Emory Medical Clinic Physicians and Med School Professors are Supporting Terrorists, Supporting Rioting, and are Raising Money for Police-Shooter Manuel Teran

First, do no harm.

Unless, according to this nose-ringed Emory Professor of Medicine, you’re shooting a cop.


Dr. Amy Zeidan, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Emory School of Medicine; radical anti-cop activist

The Georgia Human Rights Clinic (GHRC), an organization officially part of the Emory University School of Medicine in their Community Learning Center, just issued a vile and unprofessional statement endorsing the continuation of terroristic acts at the future Atlanta Police, Firemen, and EMT Training Facility (AKA “Cop City”).  Dr. Amy Zeidan, a medical professor and emergency room physician at Emory, is co-director of GHRC, which also openly promoted other recent acts of terrorism at the Police Training Facility on their Instagram page (who knew Instagram hosts a pro-terrorist club with absolutely no pictures of adorable puppies?).  They have blocked uploading of these images, but you might still view them at Instagram itself.

Dr. Zeidan and her peers are now falsely accusing police of alleged “repeated escalation of police violence in interactions with members of the public protesting the construction of Cop City.”  The statement is quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution article, GBI: Gun Used to Shoot Trooper Was Protester’s.  But despite this evidence that a “protester” ambushed and shot a cop, Dr. Zeidan and GHRC are still spewing virulent anti-cop, anti-incarceration rhetoric blaming the police themselves for being shot.  Here is their latest manifesto:

As physicians who work in Atlanta and participate within the Georgia Human Rights Clinic, and with
experience evaluating asylum seekers and victims of various forms of abuses, we have grave concerns
with the establishment of such a facility. We witness the further militarization of police in Atlanta and
throughout this country and grow increasingly alarmed. …

GHRC then throws Georgia State University under the bus:

The plans for creating mock buildings to train in urban settings is worrisome, especially given the city
of Atlanta’s ongoing and problematic relationship with the Georgia State University’s GILEE
(Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange) program in which various local and national police
departments train and participate with foreign police forces that have a history of human rights abuses
and violations…

There are no “ongoing and problematic” problems with this program, just some occasional whining by anti-Israel activists.  Care to name your specific complaint, Dr. Zeidan? Based on these other leftist complaints against the Center, I wager you too are referring to Israel’s partnering with GILEE to train other police forces.  The Center actually works to professionalize and support better and more humane policing methods in countries emerging from despotism to democracy.  Is your misguided complaint the anti-Semitic one?  Do you even have any idea what you’re actually talking about?

That such systematic, authoritarian agitprop emerges from a professor and doctor at an elite medical school should worry us all.  Such politicization of medicine cannot help but to end in the “social credit” system practiced in totalitarian states, where medical care is witheld from people who fail to conform, every moment of their lives, to state-manufactured “correct thoughts.”

The GHRC manifesto continues with a lot of adolescent verbiage about the environmental racism of building the training center; the systemic inequality of building the training center; the injustice of building the training center.  On and on and on, meaningless words piled on top of each other, totally disregarding the democratic process by which the citizens of Atlanta, their elected officials, and especially residents of high-crime areas agreed to build a world-class center to improve policing, firefighting, and the delivery of EMT services to our city.  Disturbingly, they bemoan a handful of incidents in which they treated offenders shot or injured by police since 2012, but they do not express any concern for the many thousands of crime victims, police, firemen, or EMTs injured or killed by criminals during that time-frame.  Think hard about this bias if you ever end up in the Grady Emergency Room after being carjacked, raped, shot, or assaulted by a criminal.

Grady Hospital should not be employing doctors who care only about patients who commit crimes.  Their Board should open an investigation into possible disparate treatment of patients who are victims versus patients who are perpetrators of crimes.

