fewer than a dozen heterosexual, biologically-born women have been classified that way since the advent of the hate crimes movement began, and those handful of classifications nearly all occurred early and in states that have since not reported additional crimes against women as hate.


How did all this selective prosecution start?  Why aren’t heterosexual, non-transgender women counted as victims of gender or sex bias hate at the prosecution level in the states or the statistics-gathering of federal agencies?  Well, that’s a nice, long, back-room tale.  It began in 1996, when the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman, titular leader of the powerful hate crimes movement, published a pamphlet explaining that “counting women” as gender-bias victims might be a problem because there were too many of them — not too many women, but too many hate crimes against women.  The ADL, Foxman went on to vaguely explain, had solved the woman problem, and so women victims of random crimes against women clearly selected just because they were women (serial stranger rape, serial rape-murder, subway groping, plus minor crimes like slurs, street harassment, and anti-female graffiti), wouldn’t “overwhelm” or “distract from” the totally invented hate crime statistics Abe and his pals at the LGTBQ and ethnic minority groups were busy manufacturing.

How, exactly, did Abe Foxman and his peers keep the annual 10,000-plus female victims of stranger rape and serial rape-murder (to name only the worst cases, though the vast majority of “hate crimes” are mere instances of graffiti and name-calling) from “counting” as victims of gender-or-sex bias hate crime?  They used the back door of bureaucratic deceit.  Ever since the 1990’s, the ADL, the Simon Weisenthal Center, GLADD, the NAACP, the (gay-rights) Human Rights Council (HRC), and an alphabet soup of Asian and Hispanic and Arab and black organizations have been empowered by the DOJ to “train” prosecutors and police in the states about what is and isn’t hate, and they simply used this un-elected power, and the power of the DOJ, to train law enforcement to not investigate and prosecute crimes against heterosexual women as hate.  Eric Holder rolled out this putsch of female victims in the states, and Elena Kagan, who was advising then-President Bill Clinton and and Holder at the time, provided the thin legal justification for, say, not noticing if a serial killer had repeatedly stabbed the vaginas of twenty women or carved anti-female pejoratives on their tortured, violated bodies.

Ditto for young boys and men selected for sex torture and murder by gay serial killers.

I once had a trainer from the Simon Weisenthal Center explain to me that when they trained prosecutors and police from around the country, the question of counting raped-and-murdered women and serial rape victims as victims of bias crime “always came up,” but that the Center “didn’t put it [their response] in writing.” “We handle it during Q & A,” she said. The woman’s supervisor called me not long after that and told me I wasn’t allowed to publish the trainer’s explanation.  This was during a scheduled interview, arranged by their staff, for the purposes of a dissertation accepted by Emory University.  In the early years, as states passed their own hate crime laws and state bureaus of investigation took orders from the DOJ and FBI, I spoke with many state employees who were utterly confused about the exclusion of heterosexual women victims from the statistics they were tasked to send to the federal government.  But even then, they knew not to speak on record.  It was a systematic and entirely extralegal misapplication of the laws as written.  But even 20 years ago, those state crime statisticians knew better than to make waves.

Unelected activists have thus been empowered to warp our justice system in their quest to disappear inconvenient victims, mostly women and white men, but also Americans murdered by terrorists, all of whom, including the dead on 9/11, should be counted in the federal statistics as victims of anti-nationality (American nationality) bias.  Anyone wondering how the DOJ and the FBI could have become so radically leftists in recent years need look no farther than the first steps taken by Bill Clinton, Elena Kagan, and Eric Holder to reserve the most prestigious career paths in these agencies for the people most dedicated to using identity politic hate crime laws to destroy equality before the law.

Georgia State Representative Chuck Esftration and all of his co-sponsors and supporters and media fanboys knew he was implementing a system of sheer deception and prejudice when he pushed through Georgia’s hate crime law last year, as mobs of BLM rioters destroyed parts of downtown Atlanta and literally prevented people like me from safely getting to the Capitol to testify against the law.  My hotel actually cancelled my reservation the night before the hearings because, they wrote, they could not guarantee my safety because roaming mobs had taken over the streets and were breaking windows outside their entrance and near the Capitol.

Little was reported about the violent intimidation and silencing of critics of the bill.  And neither Esftration nor Speaker Ralston nor Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan admitted than an actual hate crime had just occurred blocks from their podiums on the very day they were shoving the hate crimes bill through.  Nor did Kevin Riley, editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have the integrity to call the attack a hate crime.  Nor did the GBI, tasked with investigating hate crimes in Georgia.

The hate crime that occurred as Esftration et. al. were bloviating two blocks away was the brutal beating of a white city employee by three black assailants who were part of the mob destroying and looting stores in Underground Atlanta.  It was clearly a racially-motivated attack: the employee, whom I will not name, simply approached his attackers, assuming they weren’t part of the riot, and advised them to avoid the rioters ahead of them.  In appreciation, they beat him nearly to death.  But the next day, mention of this vile interracial hate crime certainly didn’t pass the lips of any of the elected official bravely “opposing hate” while safely ensconced in the Capitol.


Hate crime laws aren’t really about “combating hate.”  They’re about politicians and activists selectively exploiting human tragedies so they can grandstand for the cameras and advance their careers.  There are big payoffs for jumping on the hate crime gravy train.  But the lies and manipulation they engage in to get only the hate crimes prosecutions they want are even worse than the usual political grubbiness, because they have to relentlessly lie and relentlessly warp the meaning of these laws and the sacred value of equality before the law to keep this gravy train rolling.

The way they behave echoes the behavior of the Klan itself.  If we had real journalists in Atlanta, maybe we would have had a real debate about this ugly mess before it was launched into the heart of our justice system to tear us further apart.


5 thoughts on “Georgia Legislators May Finally Have the Hate Crime They Wanted. They Had to Bury a Lot of Other Victims First.”

  1. Excellent article! As an exile from Marxist Communism and Socialism arriving to America in the late 60s, I could not ignore that this lethal political aberration was already at work here. They had long-range plans and they were executing them. So the moral destruction of America is advancing faster now with the imposition a fraudulent takeover. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing a way out, because many people are already misinformed and indoctrinated and those in control have the collaboration of the corrupt news media. Sadly the politicians who represent us are corrupt, cowardly traitors. The Republicans don’t know to fight back. They are betraying America, “We the people” and the Constitution, and they don’t respect or enforce the laws. Even the Supreme Court has shown they are compromised!

    Maina and Miana, the twins

  2. Thanks to both of you. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. I just want crime victims to be treated like human beings.

    That’s the first thing that goes.

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