Black Lives Don’t Matter to the NAACP Unless They Can Use Them to Attack Police and White People

104 people were shot in Chicago over Father’s Day Weekend. 14 died.  Among the dead were four children: 3-year-old Mehki James, 13-year-old Amaria Jones, 16-year old Charles Riley, and 17-year old Sean Francis.  All the dead children were black.  All the dead and likely all or almost all the injured were black too.  All or nearly all the shooters were black.

None of the shootings are being counted as hate crimes, of course.  Blowing the brains of 3-year old Mehki James all over the seats of a car is not hate, because, as legislators in other states and now in Georgia have decided, “hate” only counts for crimes that can be blamed on police or white people, crimes that drop cash into the pockets of the NAACP and the ADL and the HRC and the Chamber of Commerce and, of course, the legislators who sidle up to them, pockets open.

Brian Kemp, sign that hate crimes bill declaring crime victims like 3-year-old Mehki James a second class citizen in the eyes of the law because of the color of the person who shot the bullets into his brain, and you’re a one-term governor.  Because there are a lot of us out here who think it is morally grotesque to make blowing the brains of a 3-year-old child like Mehki a lesser victim than other crime victims because the wrong color person blew his brains out.

The NAACP, however, doesn’t give a damn about the murder of Mehki James: in fact, they bear responsibility for it insomuch as their relentless demonization of the police have made black Chicago neighborhoods killing fields again.  

Here is what the NAACP was doing while Mehki James was being non-hate-murdered in Chicago: they were demonizing police in Georgia, as spineless Republicans slithered on their bellies to placate the Chamber-of-Commerce-funded race mob (not all Republicans; just most of them).

The NAACP was too busy demanding that police be removed from the already-sleazy and dishonest hate crimes bill to notice the 104 black people shot in Chicago over Father’s Day Weekend, but they had time to announce that counting police as human beings was so despicable to them that if the spineless Republicans didn’t given them what they wanted, when they wanted it, how they wanted it, the NAACP would give it to them good and hard.

And the spineless Republicans, of course, caved.  Not all of them.  A handful held out, and I’ll blog about them later.

But that’s not all.  The day after Father’s Day weekend ended in Chicago, another 41 people were shot, six fatally.  And the day after that, another 16 were shot, one fatally.  But hey, bygones, right NAACP?  They have much more  important things to do.


There are cops to demonize.  And demonizing cops is the NAACP’s bread and butter, while actually caring about black lives is just something they say when they’re extorting another fat check from the Chamber of Commerce.

NAACP 2018 (most recent) Revenue (not counting state affiliates): $33,533,923.  Derrick Johnston, President, annual salary $300,000.

Georgia Chamber 2018 Revenue: $6,835,289.  Query: how much of this was spent helping looted and riot-destroyed businesses get back on their feet, versus how much was spent egging on the rioters?  James C. Clark, Jr., CEO, annual salary $541,492.  In fact, here’s the whole Chamber’s dirty dozen.  Be sure to thank them for the riots, and destruction of small businesses in Georgia and elsewhere — and for subsidizing the campaign to destroy equal justice before the law for the citizens of Georgia.

And for calling us racist.

And for not giving a damn as black neighborhoods burn and children like Mehki James get their brains blown to pieces as they virtue-signal to line their own pockets.




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