In other previously posted materials they bravely wormholed yesterday, GHRC supports eliminating police, closing prisons, ending incarceration, and every other idiotic, actually prejudiced far-left idea — prejudiced not only towards police but towards crime victims who do not wish for no recourse to justice and safety.  Most crime victims in Atlanta are themselves minorities.  Does GHRC believe they do not deserve to live in safe neighborhoods, as they undoubtedly do? Many if not most police in Atlanta are minorities. Does GHRC want to eliminate them too?

GHRC then lies about the May 14, 2022 arrests of “cop city” protesters, saying, with no evidence, that police committed violence against “peaceful protesters.”  They did not, and I challenge Dr. Zeidan or Emory to prove me otherwise.

Since then, a hardcore cell of Soros-trained, professional environmental and urban warfare terrorists have arrived from out of town, and the “anti-Cop City” movement has grown increasingly destructive and violent.  For example, Dr. Zeidan and GHRC fail to mention the firebombing and attempted murder of a scrap collector who barely escaped the explosive device they used to destroy his truck, which they then turned into a monument to their “occupation.” Who collects scrap metal to make a living?  The very poor, oppressed people for whom Dr. Zeidan claims to speak.

She entirely fails to mention the hardcore group of out-of-town professional anarchists who are rioting downtown, destroying business windows, firebombing police and police cars that may contain actual humans, and otherwise attempting to murder officers, actions which culminated in the ambush shooting of one officer last week, with some members of the terrorist cell promising more to come.  This is the sort of “action” of which Dr. Zeidan and her colleague, Assistant Professor of Neurology and co-director at GHRC, Dr. Michael Nabil Khoury, approve.

I haven’t said much about Dr. Khoury to this point because the Atlanta Journal Constitution misspelled his name and didn’t respond to queries about correctly identifying him. I spent considerable time yesterday trying to communicate with Emory University to ensure that I had the right Dr. Khoury, which they failed to do.  But I found him on some of the GHRC material before it was made inaccessible to me.

Emory Assistant Professor of Neurology in Brookhaven and co-director at GHRC, Dr. Michael Nabil Khoury

If your son or daughter or wife or husband or child was police, would you want these politically radical terrorist-supporters operating on them?  If you were a crime victim needing medical help, do you want a doctor who sides with your rapist, or shooter, or carjacker, or the scum who just shot your child in the head?

Emory University needs to think hard about liability. 


Our medical schools and hospitals must not be taken over by woke extremists.  GHRC is in the process of disappearing evidence of their radicalism, but the evidence is somewhere.  I encourage you to contact Emory University President Gregory L. Fenves and the Medical School of Emory University to protest their support of this behavior.

  • Office of the President
    505 Kilgo Circle
    Atlanta, GA 30322president@emory.edu
  • There’s only a website for contacting the heads of the School of Medicine.  Good luck.

It’s especially repulsive that Dr. Zeidin tells such grotesque lies about police.  As an emergency room physician and professor of other such physicians in training, she likely works or has worked at Grady Hospital, where police protect people like her and the often-indigent patients for whom she claims to care so much.  Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I volunteered at Grady Hospital in two capacities, once as a Rape Crisis Counselor (I was head-hunted to apply to run the center, but Grady was far too dangerous), and once with World Relief Organization as a Domestic Peace Corps Worker transporting refugees and immigrants to Grady for “free” (taxpayer-funded) healthcare.  As a volunteer victim counselor, I spent overnights there.  It was and is so dangerous there that — if not for the presence of the police — interns and patients and clerks and nurses — and doctors like the ingrate Drs. Zeidan and Khoury — would definitely be beaten, robbed, carjacked, raped, or worse.

More than they already are.

While I was there, one Gynecology Emergency Room (intern or doctor — not sure) was beaten into brain damage by a deranged patient.

It’s on Emory Univeristy, Drs. Zeidan and Khoury, and all their peers to apologize to the police who protected their precious brains during their internships and hospital residencies.

The Medical School of Emory University has declined to comment.









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